Shades of Memory (cont)

"Are you doubting your own fate, Mikaboshi?!" The long-haired god glared down into the others eyes, his anger growing by the minute. Violet eyes had been reduced to mere slits, as his voice was just above a growl. "Never...never will you touch him!" He lunged forward, swinging the blazing scythe in a wide arc. "Never!"

Mikaboshi sidestepped easily as a laugh fell carelessly from purple lips. "Is that the best you can do, pretty Death? Brave words..." he trailed off with a smirk, raising his hands slightly, cupping them before him, the energy that hand been gathered on his fingertip forming a ball between the palms. He spread them apart, the now radiant ball spreading, stretching until the small god was grasping a glaive loosely in one hand, his entire stance relaxed, completely self-assured.

:: "I am Shinigami's chosen," he stated slowly after a brief silence. "I've been... they've kept in inside that crypt like temple since birth, I've never been outside. I needed to get away... I was drawn here, it's so beautiful," he continued haltingly, finding it exceedingly hard to voice his thoughts after so long of not needing to, but a wistful tone played nearly unnoticed through his words as he looked around.

Leaning forward, he whispered into Heero's ear. "Do you know why you were chosen?" Several silky, glittering strands of hair fell from where they had been previously tucked behind the boy's ear, brushing the other's shoulder softly.::

//And for you, itooshi, I would lay down my life. Death would die for you. Look Heero, look past what you know to what you feel.// He took another wild slash at the mocking form of Mikaboshi. As often as the violet eyed god moved, not once did he leave a path to the innocence that lay so helplessly vulnerable behind him.

:: Eyes widening at the feel of warm breath washing of his ear, Heero turned his face to look into the boy's violet eyes. "I..."

~*//pain. anger. confusion. what have i done... gods, no... i can't...//

"Heero, why..?"

//Duo. gods, Duo, i can't leave you. but i had to. i couldn't let it hurt you. Duo...//*~

"Who are you?" he asked again, his voice weak as he gazed into glowing purple eyes.

~*Cobalt eyes glared hostilely at the stiff forms he stood before, his mind screaming in denial as they passed sentence. Eternity as a human without memory of anything previous, but they would be *kind* -- his mind sneered at the word -- and would let him stay close to his love.

//my fault. all my fault. so much blood.// He looked down at his hands stained a deep scarlet. Coated in scarlet. //what have i done?//

Heero turned to the vision of loveliness beside him, an anguished look in those eyes. Shinigami and Izanagi[2], Duo and Heero... they'd named themselves, had not wanted the roles birth had given them but were forced to endure. Mikaboshi had been fixated on possessing the lovers for what seemed an eternity and when they wouldn't submit he had tried to kill that beauty, had sent one of his servants to extinguish that luminance. He wouldn't.. could not let that happen. And now they were punishing him. //the god of Life does not kill.//

But this had been had been Mikaboshi's intent, he had known what the other gods would do... Thus separated, weakened Heero and Duo would be easy targets and Mikaboshi swore he would own them both.

"Duo..." he murmured mournfully, stepping closer to his love, memories already beginning to fade no matter how long he fought to hold on.*~

Dodging the other again, a little slowly, Mikaboshi laughed merrily, "If that's how this is going to be... so be it!" Mikaboshi lunged, his glaive arching toward its target with deadly precision.

:: "You have to remember Heero. Please, *remember*. I need you to." The violet eyed boy looked deeper and deeper into cobalt depths, and then gently moved forward capturing the other boy' soft lips in a passionate kiss.::

As the sharp blade came down, Shinigami was a second too slow in twisting out of it's deadly path. He winced as the blade tore into the skin of his arm. Blood ran down the black silk and dripped onto the paved ground of the stone circle.

:: Pulling away from the kiss, the boy took in a sharp breath of air, falling to his knees. He grasped his arm where a slight river of blood had formed. Looking at the ground, violet eyes empty of all emotion and voice hollow he stated, "It has begun."::

Angered, the violet glowing god ran towards the other and with all his might heaved the end of the scythe into Mikaboshi's gut. Looking up at the injured god he growled. "Bastard!"

Ruby eyes dancing, Mikaboshi looked up at Shinigami, his mouth skewing into a pout. "Now, now, none of that," he laughed, wrapping his free hand around the blade, completely unaffected by the sharp metal. He dragged it out of his body with a look of only slight discomfort, pushing it roughly away, sending the other god stumbling backward.

A low whimpering moan broke from the prone boy behind them and his eyes flew to the figure, red eyes glowing with an unholy light. "He stirs, but will he be too late?" Mikaboshi murmured, his eyes glittering as he spun around, double edge blade curving smoothly in his hands.

