By: Tanith
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Kiss of Fate + Part 1

"I. Am. Bored." A small body threw itself onto a small bed, gleaming chestnut hair flying only to settle splayed haphazardly around him. Large violet eyes stared up at the ceiling then slid closed as the boy puffed a sigh, rolling onto his side, successfully tangling himself in his hair.

"Quatre! Trowa?! Where are you going? Injustice! You can't leave me here alone with him!" an irate voice shouted from the first floor of the cottage, bringing Duo's eyes open and a smirk to his lips. "Please, I'm begging you... don't leave me here."

::Wufei, beg?! Impossible! I have got to see this:: he thought and stood, carefully braiding is long hair as he moved to the door. "Really, I don't see what his problem with being alone with me is... I had nothing to do with him ending up passed out and tied to his bed, covered in pastry batter and screaming for Nataku and justice."[1] Duo paused stairway, his fingers stilling. "Oh wait. Yes, I did," he grinned on a mock chagrin sigh and continued.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs he let his gaze travel over the room, stopping once it reached a certain black-haired boy standing in the center staring at the front entryway. At least, he looked like a boy, seeming to be no more then fifteen, like Duo himself. As did Quatre and Trowa. But Duo knew they had to be older. They had raised him practically from birth, after all. It never made any sense, no matter how much he wondered. It was just best not to think about it... he really did not like the headache that came from that.

With a grin Duo stepped into the room and crept up quietly behind Wufei. "Oi! Wu-man!" he called as loudly as possibly into the other boy's ear, making Wufei jump and turn to him.

"Don't call me that!" the black-haired boy regarded Duo with something akin to fear but his tone belied nothing. "What do you want, Duo?"

"I'm bored," Duo pouted slightly and crossed his arms. "Entertain me?" he asked, blinking innocently and chuckled inwardly as onyx eyes widened impossibly.

"Oh, Gods no! If you are bored, then go take a walk or something, but leave me out of it!"

"Mou, Wu, you're no fun," but he turned to the front door with a flip of his braid.


The day was a perfect day for a ride. The breeze not too rough or cold, the sun not too hot and most of all... "Ne, Heero-sama. Please wait!" a shrill voice broke into his thoughts and Heero groaned, closing his dark blue eyes wearily. Okay, rephrase. The day would have been the perfect day for a ride if a certain pink -clad onna hadn't just sidled up next to him.

"I thought you'd like some company," Relena smiled brightly, nudging her horse a bit closer to Heero's. "I know how dull it can get, riding on your own, with nothing better than the scenery and your horse to entertain you," she nodded intelligently and smiled at Heero again. Heero's horse gave an indignant snort at basically being called boring by a whiny baka of a woman and stepped sideways, away from Relena. Heero patted the horse's neck fondly. Relena didn't notice. "Isn't the day beautiful, Heero-sama?"

"..." Heero ignored the question and kicked his steed forward, hoping Relena would get the point and go home. Preferably her own. If only he were that lucky. Instead, she followed and continued to hold a one-sided conversation.

Heero gazed around at his surrounding; looking up at the sky, just barely peeking through a canopy of verdant leaves, the moss covered tree-trucks and the moist, richly dark soil beneath his horse's feet. The birds chirped happily in their nests, squirrels chittering down at them from various branches, eyes wide and curious as they took in their visitors.

They rode further into the forest, their surroundings getting darker and darker. And then the area was suddenly silent, the only noise filling the void was the sound of Relena blissfully chattering at a deaf ear. Heero turned to the blonde woman, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Relena, shut up," he commanded brusquely and dismounted."Doushite?" she queried, following him down.

"..." Heero looked around. Not an animal was in sight, a stark contrast to just moments before. Something was definitely not right. His right hand moved to the sword that he always carried sheathed at his left hip. Fingers curled around the rounded hilt and muscles tensed, waiting for something.

Relena walked over to stand by his side, her blonde head cocked curiously as she stared at him. "What's going on, Heero?" she followed his gaze. She was silent for a moment, and the only sound to breach the nearly tangible lack of noise was the steady swish of Heero's dark green tunic brushing against the tanned suede pants clinging to his thighs. Relena sighed boredly and crossed her arms. "I don't see any—"

"Relena. Shut. Up," Heero ground out, his concentration barely wavering as his eyes traveled, searching for the distrubance.

"Hmmph, fine. But you don't have to be so rude," she said quietly this time and moved to stand beside her horse. A few minutes ticked by until, suddenly a thunderous roar filled the air, followed shortly by a loud human scream. Heero started. He knew what made that noise and definitely was not expecting that. And it was far too close for comfort. Muttering a curse, he set off on foot in the direction of the roar, drawing his sword to hold it comfortably before him. "Heero, where—" Relena moved to follow him.

"Stay here," he grunted menacingly, not turning, continuing into the forest. For once the blonde woman obeyed.


"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" Duo managed to puff out, braid flying behind him as he ran quickly through the trees, dodging low hanging branches now and then. "How do you always manage to get yourself into these situations, Duo no baka?!" he cursed fluidly, resisting the urge to toss a glance behind him. He knew what was chasing him and seriously wished he did not.

The was a loud grunt behind him, followed by a series of thumps that got steadily nearer. His legs sped up, heart pounding with exertion. "Gods, why couldn't it be something smaller? Bears... I could handle bears," he panted. "Or even wyverns. But this!" Sweat slid down his forehead and into his eyes, momentarily blinding him. He blinked rapidly, trying to clear his gaze, but continued to run, hoping he wouldn't trip on anything. The Fates, it seemed, were against him because at that moment his foot caught on a moldering tree branch, sending him tumbling hopelessly toward the ground. He landed face first in a patch of damp soil, his arms moving to push himself up quickly. The thumping of heavy feet stopped and he felt an extremely large presence hovering behind him. The beast roared loudly and he couldn't stop the scream that had been trembling on his lips throughout the entire chase from escaping. Flipping himself over and stared up at the large, scaly face pressed close to his own, violet eyes meeting huge amber. His hands clenched in the dirt and he gulped.

"Um... H-hello," he squeaked out and promptly passed out.


1 ... Don't ask. Just... don't. It's for the best of your health and mine.

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