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Warnings: PWP Lemon. Car sex! Kinda...
by Tanith

Road to Paradise

They were going no where. Duo stared at the green digital numbers glowing from the dashboard in disgust, his arms tightening briefly from where they where they had been crossed over his seatbelt for three hours. 12:00 AM. They had been going down the same road for six hours. They had been in the damn car for four more. Duo's eyes crossed, a sigh puffing from between his lips as he tossed Heero a glance. "Heero, admit it. We're lost."

"We're not lost," Heero growled stubbornly for what seemed like the hundredth time, his glare deepening on the poor, undeserving road sprawling out before them.

Duo closed his eyes and counted to ten. Then counted to twenty before opening them again. He was irritated and it was not such much for Heero's mulish stubbornness as the fact that he was bored out of his mind. He'd been stuck in the same place for ten hours with nothing to do and it the chance of him getting something to do was not likely, at all. ::Unless...:: his violet gaze latching itself onto the stiff form sitting beside him.

::Well, it's someone to do at least.:: he snickered inwardly.

"Heero?" Duo whispered, his voice now coming out in a husky purr. He stared intently at his lover, watched Heero's steel blue gaze flicker suspiciously between Duo and the road. Duo unbuckled his seatbelt, edging closer to the other man, laying his hand lightly onto Heero's thigh. A soft chuckle broke from his lips as Heero's large hands tightened on the steering wheel when Duo's fingers began to trace light circles over the denim covered flesh. "Heero..."

Heero's gaze flickered again, drawn to the pale face glowing in the darkness around them before they flew back to the road when a car behind them honked loudly. He pressed into the gas pedal, stiffening when Duo leaned closer, slightly parted lips brushing over his cheek, the soft warmth of Duo's tongue flicking out briefly before disappearing again. "Not now Duo," Heero muttered, his eyes narrowing on the road

"Oh, but why, Hee-chan?" Duo questioned, devilish intent reflected in his amethyst eyes. He looked down to where his hand was stroking up Heero's thigh teasingly, eyes lingering hotly over the material now stretched tightly over Heero's groin. His gaze danced when he looked back to Heero. "That seems a little painful, koibito," he traced a finger lightly up the trapped length, fingering the zip, smirking as Heero's cheek visibly tightened.

Duo's fingers toyed with the button for a moment, his lips pressing against Heero's ear, tongue darting into the shell as he slipped the button from it's hole. Heero's breath hissed out from between clenched teeth as Duo slowly eased the zipper open, his lips trailing downward, nipping, sucking hotly at Heero's neck.

"Duo, we're on a public highway. People will see..." He trailed off on a swallowing tightly as his already rigid length was released from its tight confines, barely able to keep focused on the road when Duo's hand moved, hovering teasingly over the glistening tip. Duo raised his head, his glazed eyes glowing brightly in the dim light, as his hand lowered slightly, the tips of his tapered fingers stroking lightly over the tip of Heero's burning cock. "What people?" he whispered, thumb smoothing over the head, gathering the first pearly drop of precum on the soft pad before bringing the digit to his lip, licking it off decisively.

"We're in a moving vehicle, and it's dark. Who's going to see?" The braided man grinned devilishly when Heero groaned softly, watching Duo from the corner of his eye. His hand descended again, slightly callused fingers wrapping themselves familiarly around Heero's burning erection, squeezing slightly, his palm sliding slowly up the slick length.

"You feel so good, Heero, hot in my hand," Duo murmured, his hand gliding back down Heero's pulsing shaft, fingers tightening, then loosening in a steady rhythm.

"Nnn..." Those cobalt eyes threatened to clench tightly closed at the sensation Duo's stroking hand produced, the car swerving slightly to the right before Heero's hands tightened on the wheel, pulling it back into control.

Duo released him then, his tongue moistening his lower lip, violet eyes fastened hungrily on Heero's swollen cock. "I want to taste you... Want your burning cock in my mouth," he dragged in a labored breath, all to aware of his own erection pressing painfully against his pants. "Do you want me to, Heero?" he queried softly, his only response a ragged moan he decided to take as a yes.

