The Altar of Shinigami (cont)

His eyes closed briefly, but he reached down and laid two fingers to my lips. "Hush, Child," he instructed gently. "There has been pain enough this night--I will show you only pleasure..."

I could not help myself; the fingers at my mouth were too tempting and I carefully drew them inside, holding them there, suckling, laving them gently with my tongue.

"Ah, Wufei," he breathed; and to my amazement, I discovered he was trembling. His pleasure washed through me, echoing back to him again; I increased my attentions to his momentarily captive fingers, wanting to bring him more.

He drew in a shuddering breath, his eyes closing; and I felt his focus as he concentrated all his power on the goblet in his hand despite my distractions. A brief moment later, the sweet scent of lilies drifted on the night air, emanating from that cup.

"Beautiful boy," he whispered, withdrawing his fingers at last from my mouth to dip them into the goblet. They rose again drenched with a clear, fragrant liquid; I realized that he had turned the blood to oil, and the thought of what he intended to do with that oil set my heart to pounding.

He sat back on his heels, his oiled fingers trailing sensually down my body, briefly caressing my manhood before returning to the goblet. He slid them next down the cleft of my bottom, carefully seeking out that most intimate part of me, finding it with ease and gently delving inside.

My breath caught at that soft intrusion; I heard a tiny gasp from him as well. I pressed back against his hand, intrigued by the sensation of his fingers within me, still fascinated that he could feel what I felt just as I could feel him. He set the goblet aside within easy reach and touched me with his free hand, fingertips caressing my stomach, my hips before ghosting over my upright shaft.

I sucked in a sharp breath; the combined attention of his two hands had sent a glimmering flash of pleasure across both our senses. He returned, his touch firmer this time, tracing the shape of my organ before closing his hand about it and stroking smoothly.

My breath escaped me in a whimpering moan; whatever self-control I had thought to possess was fast unraveling. He pleasured me slowly, building the fire, stoking it, driving me to the brink of madness.

"Please, Master!" I cried when I could stand it no longer, arching into his two-edged torment, wild with need.

"Shh, Child. Soon, soon..." He released my taut organ and bent to kiss my stomach, still stroking me within, shivering with delight as my pleasure assailed his senses.

"More," I begged, writhing beneath him, helpless to do anything but feel all that he did to me. "Master, please, more..."

His tongue dipped into my navel while his touch twisted deep within me; and I cried out as rapture surged powerfully through my captive body. My head lolled from one side to the other and I bucked against his hand, shameless, wanton, desperate to have the firm length of his hardness where his fingers now teased.

And still he drew the pleasure out, his mouth working up my stomach, over my chest as he shifted to lay alongside me. He paused at my throat, nipping, suckling at my pulse, his manhood pressing almost painfully against my hip, his fingers still thrusting tightly within me. I could feel his desire, as undeniable as my own; it throbbed against my senses, drowning me in his need.

"Master, please," I managed, my voice trembling. "End this torment; take me now..."

His head barely lifted; he spoke in a soft, breathless murmur. "Keep speaking, Child...tell me how you desire me..." It was less command than plea; his voice quavered under the heavy deluge of my pleasure that flooded into him through our bond.

I shivered as he kissed my throat again. " thrill me..." It was the first time I had dared to address him by name. "I am more alive than I have ever been..." My body clenched and I cried out, writhing as his fingers continued to work inside me. "I want you, Master! There are not words enough to describe what you do to me--" His need crashed over me, battered against my consciousness, and I could scarcely breathe for the power of it. "Take me, now, I beg of you, Master, please--"

He silenced me with a kiss, his mouth assaulting mine with bruising force, his hand withdrawing from me at last as he surged over atop me. I could have cried for that loss had it not been offset by the weight of him pinning me to the fur on which I lay; his stiff organ slid along the oiled cleft of my buttocks, so tantalizingly close to what I so desperately wanted that I whimpered with need. He swallowed the sounds I made eagerly, both his hands tangling in my hair, tilting my head back as he ravished my mouth without mercy, his hips thrusting shallowly against me.

