by: Tanith
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Kiss of Fate + Part 4

Heero could well understand why the braided boy had dragged him here. The entire clearing was beautiful, tree's sparkling with new life even as they sway with the knowledge of centuries, their branches enfolding the world above and around them. The lake in the center glittered where wispy rays of sunlight peeked through the think fringe of leaves and bounced off the smooth water. The world around them was reflected perfectly on the glassy surface of the water, looking almost surreal in it's replication. There was only one thing that Heero didn't understand. As many times as he'd been through this exact same forest top to bottom, he had never once seen this clearing. Perhaps the fact that the very air around them seemed to permeate a sense of something abnormal, and yet so incredibly natural at the same time.

Lights that did not come from the sun began dancing off the water then; glittering deep shades of every color imaginable from the brightest white to the darkest sapphire. The light flitted, unabashedly innocent in their dance -- swooping from precarious height to skim across the surface of the water then back up again, repeating the gliding process. Two lights broke away from the rest -- deep blue and amethyst in their shade -- swirling around each out, floating close then flying backward, performing an elaborate waltz to a melody of their own.

Heero's gaze followed the pair, turning to keep his eye on them as they circled him until they stopped, his back to the lake. The lights flew apart, blue and purple sparkling merrily and they seemed to wink at him before they glided delicately toward each other. They clashed -- melding together into one mix colored ball; sapphire and amethyst swirling around each other in the globe -- just as a splash broke the musical silence behind him and the globe vanished. Heero whirled around, his cobalt eyes falling first on a pile of discarded clothes lying rumpled on the ground. He swallowed his gaze moving from the ground before him to the undeniably beautiful figure now submerged chest deep at the center of the lake, creamy skin sparkling as if covered in diamonds, his hair now unbraided and floating around him like auburn veins on crystalline blue marble.

Heero closed his eyes but quickly reopened them when he realized the vision of the naked boy smoothly treading water in the lake before him was better than the erotic scene of that very same boy writing languidly on a silk covered bed. His silk covered bed. Heero swallowed again, raking a hand through his messy brown hair, trying to keep his reactions controlled. "What are you doing?" he asked, his voice faintly hoarse.

Duo blinked at him in confusion for a split second before a wide, teasing grin spread over his face. "Swimming!" he replied, falling backward slightly, his arms moving at his side to keep himself half afloat, his lower body still covered by water. "Why don't you come in? The water's not too cold," he beamed appealingly, widening his bright violet eyes like he'd seen Quatre do at Trowa many times before.

Heero just shook his head, eyes falling away from Duo's pleading gaze with what Duo could swear was a light blush. He moved to sit on a low, large rock at the lake, the grayish surface smoothed from years in the elements. "I don't swim," he said finally, meeting Duo's eyes again. The temporarily unbraided boy merely shrugged and continued to grin.

"Don't? ...Or can't?" he asked musically. "Hm, I doubt you cannot. You're a Prince after all. Multitalented creatures, such. Of course, there are ways to test it," he continued without letting Heero respond, kicking himself swiftly over to the rock with devilish intent.

"Hn. Baka. Don't even think about it," he threatened when he saw Duo's hands prepare to splash him. The violet eyes boy ignored him completely, sending a warm stream of water up toward Heero, giggling softly when the prince raised his arms to ineffectually ward off the spray. Heero mock growled, "You shall pay for that."

The water was deep around Heero's rock and Duo found he had to steadily tread water to stay above the surface there. He crossed his arms over the smooth gray surface in front of where Heero sat, resting his chin on the soft flesh and blinked his bright violet eyes innocently up at Heero, completely unafraid.