:: "What is happening?" he demanded and looking down at the boy almost fearfully, his face spasming as a wave of memory came, a flash of recognition.

~* "Duo..." he wavered, falling into waiting arms as his legs gave out, his vision blackening. He thought he heard his love speak, voice tinted with unmistakable sorrow.

"I will always protect you, Heero..." but the rest was lost as the world came crashing down around him. *~

Heero fell to his knees beside the boy, feeling oddly weakened but the need to protect the violet eyed boy was overwhelming as his hand reached out, fingers wetting themselves in long-haired boy's blood. Pain wracked his body as it came to him, the words forcing from his throat.

"Duo.. Shinigami... oh gods..." ::

The long haired god rolled out of the way, the blade crashing only an inch or so from his head. Breathing a slight sigh of relief he picked himself back up as quickly as possible so that he was standing only a few feet from Mikaboshi.

:: A new pain, an age old wound opened, washed into the empty violet eyes. "I finally found you, koibito. After all this time..."::

Slowly the wind began to circle around Shinigami as he shouted to the other god. "Enough! This ends now!" At his words violet streaks of lightning surround, the long haired boy, energy rolling off of him in waves as the silken mass of hair swirled around his black silk clothed body. Violet eyes slid shut, as he put all of his remaining life energy into the growing pool at his hands. He raised his arms suddenly and sent the final beam crackling towards Mikaboshi. //I tried, Heero, yet have fallen short again. Ai shiteru.// The glow disappeared and Shinigami fell to the ground, a lifeless black heap.

:: Looking one last time into cobalt longingly, almost desperately. "Pl-please help...Heero." Duo slumped backwards, violet eyes slipping shut.::

Mikaboshi laughed gleefully as the flash washed over him, his slight form quivering from the shock, but his smirk still firmly in place as the energy evaporated into nothingness. "Pain..." he gasped out. "I had forgotten how entirely lovely the sensation is."

He stepped slowly toward the deathly still form of Shinigami, raising his glaive, not noticing the slight sounds Heero was making on the alter, or the fluttering eyelashes.

:: "Oh Gods, Duo..." Heero gathered the still form into his arms, laying a gentle kiss on the top of his chestnut head.::

"Duo..." The moan broke from Heero's tightly pursed lips as he fought his way to consciousness, knowing he was needed.

Mikaboshi steps quickened, his strength regaining as he made his way to the form laying crumpled on the ground. He looked down at the boy, his red eyes glinting mischievously. "How does it feel to know you've lost, this time perhaps for good? Such an innocent boy, your chosen... He shall be so much fun to play with."

:: Tears leaked from the corners of his eyes as the god in his arm's breathing slowed to an unsteady, thready pattern. A weakness settled over Heero, the heady sensation making his eyes slide shut, a dark void enveloping his mind.::

*Mikaboshi raised the glaive further, one wicked looked, curved blade pointing directly at the god's exposed throat. Plum lips curved in appreciation as he took in to still god. "Beautiful in death. Fitting. Perhaps I shall keep you still. ... No, as you said, this ends here!" he murmured on a manic chuckle, the blade arching downward.

Then the decent stilled, Mikaboshi's eyes widening in shocked disbelief, his back bowing as overwhelming pain rippled through him, centering at the small of his back and spreading outward, paralyzing him. His hands loosened, sending the glaive gliding downward on a deadly path toward it's original target but a blast of energy deflected it heedlessly to the side, landing with a clatter on the stone ground. Soft footsteps stalked toward him and Mikaboshi felt a shiver of fear, reveling in the irrational lust that crawled up his spine.

"How does it feel, knowing you've lost?" a dark voice growled, repeating Mikaboshi's own question, breath beating warmly against the back of the god's neck. A strong hand wrapped around the base of his neck, sending blue energy coursing through Mikaboshi. "Izanagi," he murmured as a shudder ran through the otherwise paralyzed body, dark pupils dilating until only a small line of ruby was left as he fell to his knees, collapsing forward.

Heero released the cooling body watching dispassionately as it disintegrated into nothing, leaving naught but a memory and soon not even that. He shook his head, his eyes closing briefly. //Never again...//

He knelt beside the prone form of his lover, pulling the boy close, cradling him in his arms as he stood. "You're going to be alright," he whispered. "You have to be, Duo..." he bent close, laying a firm kiss on Duo's slightly parted lips, feeling a familiar warm tingle pass through his body as he breathed pure energy into the other, praying it would be in time.

Something was calling Duo back, a little twitch at the back of his mind. A warm, soothing sensation flowed through him filling him. An energy that only one possessed... //Only one... it can't be. Not after this long...// He silently argued with his mind, and slowly, almost fearfully he allowed his eyes to blink open coming to peer into the face of his long lost lover.

