Author note: And thus it was called "The Lemon that Would Not Be Written". And forever shall be hailed the day Tanith had a lemon overload by reading too many lemons and finally got in The Mood to write a lemon.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, do you think I would just be WRITING about them together? Oh no, ma petite, mass production is the game... naked and sweaty, in color and on you're nearest DVD player. ^_~
Warnings: Exhibitionism. Lemon. PWP unless you count 'Adventures in the Hentai Bed' as a plot...
Pairing: Believe it or not... 1x2. *gasps*
by Tanith

Public Displays of Affection: Bed Bath and Beyond

"..ohhh... oh gods.. aaAHH!! HEERO!!!" Loudly filled the room as Heero rocked his hips violently into his braided lover, his hand wrapped tightly about the man's pulsing arousal as Duo came. Heero pounded into his love once, twice more, the entire bed shaking with the force of each deep thrust before cobalt eyes closed tightly, Heero's head tossing back as ---


Heero collapsed on top of his love, burying his face into Duo's neck, their breaths coming in shallow pants. The tinkling of screws hitting different walls before falling to the carpet with soft thuds echoed through the room with their labored breathing. Duo's hand slowly lifted, brushing through the thick hair at the back of Heero's head.

"Ne, Hee-chan? I think we need a new bed..."


"The beds... They have to be hidden or something, ne?" Duo grumbled as he trekked through one area of the huge department store... bored and alone... because Heero had decided they would cover more ground if they split up. "I mean... Bed Bath and Beyond... they say beds, we come for beds and what do we find? Beds not big enough for a midget to sleep comfortably on," Duo snorted. Not that he had anything against midgets. ::I mean, Quatre, for one, is a good man. It's not his fault he's short...:: Duo snickered.

"Excuse me, sir?" a soft voice cut brightly through Duo's musing. The man turned, taking in the short woman standing there. Her torso dipped slightly in a tiny bow, her gray eyes sparkling up at him, "May I help you with anything?" ::Forget Quatre, even he's taller than that. Those beds must be hers.::

Duo grinned. "Sure can-- Tanith," he said after giving her a cursory once over, searching for the name tag pinned to her chest. "Can you point me to the beds?" The braided man's mind traveled back to Heero, loving the satisfied smirk that had curved his lips, seeming permanently fixed on Heero's face since last night. ::Our bed breaks and he's acting like it was the best damn night of his life. Mmm... Never mind, it was...:: he thought, a slight blush spreading over his cheeks as he focused his attention back on the short woman.

"Beds... beds... beds..." Tanith was muttering to herself, crossing her arms over her chest and looking down, her brow wrinkling in concentration, on finger idly playing with the small hunk of tanzanite hanging from her neck. "Gomen ne, I'm very new here. Uhm... Hai!" she looked back up, a grin firmly in place. "If you would follow me..." she said and turned on heel, hip-length auburn hair swinging loosely behind her.

Duo shrugged and started after Tanith, following closely behind. Until it caught his gaze from the corner of his eye. He stopped in his tracks, his eyes enormous as he turned and stared ahead of him. Hidden partially behind black satin drapes lay the most beautiful bed he had ever seen. Wrought iron bars curved intricately to form the headboard, thicker metal posts at each of the four corners twisted upward into rounded points. A foot bar connected the posts at the end of the bed, helping the headboard frame the huge, king sized mattress. Metal gleamed black in the bright light of the store, slightly reminiscent to graveyard fencing.

His mind wandered, taking in the numerous possibilities those bars posed, imagining glittering silver handcuffs hanging from each of the four corners, contrasting the dull black perfectly. Feeling his wrist bound in bright silk scarves, his arms straining helplessly against the restraining fabric tied securely to the center bar as Heero rose over him, touching him, petting him, making him crave more, making him beg...

Duo's mouth went dry, a shiver moving through his body. A hand laid softly onto his shoulder, causing the braided man to jump, his eyes flying up to meet still smirking cobalt. Heero gazed deeply into his love's slightly glazed amethyst eyes, "What are you thinking about, koi?"

Duo stepped closer, his arms wrapping loosely around Heero's neck, lips brushing against the other man's, unmindful of the store around them. "You," he murmured huskily.

Heero's smirk broadened into a grin, arms moving around Duo's waist, hands rubbing over the braided man's ass through the fabric of his jeans, dragging him closer still, gasping when their hardening groins brushed. "I like the way your mind works, but I don't think here is a good--"

Duo leaned up, tracing his tongue over Heero's lips, "I know just the place."


Tanith stopped walking when she no longer heard foot steps behind her. "Sir?" she murmured, bemused, wondering where the man had disappeared to. She turned then, just in time to see a long chestnut braid disappear behind a shimmering black curtain, the arm still hanging out dragging a taller, dark-haired man in behind him. A wide grin spread over her lips, one small hand moving up to touch the gem at her throat, pressing until the crackle of static could be heard. "Ninmu: kanryou," she crowed, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet. "It's your turn now."