Relena absently picked at her dinner[1], her cold blue eyes moving over the room watching Heero's parents' lips move as they spoke with the other visiting nobles but completely blocking the actual words. Her gaze stopped on the overtly empty seat across from her and a casual observer would have sworn the blonde girl was trying to turn the wood to ice by sheer force of will. ::Where is he? It's not like him to miss a meal, since he feels it's his "duty" to appear to discuss politics.:: she mentally sneered. ::Something is definitely not right.::

This decided, Relena delicately wiped the nonexistent food from her lips and place the finger cloth onto the surface of the large oak table before her. She stood, her hand raising to her forehead smoothly and she wavered on her feet slightly for effect.

"Is anything the matter, Relena dear?" the King asked in polite concern.

"I do not seem to be feeling well, your Highness," she replied piteously, lying as perfectly as she pulled of her act. "If I may be excused?"

"Of course," the old man granted, then turned back to his previous conversation as the girl left the room. Dropping the act, Relena all but flew up the spiral staircase leading to her room.


"Is that a promise?" Duo purred, then blinked. ::Did I just say that?! Oh, gods, what's he going to think..?::

Heero's eyes froze on the slightly smaller boy at his knees, wondering if he had heard him correctly. The look in those wide, purple eyes -- a mix of fear and want -- told him he had. He bent forward, pressing his face closer to Duo's. "If you so desire," he whispered and half smirked when those captivating violet eyes widened further.


::This is not how I planned it to be. He's supposed to love me.:: The wooden door to Relena's pink chamber slammed audibly on it's hinges. She gave the room a cursory glance before her ice blue eyes fell on the shimmering mirror. "Pargan! I demand to know what is wrong with Heero," she said shrilly.

The old man's face immediately appeared on the silver surface. "That I cannot show you, Majesty. My eyes are blocked by majick," he echoed.

"What?! How is that possible?" she asked more to herself than anyone else. "No! It does not matter. Break through it, find a crack, I don't care. But show me my Heero."

Pargan sighed and disappeared, a resigned "Yes, Majesty" lingering after him.


Duo nodded hesitantly, amethyst eyes drifting shut as Heero moved closer. Lips brushed softly against his then drew back. With a small sound of protest Duo pushed himself up, still partially concealed by the water, seeking those warm lips again. Heero complied, feathering another light kiss before firmly planting his mouth over Duo's, tongue peeking out to lightly flick over the smaller boy's plump lower lip. Duo's mouth parted slightly there, all the invitation Heero needed to plunge inside. His tongue lapped at Duo's own, savoring the delectable flavors and the delicious noises falling from the boy's throat and into his own.

With a husky moan Duo collapsed against Heero, his arms giving out under him. Heero wrapped his arms around the other boy's shoulders, pulling his slight torso against his own. They broke apart, breath coming in soft pants. Duo's eyes flickered open, violet meeting heavy-lidded cobalt.


Relena crossed her arms, her foot tapping impatiently and she stood before the non-reflective looking-glass. "Par--" but her mouth snapped shut as the mirror's smooth surface shimmered before a picture materialized. "No!" she shrieked, blue eyes widening on the moving reflection the looking-glass presented, repeating itself on a loop..

A boy, long chestnut hair floating in water that only reached the base of his spine, obviously naked beneath the rippling blue surface. But that was not what had made her cry out in denial. Her Heero's arms where wrapped around the boy's slender shoulder as they gazed into each other eyes with an expression that could only be considered loving. They melted into each other, lips meeting, tongues twining deeply, in what was so obviously not the first kiss.

A small porcelain trinket box shattered over the mirror, white dust falling in a glittering cloud and blocking Relena's view of the lovers before she turned away. "Why isn't he dead?!" she cried gratingly, knowing all too well who the boy with Heero was. She turned back, ice blue eyes glittering dangerously on the pair. "I will definitely have to remedy this immediately."


1. Dinner in this time setting — (Which, uh, is way-back-when. who knows? but they changed the names only in the 19th century) — was our equivelent to lunch, so no, it's not really late. They generally had breakfast at around 8, dinner at 12, as later years came and they imported from china tea at 4 and supper around eight. Now that I've said my boring piece of history I'll stop *beams* *waves an "I love History" flag*

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