He tore from me at last with a soft moan and sat back, kneeling between my spread legs and taking up the forgotten goblet of oil. He poured it over his ready manhood with hands that trembled, heedless of the excess that spilled onto the fur beneath us. He flung the goblet aside; it clattered against the stone on which the altar stood and rolled away into the night. He stroked both hands in turn over his organ, smoothing the fragrant oil along its entirety; I watched, mesmerized, aching to touch him in such a fashion but still held fast in my bonds. I strained against them, barely aware that I was doing so, my own manhood quivering with need and anticipation.

His eyes flared violet, and one hand flicked out toward my bound ankles; the chains fell away with a soft clanking rattle and he drew up my knees before moving his hands to my hips. The solid heat of his erection nudged between the curves of my bottom.

"Wufei, my love," he whispered; and then his hands lifted me and he pressed forward, impaling me gently, filling me, completing me.

My head fell back and I groaned, sweet rapture singing through me at the feel of his flesh sheathed in mine. His desire and my own surged forth and flooded over, until I could hardly tell one from the other. I felt my body's pleasure at having him within; I felt his body's pleasure at being inside me at the same time. And as he carefully drew back and pressed forward again, it ceased utterly to matter who was feeling what. We soared together on the same wings of fire, drowning as one in the same sea of passion.

"Master Death," I moaned, my hips rising toward him of their own accord, heat and pleasure and all manner of un-nameable emotions surging through me in waves as he moved tenderly in and out of me. "Shinigami...ah--more, Master, please, more..." If I could have him this way forever, for eternity, it would never be enough.

His eyes fell closed at my words, at the power of our combined pleasure crushing down upon him, and he thrust into me harder, a cry escaping his lips as that pleasure flared brilliantly. "Nnnahh--Wufei!"

The sound of my name on that cry was sweeter than anything; I wrapped one leg around his thigh, wanting him closer, deeper. He gave a soft moan and pulled my hips flush against his, leaning down so that his head rested over the furious throb of my beating heart as his organ speared deep within me over and over.

I cried out, arching against him, my grasp on reality giving way under the onslaught of ecstasy as he sank himself into me again and again. My head lashed from side to side; I tugged vainly at my bonds, lost in our shared delirium, words spilling from me in a futile attempt to convey the magnitude of what I felt. "Take me! Take me, feel me--" I shuddered, all sense of time and place lost as we moved together. "I am yours, Master Death, yours forever..."

"My Wufei, my love, my destiny fulfilled..." His eyes opened to slits, glowing purple beneath his lids. He lifted his head, catching my gaze, slowing the rhythm of his thrusts until he was buried deep, his hips grinding into me with a deliciously slow, sensual circular roll.

I held that unearthly violet gaze, breathing raggedly, my hips pulsing into his languid thrusts, alive with desire. "You are beautiful, beautiful...these things you make me is heaven just to be near you, to feel your touch..."

The corners of his mouth lifted in a lovely smile that was truly breathtaking when tempered by his passion this way. "No, my dragon; it is you who feel like heaven...a heaven I feared I would never find..." His gaze turned suddenly to the chains at my wrists; in a cool swirl of fire, they disappeared. Swifter than thought, he pulled me upright and settled me in his lap, his chest pressed to mine, my manhood crushed against his belly as he captured my lips in a tender caress. His hands slid over my back in a softly soothing, possessive gesture; his hips barely moved as he continued to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, glorying in the feel of touching him at last, of being so close, of being cherished, worshipped this way; I pulled free of the kiss and tucked my face down against his shoulder, arms tightening about him, overcome by his love and my own. I could not fathom what I had ever done to draw his attention; but I was grateful that I had, for I could scarcely imagine existing without him now.

He continued to hold me, pressing light kisses to the top of my head, his hands still smoothing over my back as his love, his emotions, his essence wound their way about my heart. We were one, now, more surely than we had ever been; I was humbled by the depth of feeling that he possessed for me. I pressed closer to him, overwhelmed, beginning to move gently in his lap before the tears of wonder that threatened to spill from my eyes could flow.

"Ah, Child--" He gasped softly, his arms tightening briefly about me. He pressed another kiss to my hair, then to my temple; his hands moved to my hips as I rocked shyly back down onto him. He gripped me gently, lifting, helping me to rise and fall upon his length as he began thrusting softly in counterpoint to my inexperienced attempts.