The two men ignored the sound of the curtain swishing closed behind them as Heero dragged Duo closer, arms wrapping themselves tightly about his waist. He crushed his lips to his braided lover's, his tongue darting out, tracing Duo's lips lightly, before plunging within. Their tongue danced against each other, soft flesh melding perfectly, rubbing hotly, demanding for more. Heero's tongue flicked up, tickling teasingly at the roof of Duo's mouth, drawing a small moan from his lover.

The braided man moved forward, pushing Heero back, breaking the kiss to trail his soft lips down Heero's jaw, burning a trail of wet kisses down his neck. He stopped walking when the back of Heero's knees touched the bed, wrapping one arm around his lover's neck, pulling Heero back down for another deep kiss. His hands came up, fingers spreading palms flat over Heero's chest. Then Duo suddenly pushed, sending Heero falling back against the plush mattress. "Duo?" Heero rumbled out when his love just stood there, gaze raking over his sprawled form.

Duo would never get over how beautiful Heero was, how hot he looked like that, heavy lidded eyes glowing up at him demandingly, legs spread slightly, straining cock pressed insistently against his tight jeans. "Mmm... I'm coming, koi. Well, not yet... but..." Duo chuckled huskily, crawling onto the bed, straddling Heero's thighs, gasps breaking from both of their throats as their erections brushed hard through their jeans.

"Gods, Heero..." Duo murmured, his hands trailing down Heero's body, feathering over pebbled nipples through his shirt, toying with the harkened nubs briefly before pressing downward, drawing a strangled gasp from Heero as he dragged his thumbnail down the bulging zipper. Then his hands disappeared from Heero's body, finding their way to his own instead, moving slowly under his shirt. A low moan broke from between his lips when the soft pads of his fingers found one straining nipple, pinching lightly at the flesh, twisting slightly, his glazed eyes never leaving Heero's. "Nng... so good..." Heero tried to sit up, reaching out, wanting to touch his love more than anything but Duo's free hand pushed him back down, clicking his tongue lightly. "Hands to yourself, lover," Duo purred throatily, chuckling to himself at the almost deadly glare forming on Heero's face but he complied, laying back down.

Duo's other hand crept downward, rubbing over the smooth flesh of his flat belly, causing the flesh to quiver slightly, before moving lower, deftly unbuttoning his pants, drawing the zipper down. "Oohh... I love this..." His hand disappeared within his loose pants, his head falling back as he grasped himself tightly, shockwaves of pleasure coursing through him with one long, smooth stroke. "...Love you..." he moaned loudly, his eyes still gazing with wavering focus at Heero as he squeezed his own dripping length, rubbing the fluid gathered at the tip into the slick head.

Heero bit his lip to contain the moans watching his sexy lover pleasuring himself brought, his control slowly disappearing. The hand hidden inside black pants sped up, whimpering moans squeezing out from between pursed lips as Duo took his weight off Heero, raising up on his knees to begin bucking his hips into his hand, his back arching, his entire being thrumming with pleasure. "Love you... mmm... between my legs..." he whimpered trailing off, his eyes shutting tightly. "...ready to fuck me..." violet eyes opened, glittering brightly down at his lover his hand creeping to cup his sac, rolling his balls against each other, making his suck in a labored breath. "...ready to ram hard cock into... nng... me..."

Heero growled low in his throat, the feel of his cock pulsing painfully against it's tight confines and Duo's words making him snap. He flipped them over, hands pulling Duo's away from his body, pinning them over his head just as Heero's body pinned him to the bed. Their hips pressed tightly together, as Heero's lips crashed down on Duo's nibbling, sucking on his lower lip, plunging his tongue inside, his hips beginning to rock decisively against the braided man's.

"You're evil, koishii," Heero growled when he came up for air, the hand not holding Duo's wrists dragging his shirt up, bunching it at his shoulders.

"I knooow," the word became drawn out, Duo's eyes widening as Heero's head suddenly bent, taking one of his nipples into his hot mouth, biting at the hardened nub roughly before laving it with his tongue in apology. He switched sides, scraping his teeth lightly over pebbled flesh, circling his tongue around it before abandoning it, licking a wet trail down his ribs, pausing to swirl his tongue around Duo's navel, dipping inside. "Ooh...onegai... Heero..." Duo pleaded, arching his hips upward when Heero nipped at his lower abdomen. So close...

Heero released his arms, finally pushing Duo's jeans from his hips and tossing them aside with a low growl, baring his prize. He swiped his tongue over the tip before lowering his mouth, taking Duo's entire length into his burning cavern, his throat swallowing reflectively, delighting at Duo's keening wail. Duo arched off the bed, fingers clenching tightly around the black comforter, bucking his hips forward, trying to get further into that delicious warmth but Heero laid an arm over his hips, restraining him. Heero began sucking hard, his throat working lovingly around Duo's pulsing shaft, enticing short, panting screams from his lover. He came up for breath, lips closing tightly around the head, tongue stabbing into the tiny slit at the top, a low moan rumbling in his throat, loving the taste, the feel of Duo in his mouth. "Ahhh!" Duo screamed, eyes squeezing tightly, his hips straining against Heero's arm, trying to break free and Heero bobbed back down, maintaining that agonizing suction, his talented tongue driving him closer... closer...