He scooted back in the seat, gaze moving up to Heero's face as he began to lean down, his eyes connecting briefly with cobalt before Heero returned his focus to the road. Duo's tongue darted out, flickering over the very tip of Heero's aching cock for only and instant before disappearing back into Duo's curving mouth. "Of course... I could still stop," he punctuated this by snaking his tongue around the flared head, delving into the slit at the top, gathering the salty liquid on the tip of his tongue.

"Mm... Still complaining, love?" He licked up the pulsing vein on the underside of Heero's penis, gazing coyly up at Heero through sooty eyelashes.

"No," Heero managed to groan before Duo smirked smugly, rewarding him by taking the head of Heero's cock into his mouth, tongue swirling happily, enjoying Heero's unique taste, wanting more. His mouth slid down, enveloping nearly all of Heero's throbbing length, lips closing firmly around it, sucking hard as his tongue worked furiously over the heated flesh.

"Nng..." Heero groaned loudly, not allowing himself to look back down again, knowing he would be completely lost his he saw his love's beautiful chestnut head buried in his lap. His hands clenching and releasing on the steering wheel, fighting to keep the car straight.

Duo moved back up, teeth scraping lightly over the rigid head, one hand coming back to cup Heero's sac, rolling the balls against each other briefly before one finger moved to brush against the patch of flesh beneath.

"Aah!" the dark haired man cried out, his hips bucking unconsciously upward before he could reign in the reaction, begging for more. Duo's head bobbed back down, continuing to torture his love with hand and mouth, relishing the unrestrained noises falling from Heero's throat. Duo's other hand moved to rub himself through his pants, teasing himself mercilessly, the searing ache nearly too much to bare. He moaned around Heero's cock, sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through the other man.

"Gods, Duo... I..." Heero gasped out, his entire body tensing as white hot pleasure rose within him, threatening to spill over. Heero's breaths came in panting moans as Duo increased his deliciously agonizing suction, humming in the back of his throat, encouraging Heero's impending release.

A loud shout tore itself from Heero's throat as the man's world flashed white, the car nearly swerving off the road as Heero lost control, releasing himself in waves into his lover's mouth. Duo's throat worked lovingly, his eyes closing at the heady rush of flavor as he swallowed every drop. Heero's breathing began to calm slowly and Duo looked up at him, his hand still rubbing over his own trapped erection, small whimpering moans falling from his lips.

Cobalt eyes shot down to Duo, lingering briefly before they moved reluctantly back to the road. "I want you, Duo. I want to fuck you senseless, itooshi," he rumbled, unable to help watching Duo from the corner of his eyes as the braided man sat up, his hand still moving over his painfully straining groin.

"Aah... then you better.. mm... hurry and find the next... nnn... exit, love, or you're going to.. ahh... miss me," Duo breathed, his amethyst eyes closing as his moved to open his pants.

One of Heero's hands shot away from the steering wheel, gripping Duo's wrist, dragging the man's hand away before he could touch his. Duo whimpered at the loss, but his gaze was teasing, knowing, as Heero quickly turned onto the next exit.

They almost immediately came upon a motel, only noticing the bright red vacancy light flashing under a painted sign before Heero steered the car into the parking lot, barely stopping the engine and button his pants up hurriedly before he was out the door and to the other side of the car. Duo fumbled around in the glove compartment before he allowed himself to be dragged from his seat and into the lobby of the rundown building, clutching his prize tightly in his hand.

Damned if he was going to be any more sore than necessary. Stopping briefly to purchase a key from the confused, tired looking woman, Heero had them back out the door and to their room in no time. Duo was pushed through the door, hearing it shut and locked with an audible click. The light switched on and Duo turned after setting the tube of lube on the dresser, making sure Heero saw the action. His violet eyes raked over Heero, the predatory look in those dark blue eyes sending a shiver rushing through him, making his cock ache all the more.

"Duo," Heero murmured, advancing on the slightly smaller man, before he pounced, wrapping his arms tightly around Duo's waist, his lips capturing Duo's for the first time that night, tongue plunging inward, still able to taste his essence on Duo. Heero nimbly undid Duo's pants, pushing the material off of narrow hips, grasping Duo's pulsing erection tightly, smirking into their kiss when Duo whimpered loudly.