"Mmm..." Reluctantly he pulled away from the warming energy flowing off of the other god's lips. "You made it back..." He wasn't very sure of himself, as tears began to pool in the corner of his eyes. "...gods, I didn't want him to hurt you." He wrapped his arms tightly around Heero, content to have him close after so long. //I will never let go...not again...//

Heero smiled down at the other god. One of his hands found its way to the back of Duo's head, burying itself in the silken mass of hair there, the other arm tightening its hold around the smaller god, Heero's smile evolving slowly into a slight frown. "Duo, you must have gone through hell... I'm so sorry, it was all my fault..."

"Iie. Don't." Pain flickered briefly in violet orbs before the look of utter pleasure returned. Beaming he stared into his beloved's face. "It is in the past, and all we have is the future. Let's enjoy it, koibito."

Heero seemed about to say something, to protest, but he drew in a slow breath, his lips pursing into a small smile. They had eternity together and he was not going to waste a single moment more. He leaned in, taking Duo's sweet lips in a lingering kiss, his eyes gazing deeply into the violet orbs. "I've missed you so much, even if I couldn't remember I always knew something was missing." Duo had to blink to keep the tears that had rapidly threatened to spill over at bay. "I was always there, Heero. They wouldn't let me tell you, they wouldn't let you love me, not until you found out on your own." He ran a slim finger along the other's jaw line. "But they couldn't take away my love. Ai shiteru, Heero."

Cupping his around Heero's cheek, the long haired god pressed his lips gently against the other boy's. Pulling away ever so slightly he ran his tongue along Heero's bottom lip.

"I know," he said simply, nodding. Leaning closer, he nibbled at Duo's lips teasingly, his own tongue flickering over the soft flesh, delving between, hungry for the taste of his love. He walked over to the alter, carrying Duo easily, laying the slight boy down on the surface only once he had made it soft and warm, like a welcoming bed. "Do you think we can..? Or are you too weak?" he asked, his brow furrowing in concern.

Smiling gently, the other boy let out a slight chuckle. "I am fine Hee-koi. I've waited so long," nearly whimpering, he looked up pleadingly. "I want you. Now," his hands tugged lightly at Heero's tunic.

"As you wish," a growl rumbled in the back of his throat as he captured those temptingly red lips again, tongue plunging inside, twining with Duo's. His hands glided over the silk covered body, rubbing at the boy's nipples through the slick fabric, knowing the scratchy soft material would serve to make the already sensitized flesh ache almost unbearably, deliciously.

Moaning into Heero's mouth, the sensation of his lover's hands through the silk bringing his need for the other to a new level. Desperately he deepened the kiss, running his hands up underneath Heero's tunic and over the smooth flesh greedily. //Mine. Finally mine...and I won't let go...//

"Nnn..." Heero dragged his lips almost reluctantly away from the other's, trailing them wetly down his chin and neck, biting, sucking desperately at the enticing flesh, loving the feel of those small hands on him.

Gasping as Heero worked his way down his neck, black silk covered hips bucked upwards slightly, begging for some form of contact. The sound of Heero's moans had only added to the ache in Duo's groin. Heero's hands worked over the long-haired god's body, quickly releasing Duo from the bonds of his black silk robe, needing to see his love in full. He pulled back as the warm fabric fell away from the boy, pooling around his sitting form enticingly, mingling with the flowing chestnut hair. A groan tore itself from his throat at the sight, his groin tightening painfully as he moved close again, mouth closing over one tight nipple, scraping his teeth over the flesh teasingly.

Shivering as the cool forest air hit his skin as Heero continued his slow torture, it was a dream. The very dream that had kept Shinigami hopeful that his love would return. A single hope, finally come true. "Heero..." His slim hands found their way into the tangled brown hair on Heero's head.

Heero groaned at the sound of his name on Duo's sex fogged voice. Looking up from the boy's chest he wrapped an arm around Duo's neck, dragging his lips down for another slow kiss, before pulling away, returning to nip lightly at his previously neglected nipple. One hand smoothed downward, drawing a finger over the straining flesh of Duo's length, rubbing the pearly precum into the tip.

The long haired boy's head fell back on a moan, his hips bucking at the slight sensation, every part of his body crying for more of Heero's touch. He pulled back slightly, laying a single finger on Heero's lips to silence any forthcoming protests. He scooted away from the other god and closer to the end of the altar. Leaning back into the warmth of the altar, the black silk under Duo's pale body like a blanket, hair pooling in silken strands around him. He slowly spread his legs, sending an unspoken invitation to the other with a seductive look.

