Author: Tanith
Pairing: 1x2x1
Warnings: AU, sex, bondage
Notes: This fic was born into the world when Granate decided to tempt me with on of her li'l plot bunnies. We agreed (read: she coerced me ;) I would write a fic for the idea if she would commission a pic from PL Nunn. Yes, there's a *pic* to this scene. *drools* you can view it at the top of . Enjoy!


Duo Maxwell walked quietly into his studio, smiling kindly to his crew as they rushed passed him, preparing for his shoot. A professional photographer and part-time model, Duo was the well-guarded pet of Technophile, a computer company that specialized in the least where their ads were concerned. Duo was their secret, by his own terms. He liked standing amid his colleagues and listening to them talk about his art without hiding their opinions to save his feelings. He loved the spite from his unknowing rivals, he loved the enthusiasm, he loved the indirect praise and condemnation he earned with each new shoot.

Walking into the room where the model waited, Duo stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him. He recognized the model being prepared for the shoot immediately. On the bed, bound with very professional knotwork, was his long-time lover Heero Yuy. He lay with a patience borne of years under the camera as the makeup artists fluttered around him, putting finishing touches onto his bronzed face and making sure his dark brown hair was mused around his blindfold just-so. The man tying Duo's lover down finished his task, artfully wrapping the final bit of cord around the back of Heero's head and over his mouth so that he had to clench his teeth around the plastic, effectively gagging him. A faux laptop was placed over Heero's lap and Duo realized it was the only thing that covered his...assets. Technophile always took pains to make their ads as real as possible. Down to the very last detail.

Duo leaned back against one of the tables holding my equipment, his eyebrows raised until they hid behind his thick fringe, his arms crossed loosely over his chest. One of his assistants finally turned, finishing the final preparation. "Good evening, Mr --" Duo quickly raised his hand, silencing the man. Ignoring the questioning look on his assistantís's face his raised a finger to his lips and motioned for everyone to leave the room. He would do this shoot alone...

Heero began to shift restlessly as Duo wandered around the studio, adjusting the lighting until it was perfectly dim. Shadows played over the model's skin, especially where Heero's brow had furrowed at the unusual silence the permeated the room. Duo finally stopped and picked up his camera, automatically adjusting it to focus on Heero's prone form. Then, he took in a breath, a smirk teasing his full lips. "Heero."

The murmured word was enough to make his lover still, his broad shoulders tensing against the bed. He and Duo had agreed that they would never do a shoot together, fearing that the high-stress of a modeling session would cause the argument that would end their happy life together. He could tell Heero wanted to remove the gag, remove the blindfold. He stepped forward, lifting his camera to his face and snapping off a few quick rounds, shifting angles as he did so. The tension coursing through Heero's body was wonderful, but Duo knew, knew the perfect picture would need a much different sort of tension.

"Heero," Duo purred again and Heero jerked, recognizing the tone in his voice. "Relax, love," he chuckled throatily, knowing he was asking the impossible. Heero tilted his almost immobile head toward the sound of Duo's voice and Duo could see where the cords were pressing into the flesh of Heero's cheek, turning the skin a dusky pink. "God, Heero. You're so fucking gorgeous." Duo took another few pictures, then stopped and paced backward, never taking his eyes off of his lover.

"Did you know I would be the photographer, Heero?" The model shook his head as much as he could. "Neither did I, love. You the model, that is. And now, seeing you like this..." Duo moaned, acknowledging the hardness growing in his jeans with a soft rub. Heero's steady breathing faltered, speeding up when Duo made that sound. He knew Heero loved the noises he could make, relished bringing him to the height of passion just to hear him scream. "Now all I want to do is fuck the photo shoot and...well, you."

Heero made a small, choking noise in the back of his throat, muffled by the gag of wires in his mouth. He turned his head back to it's original position, his muscles trembling in their restraints. "Would you like that, Heero? If I dropped the camera..." he snapped another two, three pictures, "...went over there and jerked you off?" Heero was visibly panting now, his golden skin flushed with the effort it took not to try to break out of his bonds and go to Duo. "I could walk right over," Duo stepped toward Heero, making sure his heels thumped against the marble flooring. "Wrap my lips around your cock, I can feel you in my mouth," he licked his drying lips, the fingers of one hand kneading delicately at his trapped erection. "I can taste you..." Heero moaned at that and Duo closed his eyes, his head falling back at the sound, savoring it. He opened his eyes again, staring at his lover under heavy lids. "Would you like that, Heero?" he repeated, smiling when Heero's head jerked in a half nod.

"Too bad I have to finish." He removed his hand from the front of his jeans, lifting his camera again, capturing the expression of denied rapture on Heero's face. His lovers chest heaved with his erratic breaths and Duo was finding it hard to still his own breathing to make sure the camera did not shake. The shoot still didn't have a perfect pose, but Duo knew just how to get it. He stalked toward the bed on silent feet, the room silent but for Heero's haggard breathing. He circled his lover, trying to find the perfect angle, the perfect position to fulfill his plans. His burning flesh throbbed in his pants at the sight of Heero's matching erection, curving up against his stomach behind the laptop. It was an angry red, almost purple, begging Duo to please, just touch it... He reached out, grasping the length loosely in his hand and stroked once, twice before dancing backward and lifting the camera. Heero shouted behind the gag, his entire body arching upward, head thrown back, pressing into the bed as his body sought that slight touch again. Duo's camera flashed, constantly, catching his every movement in still frame. The laptop teetered on his lap, then fell, crashing to the ground with a hollow plastic thud. The camera soon followed and Duo moved back toward the bed and his lover.