Heero turned the man, pressing up against the tall chest of drawers front first, releasing Duo's cock to raise the braided man's arms over his head, placing his hands on the top of the dusty wooden furniture, grinding his clothed erection against Duo's tight ass. "Mm.. Heero..." Duo's husky voice filled the air.

His hand reached to the side, grabbing the tube off the dresser and quickly uncapping up, coating his fingers in the slick gel. He brushed one digit against Duo's puckered entrance, teasing it open before pushing inside.

Duo moaned loudly, throwing his head back at the invasion, pushing himself against the fingers, wishing it were something much larger. Another finger was added, scissoring inside him tormentingly, twisting, wriggling teasingly, searching for that tiny cluster of nerves. A third finger joined the other two, thrusting in and out before Duo's entire body shuddered, a half scream trembling on his bruised lips. "Aauhh! Nnn... Heero!"

Heero smirked, targeting that patch of velvety skin, brushing his fingers hard against it, Duo's loud cries soon filling the room. "Gods..! Heero... god... just fuck me... ahh..."

Heero nodded, removing his fingers and quickly opening his jeans in one move, coating his already dripping cock with more of the lube. He pressed himself up against Duo's back, brushing the tip of his erection against Duo's entrance. "Mm... Heero... don't tease," Duo whined, pushing back against Heero's cock. Heero's grabbed Duo's hips, prepared to give the other man what he wanted as he lunged forward, pushing himself fully into that exquisite heat with one smooth stroke. Duo screamed, his head lolling back on his neck, still braided hair dangling between them when Heero began to move, slowly rocking his hips into Duo.

"Nn... harder!" Duo cried, pushing himself back against Heero tight grip on his hips. He moaned uncontrollably as Heero complied, pulling out nearly to the tip before plunging back in, pushing Duo up against the wooden surface of the chest of drawers. One of Heero's hands released Duo's hip, wrapping around the man's waist, dragging him tightly against him as he pounded into Duo, slamming into that sweet spot with every thrust.

"Aaahh!!" Duo cried, pressing his head against the chest of drawers, screaming unintelligibly as he felt his climax mounting. Heero reached around, knowing his love was close, gripping Duo's dripping erection tightly in one hand, stroking the boy in time with each drilling thrust.

Bending close, Heero pressed his lips against Duo's ear. "Come for me," he demanded, his voice a low growl as he sped up his pace, gripping Duo's cock even tighter, feeling his love tighten around him.

"Oh gods... HEERO!!" Duo screamed, his eyes closing tightly as he came, spilling himself into Heero's hand, basking in the white-hot waves of pleasure rolling through him, the world blacking out behind his eyelids. Heero moaned, feeling Duo clamp down tightly around him, unable to control his second release he thrust once, twice more before emptying himself inside his love, shouting Duo's name. His forehead fell limply to Duo's shoulder, pressing a weak kiss against the nape of the braided man's neck..

Their ragged breathing slowed to normal after a while as they finally came around. Heero turned Duo in his arms, holding him tightly against himself, claiming Duo's lips lovingly.

"Love you..." Duo whispered, cuddling into Heero's arms as the slightly taller man backed him toward the bed.

"Aa... I love you, too, koishii," Heero smirked, laying the braided man onto the bed before climbing in himself, dragging the limp body against him as sleep claimed them both.


Duo stood, his gaze traveling over the parking lot as he waited for Heero to return after checking out of the rundown motel. His eyes momentarily falling on the painted sign over the constantly flashing vacancy lights he snorted at the unlikely name.

"Paradise?" he raised an eyebrow, gaze running over what looked to him to be an ordinary roach-motel. Then his violet gaze softened, heating up in one instant. "Well... maybe just last night..."

Heero walked out of the lobby, quickly striding over to Duo and their car. Duo let his gaze rove over his lover, a smile tugging at his lips. "Ready, Hee-chan?"

Heero nodded, "Aa... but Duo?" The braided man tilted his head questioningly. "This time you drive," Heero smirked, his eyes twinkling as his hand lifted, tossing the keys which Duo readily caught.

::Heh... even if we are lost, at least things aren't going to get boring!::



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