Pleasure erupted within me; my head fell back, my mouth open as our joint movement sent tendrils of ecstasy searing through my veins. My arms tightened further around his neck and I cried out, sinking myself faster, lost in the feel of him, of his hands on my hips, of his pleasure linked to mine and compounded by the soul shared between us; I shuddered, still overwhelmed, desperately needing to speak, to tell him what it was he did to me. "Master...I...I can feel you, can feel how you feel me..." Words were so woefully inadequate.

His bottom lip was caught between his teeth, to keep from crying out, I knew--I could feel what the grasp of my body did to him. But soft, breathless moans escaped him nonetheless; his hands tightened on me, his immortal strength taking over to lift me and slam me back down, faster and faster, his shaft reaching deeper and deeper inside.

I bucked with him violently, caught up in our passion, my cries escalating toward sobs as the pleasure built with every passing second, unbearably intense. He caught my mouth again, kissing me ardently, laying me back and pressing me into the fur, wrapping my legs about his hips and increasing the pace of his thrusts. He drove into me relentlessly, and my voice poured from my throat in sobbing moans with hardly a breath drawn between. My body was wracked with merciless ecstasy as his hips surged into me in a mad rhythm; I arched into every thrust, my legs tightening about him, clinging to him, begging for all he could give me, feasting on the succulence of his mouth as it devoured mine.

He tore from me at last, rising up to give me his all; dimly I noted that his eyes had gone purely black, gleaming with a faint purple sheen, so great was his passion and pleasure. His chest heaved as he thrust into me, deeper, harder, his rhythm growing erratic as I cried his name in response. I was lost, utterly lost, drowning in his ecstasy, drowning in my own, swept helplessly along on the tide of our shared passion as it bore us toward its crest as one. I could feel him losing control, could feel his sanity and my own trembling on the very knife's edge of fulfillment, completion building with every thrust and every sound I made in response. His voice was a harsh gasp when it escaped him at last.


The sound of my name on that breathless moan was too much; it tipped me over the brink and I screamed, my head lashing back, my throat arched as fulfillment crashed over me, my fingers clawing mindlessly at his shoulders as passion wrung me dry. A mere instant later he followed; and I felt it with him as he knew mortal paradise for the first time.

He moaned low in his throat, the sound primal as my orgasm surged into his senses, seizing him and dragging him over the edge. He tumbled down with me into bliss, a bliss never felt by Death before, a bliss so pure it wrought tears from his purple-black eyes, tears that turned to dark gems as they slid down his pale, smooth cheeks. He shuddered, clinging to me; and I trembled as his pleasure washed back to him again through the bond that sealed us. We were as mirrors placed face to face, endlessly reflecting our mutual climax to the other in gradually lessening intensity until at last he slumped against me, tired and dazed, and the stormy waves of our passion quieted to a still sea once more.

He buried his face in my neck, his lips pressed to the very spot from which he had earlier drank my blood, riding out the last languid aftershocks of pleasure, dizzy from the intensity of emotions that yet swirled and eddied between us on the ocean our shared essence had become. I had barely the strength left to hold him to me, cherishing the warmth of him atop me and the weight of him in my arms as we drifted into blackness.

It could have been days or mere moments later that I stirred to consciousness again; I would not have known the difference. All I knew for certain was that I was still atop the altar and Master Death was gathering me in his arms, cradling me to his chest as though I were an infant; and indeed, I felt as weak as one. He knelt on the furs and rocked with me gently, plying my mouth with soft kisses until I came around and blinked up at him, strength slowly returning to my limbs.

Upon opening my eyes, I was met with the expression of total and unconscious adoration that graced his countenance; I could not help the smile that curved my lips in response. "Master," I breathed, still drunk on the lingering afterglow, a vast multitude of emotions pressed into that one little word, and reached up to touch his face.

"Wufei," he sighed, leaning his cheek into my caress.

My hand trailed down to explore the faint markings on his chest while utter contentment curled about me. "I am yours now, Master; truly yours, for all eternity..." The thought was pure happiness.

