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6x3 Luv
"Champion tennis player, Zechs Merquise, has finally met his match, both on the court . . . and in the showers."
NC-17 6x3 yaoi lemon unrepentant smut AU --> tennis, anyone? PWP

And Hope (sequel to Comfort and Joy)
PG-13 2+6, ref. to past 13x6 yaoi light lime angst

The Best Thing
PG 3x2, 1x4 shounen ai sap

NC-17 2x3 yaoi sexual innuendo language

Can You Feel Anything When I do This?
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon AU sap *sappy grin*

Comfort and Joy
PG 3+4, 2+6 shounen ai angst sap

Duo Maxwell, E.M.T. or "Return of the Nympho" (sequel-ness to Trowa Barton, R.N.)
NC-17 2x3, 3x2, 6x2, 6x2, 6x3x2 yaoi *snort* lemon *more snorting* AU WDNNSP *feral grin*

For the Moment
"Zechs spends a sweaty summer morning in bed with his lover. "
NC-17 6x3 yaoi lemon AU sap Zechs POV

If Only Allen Ginsberg Were Here
"Absolutely not about a beatnick poet . Milliard has an encounter with a familiar stranger in a grocery store . . . and learns a few things about himself."
NC-17 ? x Milliard *feral grin*, ref. to 6x3 yaoi lemon WDNNSP

Lemme See Those Legal Briefs
"Attorney Heero's new intern is pushing him to edge of his sexual limits. Is he losing his mind, or gaining a fowl-mouthed sex fiend?"
NC-17 1x3 yaoi lemon unrepentant smut AU sexy humour ^_~

[ note: winner of Third Place in DaMoyre's Silent Passion Contest! (Second Place Reader's Choice.) ]
NC-15 *snort* 1x3 yaoi lemon song fic silent soldier angst TWT

Sexual Healing
NC-17 2x3 yaoi lemon AU WDNNSP *growl* *twice*

Sweet Delay
NC-17 6x3; vague ref. to past 1x3, 2x3 & 5x3 yaoi lemon AU sap

Trowa Barton, R.N. (Registered Nympho)
" 'Oh, Dr. Zechs!'. . . enough said."
NC-17 6x3 yaoi lemon unrepentant smut AU cross-dressing PWP --> yeah, baby... OOC Trowa, but my god... what an OOC...

United Parcel Sex
NC-17 1x2, ref. to 13x6 yaoi lemon AU

[ note: there really aren't any label-type words that befit how well-written and subtly moving these fics are. just be sure that they are much more than the might seem here... ]
the Spectator Series
Certainly Love
"Treize and Zechs discover that perhaps there is truth to some rumors... and that not everyone will like it."
PG-13 13+6 shounen ai light lime canon

"Just a little over a month after 'Certainly, Love', Treize comforts Zechs... Noin comforts herself."
PG-13 13+6 light shounen ai light angst canon

That Depends
"Not long after 'Sir', Zechs and Treize attend a ball held by an old friend of Treize's family, Mrs. Marat. Secrets are told, passion revealed, and well... stuff happens."
PG-13 13+6 light shounen ai light lime light angst canon

Twice As Much
"As he promised at the end of 'That Depends', Zechs visits Treize before going into space, and a little girl wonders about a mysterious man."
PG-13 13+6 shounen ai lime light angst passion canon Mariemeia-ness

No Matter
"Treize speaks to his lover in the night. This is, without exception, the most revealing SS fic of all. A companion fic to 'Twice as Much' "
PG-15 13x6 yaoi implied lemon light angst canon

More Than That
"A few weeks after 'That Depends', Zechs confronts Treize at his estate concerning the attempt on his life during a test flight. We learn that much has happened since we last saw our General and his Second, and it may change them forever."
PG-13 13+6, 6+13 shounen ai light lime angst canon

Yes, Please
"Leaping back in the timeline almost 10 years, Treize and Zechs mourn in a garden while a lady looks on. "
PG light pre-13+6 angst canon flashback-ness to childhood

Prince of Siam
"Still in the past, in fact, the very evening of 'Yes, Please', the boys relocate to a more distant garden to bury a bit of the past."
PG light pre-13+6 angst canon flashback-ness to childhood follow-up to 'Yes, Please'

Into the Light (an ending, of sorts)
PG-15 13+6, unrequited 2+6, hints of (thank god!) 1+2 yaoi lime canon-ish --> post EW Oz angst *sigh* "
Set mid-year A.C. 198; references, of course, the other SS fic, as well as And Hope."

the Water fics
Still Waters
NC-17 13x6 yaoi lemon-y lime? lime-y lemon? canon

Running Deep
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon-y lime canon

In the Wake
NC-17 6x13 yaoi lemon canon soldier-y sap a bit of sadness...