"No!!" Duo cried as that wet heat suddenly disappeared, sex fogged amethyst eyes shooting open to glare accusingly at the smirking man now hovering over him. "Heeeero," he whined, moving his hips against Heero's insistently, begging for release.

"Soon, itooshi," Heero whispered, his head spinning at the sudden friction on his still trapped arousal. He kissed Duo deeply before sitting up, fingers digging in his pocket, withdrawing a familiar tube triumphantly before unbuttoning his pants, the zipper flying down immediately, his erection finally springing free.

Duo's eyebrow raised, dazed eyes taking in the tube. "You know me too well, Heero," he purred, sitting up to help Heero push his jeans off his hips. "Now, fuck me, damn it!" the braided man growled, laying back down.

"Aa," Heero's eyes glittered with promise as he opened the tube, squeezing some of the slick gel onto his hand. One finger brushed teasingly at Duo's puckered entrance, circling the sensitized flesh, moving to push inside when Duo's hand shot out, grasping Heero's wrist. "Just. Fuck. Me," he demanded wrapping Heero's one hand around his neglected erection, punctuating each word by stroking Heero's lube slicked hand up his own, swollen length.

"Nnn..." Heero panting at the contact, but he pushed Duo's hand away, his own reluctantly leaving his flesh as he positioned himself at his lover's entrance. He began to push forward slowly but Duo wrapped his legs tightly around Heero's hips, pushing him completely in with one smooth stroke.

Duo screamed, his head pressing into the mattress as the biting pleasure/pain washed through him, the sensation of being so completely filled driving him mad with need for more. He rocked his hips upward, feeling Heero draw out before thrusting back in, slamming hard against him. His eyes closed tightly, head lolling to the side as Heero's hips moved roughly against him, each driving thrust drawing a short scream from the braided man's throat. "Oh gods... aahh... Heero... mmm... onegai... please..." he rambled incoherently, all thoughts focused on the consuming pleasure rising within him.

Heero moaned, feeling Duo slowly tighten around his pulsing cock as his pleasure rose, begging for release. Heero wrapped his hand around Duo's dripping length, stroking him in time with each hard thrust of their hips, Heero's head swimming with his own impending orgasm, knowing he was close. "Oooh, gods.... Heero!!" Duo let out a piercing wail, his entire body arching off the bed, eyes flying wide open as he climaxed, spilling himself Heero's hand.

Heero groaned loudly as his lover's inner muscles clamped down with agonizing tightness, his hips only managing slam into Duo's hot passage once more before he came, his seed filling his love, waves of pure pleasure coursing through him. He collapsed forward onto Duo, panting breaths teasing the damp tendrils of hair clinging to the side of his love's face.

Duo's eyes opened slowly, gasping as dazed eyes focused on the wall to his right, his entire body flushing brightly. "Heero..?" he whispered uncertainly, lifting a hand to poke his unresponsive love's shoulder.

"Hn?" Heero dragged his eyes open, turning his head when Duo pointed to his right. "Shit." Duo's only response was a small nod, his face flushing even brighter. A window covered to entire wall, leading out into the mall where a crowd of people had gathered, some staring at the two on the bed in open disgust, but most drooling, nearly plastered against the shining glass. Near the back of the crowd a green haired girl jumped up and down excitedly, pigtails bouncing with each movement, a camera clutched tightly in one hand as the other rose, flashing a V-sign before she turned and bounded off, disappearing into the mall.

Duo shifted, turning his gaze away from the window, burying his face in Heero's neck. The curtain swished and both looked up to see a frazzled woman standing there, her face turning an interesting shade of beet red and she took in the scene. "Anou... s-sumimasen... I heard noises..." she stammered, turning to leave.

"Tanith-san?" Duo called and the short woman halted but refrained from turning. "We'll take the bed," he smirked, once hand rubbing up the shirt still on Heero's back.

"Aa..." she breathed, and rushed out of the room.

"Eheh... well, that was fun, lover," Duo chuckled, but neither moved to get up despite, or because of, the crowd. "And at least we know this one won't break..."



Tanith: Whoa... *blushes*
CSC: *rushes in, clutching the camera protectively to her chest* I got it!!! *bounces*
Tanny: Yah! I knew it would work!! *makes a grab for the camera and flips it on, putting it on playback* ///Oh Gods... ahh... Heero......./// *quickly switches it off, flushing again* How the heck did you get sound from that far away?!!
CSC: *smiles mysteriously* I have my ways.... *smirks*
Tanny: Hn... *nods* Now... if only we could get Caro-chan to finish that fic.... *cackles madly*
CSC: *sweatdrops*

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