Duo's lips feathered over the model's cheek, tongue dragging hotly across the heated skin. He climbed atop the bed, straddling Heero's hips, his breath hitching when Heero jerked and moaned under him. "I want to kiss you, Heero," Duo breathed, his hands cupping the bound man's face. Fingers moved against the plastic cords, then trailed upward. He deftly untied the knot on Heero's blindfold, smiling as his lover's lust glazed eyes blinked dazedly up at him. Duo leaned forward until his face was pressed to Heero's, their eyes never parting. "Want me to kiss you, Heero?" he whispered throatily, rocking his jean-clad hips against Heero's bare ones. He knew what the denim must feel like against the model's burning cock.

Heero shouted behind the gag, his dark blue gaze filled with agonized longing. Those fevered eyes closed and he swallowed, nodding almost frantically. His strained lips brushed Duo's with the motion and they both trembled. "Damn..." Duo purred, marveling at how the slightest touch from Heero could affect him so much. He leaned back, his hands following the motion. Short nails scraped gently over the skin of Heero's chest, plucking at his hardened nipples. "I want you so much, babe," Duo moaned and crawled off of the bed, watching Heero's glittering eyes narrow, following his every move. Duo walked around the room, working is belt loose and jeans undone with each step. Finally, he stopped in front of a table, gasping a little when the last notch of the zipper was passed and his jeans fell to the ground. He picked something up, holding it loosely in his hand as he turned back to Heero.

He turned, slowly, kicking his shoes and pants off with one motion. Heero couldn't help but groan at the sight his lover made, proud red erection bobbing amidst a sea of damp brown curls. Duo smirked as he held the pocket knife he had grabbed up for examination, "This should fix a few things." His voice was husky, smoldering. He rushed back to the bed, slipping the knife under the cords binding Heero's mouth and snapping them open.

"Du--" Duo swooped down, silencing his name before it had fully passed Heero's lips. His tongue delved into the model's mouth, rubbing, dancing deliciously against the tongue waiting within. He climbed back onto the bed, throwing one leg over Heero's hips as they kissed. Dropping the knife somewhere near Heero's head he shifted, grinding his hips into his lover's. They bucked against each other, Heero's arms straining against his binding, willing them to loosen, unravel. He was nearly overcome with the need to touch Duo, pleasure him as much as he was pleasure Heero. Duo came up for air, his lids fluttering upward, hair unraveling from his braid to frame his flushed face.

"Christ, Heero." He moaned, swiping his tongue over Heero's bruised lips before raising up, his finger teasing against Heero's cheek. "God, I need you." Fingertips brushed over Heero's bottom lip, his other hand moving to enfold his lover's dripping cock. "Suck."

"Mm, yess," Heero hissed, leaning up to envelope the two fingers completely. His tongue wrapped around the digits, swirling suggestively as Duo drove him crazy with his other hand. He thrust upward, into the tight channel Duo made, shouting feverishly when his grip loosened, palm smearing precum over the head. The photographer removed his fingers from his lover's mouth and Heero glazed eyes followed its progress until the slick digits rubbed against Duo's opening. "I need..." Duo gasped, sliding one finger inside, searching. "Heero..." Heero panted, beyond speech, just watching his lover prepare himself. "Not enough," Duo gasped, removing his finger and grabbing hold of Heero's cock again.

He positioned himself over the head, pressing downward, head falling back as he pushed himself onto the burning length. "Ahh!" Heero's eyes squeezed shut and he struggled against his bonds, fighting to get loose. Duo looked at him, violet eyes heavy lidded as he lifted up and fell back down, his balls bouncing against Heero's abdomen. He leaned forward, trapping his cock between their bodies. His lips found Heero and he drank from his lover's mouth as they moved. One hand found the knife again and sliced through the cords on Heero's left arm, freeing him.

"Duo..." Heero growled against Duo's lips, his hands grabbing onto Duo's hips, forcing the pace to go faster. Duo cried out, his face buried in Heero's neck, licking, sucking at any exposed flesh he could reach. "Do you know..." A shout broke through Heero's words as Duo tightened around him. Heero forgot what he was going to say, forgot words, forgot everything but the exquisite pleasure. Duo's cock throbbed hotly, rubbing against Heero's stomach and his own with every thrust. He screamed, eyes rolling back in his head as he came, the sensation causing him to black out briefly. Heero followed closely behind, his release pumping into Duo in thick waves.

His arms came up, wrapping around his panting lover's back, hands tracing soothing patterns against Duo's skin as he slowly came to. The air was silent but for their labored breaths until Duo shifted, opening one eye to look at Heero.


"Hmm?" Heero looked at him drowsily from the corner of his eye.

"Why they Hell haven't we done a shoot together before?" Heero chuckled throatily, his arms squeezing the photographer briefly before he drifted off without answering. Duo stared at the model's sleeping form quizzically for a moment, then closed his own eyes, sighing contentedly.


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