Gazing at Duo with heavy lidded eyes, his groin tightened painfully at the sight of him. Shedding his tunic and breaches quickly, he climbed onto the alter in front of Duo, leaning over the boy, running his tongue along Duo's lips slowly, his lustful eyes never leaving Duo's. A small bowl of oil appeared beside them as one of Heero's hands reached down, cupping a smooth globe of Duo's ass, the other moving to pick the small bowl up.

A moan in expectation of what was to come fell from Duo's lips. "Don't leave me again..." Violet orbs sparkled as the god whispered, "I can't live without you."

"Never!" he answered, his eyes flashing briefly. "Never again, itooshi," he murmured between gentle kisses, his fingers dipping into the sweet smelling oil. "I'll never do that to us again," stroking his clean hand up Duo's thigh, he spread the boy's legs further, the other hand coming to brush over the boy's puckered entrance, teasing it open before pushing one finger gently inside.

Gasping as Heero's slick digit entered him, he shifted his hips, impatient for more. Duo pulled Heero's lips up to meet his own, tongue slipping into the other's mouth wanting to taste his lover fully.

Another finger joined the first, then another, searching and finding the sweet patch of nerves that would drive Duo mad. Sucking at the tongue in his mouth, Heero's free hand wrapped around Duo's burning erection, stroking the boy slowly, squeezing softly, knowing he was torturing him.

Sensations overloading Duo's senses, the world had fallen still. In that instant there was only one person in his universe. Heero.

Torturing the long haired god slowly, driving him insane. Moaning into the other boy's mouth Duo thrust against those fingers involuntarily, whimpering moans breaking from his throat. Losing all control, he surrendered to his lover. //Take me...gods, take me!// Heero slowly pulled both of his hands away from Duo, coating his already dripping cock with the oil before sliding up that lithe body, bracing his arms on either side of him. He smirked slightly as he entered Duo slowly, his eyes fell shut at the sensation of being enveloped in that tight warm heat, a deep groan falling from his lips.

"Aauhh," Duo's back arched as he moaned uncontrollably. It felt so good to have Heero enter him for the first time in centuries.

Whimpering he gazed up at the god that was his lover. "Heero...gods, Heero!!" Completion was tantalizingly close and yet an eternity away. Heero rocked his hips into his love gently, cupping the boy's cheek with one hand, his eyes opening so he could look into the passion glazed violet orbs as he sped his thrusts up slightly. Leaning in he wrapped his other arm around his love's waist and dragging Duo close to him, leaving no space between their bodies as he caught Duo's reddened lips with his own again.

Bringing one arm up to encompass Heero's shoulders Duo buried his hand in the hair at the base of his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss, hungry for the other boy. This was the way it was meant to be. They fit together like yin and yang, one unable to exist without the other, life and death intricately woven together by fate and love.

His hips sped up, pumping into the other boy relentlessly, a moan breaking from his throat, falling into the other god's mouth. His arm moved lower, pulling Duo's hips closer still as he changed the direction of his thrusts, pounding into the boy's sweet spot, feeling the heat of Duo's erection rub against his stomach with every smooth thrust, trapped tightly between their bodies. "Duo..." he panting, resting his forehead against the other's.

"Nnn." Duo's moans of pleasure caught in his throat as he squeezed his eyes shut, burning cobalt imprinted on his mind. Whimpering his lover's name, he spilled his passion onto their stomachs.

Heero let out a loud moan at the feeling over Duo's muscles squeezing him as he came, the tight, burning sensation driving him over the edge. Throwing his head back he climaxed, shouting his lover's name with a primal growl, pounding himself into his love once more before releasing himself inside of his warmth.

As Heero filled him, Duo couldn't have been more complete. A moan caught in his throat, loving the sensation of having the other god come inside him after so long. Violet eyes dancing he stole a quick kiss from Heero's lips, before whispering gently to the other. "Ai shiteru, Heero, itsumademo."

"Aa. I love you so much, koishii. So much..." Heero rolled to the side and laid down he dragged Duo against him, burying his nose in the hair at the nap of the other's neck, inhaling his sweet scent deeply.

//It is over now. Complete. I missed you so much, but now I couldn't be happier. I want to stay in these arms forever.// Snuggling closer to Heero, a sigh mixed with contentment and relief escaped Duo's lips, sleep heavy eyelids sliding shut.

Heero smiled against the back of his love's neck, hearing the other god's thoughts as if they were his own. And perhaps they were. "You will be, itooshi, this I promise," he whispered to his now sleeping love, his own eyes falling shut slowly, joining his love in a contented sleep for the first time in too long.



2. in ancient japan, the god of creation

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