His lips pressed to my forehead, warm and tender. "Mine you have always been, Child, though you are not yet immortal. There remains but one thing more to complete our union..." He stretched one hand out beside him; the air stirred darkly and something shimmered into existence in his grasp.

It was his scythe.

He lifted it and brought it close, this fabled instrument of his mercy and power; I stared, awestruck, honored somehow that I should see such a thing.

"The only blade capable of drawing my blood," he murmured, raising it solemnly. He tilted his head back, then, and carefully drew the very tip of that blade lightly across the pulse in his throat. Blood welled up in its wake, dark and mesmerizing, trickling slowly from the short cut he had made. He dropped his scythe aside with a soft clatter of wood and metal to stone and curved his hand around the back of my head, urging me to him.

"Drink, Wufei," he whispered, eyes closing. "Drink from me, and live forever..." (2)

I obeyed without hesitation, licking from his skin that which had spilled before latching onto the fount he had opened for me.

The taste of his blood was exquisite and indescribable, exhilarating as it coursed into me and instantly addictive. I curled one hand about the back of his neck and pressed closer to him, drawing hard on the life that he fed me. It flooded through my body, warm, rich with his power; it was as nothing I had ever known before. I marveled at the changes it so swiftly wrought; I could almost imagine I felt the frailties of mortality falling from me like garments shed.

At long last he pulled gently away and I opened my eyes again, vaguely disappointed by the realization that the rite was now finished and I could have no more of his blood. I gazed up at him, lost once more in the lilac of his eyes for a long suspended moment, trying simply to feel the difference in me. It was nothing I could isolate or describe in exacting detail; but I felt...more alive, somehow, more resilient and completely free of mortal limitations.

I felt reborn.

I smiled, reaching up and feathering my fingertips through the hair that fell into his face; then raised myself to shyly steal a languid kiss, letting him taste his own blood on my lips. When I pulled back at last, he sighed gently and shifted us both 'til I was settled between his thighs with my back leaning against his chest and our legs dangling carelessly over the side of the altar. His arms wound their way loosely about my abdomen; his chin settled on my shoulder as together we watched the moon sinking lower across the sky. It was a warm moment, quiet, broken at last by the soft sound of his voice.

"Now you are truly mine for all eternity, my dragon," he murmured, and I closed my eyes.

"I am pleased beyond measure, Master," I answered, interlacing the fingers of one hand with his.

"I would not complain should you wish to call me 'Master' always, but I do have a name," he said gently, that faintly teasing tone to his voice that I had noticed from time to time throughout the years. He turned his head slightly, lips pressing delicately to the juncture of my neck and shoulder.

"Shinigami, then," I returned, my eyes still closed, tilting my head to one side in silent encouragement that he should favor me with another such kiss.

"Among mortals, yes, that is one of my names," he replied, complying with my unspoken request. "I have many more, and many guises as well--there are mortals who envision me female, even." He chuckled. "But those are simply established, invented roles that I fill. The name my father gave me is Duo."

"Duo," I repeated, trying out the sound of it for comfort.

"Yes. Given the fact that I am overseer of the dead and collector of souls while my mortal followers are healers dedicated to prolonging life as far as possible, it was deemed a fitting name."

"Indeed." I could see the aptness in his explanation.

"You, too, will be known by many titles and names among mortals," he offered conversationally. "For you are a god now, as surely as the rest of us; and in time, your followers will find you..."

"And what am I to preside over, Master...Duo?" It would likely take me some time to entirely drop the 'Master'; but addressing him thusly felt right for now. The words fit my tongue with ease.

He chuckled again, a low pleasant sound warm at my back. "Whatever you wish, Child. There are many areas and ideals that currently have no dedicated deity; we all share responsibility for those as we are able. And mortals have invented roles accordingly that you might easily assume..."

I made no response, turning the matter over in my mind as he resumed kissing softly along my neck, my shoulder. Our joined hands rested low on my belly; his free arm wrapped more snugly about me as a soft night breeze picked up and I shivered. I was to be a god now, the god of whatever I chose...

"You need not decide until you have given the matter as much consideration as you like," he said softly, his chin once again pillowed on my shoulder. "It is thought that by taking the time to choose with care and according to one's own desires that we will all be better gods for it..."

"Such wisdom and benevolence," I sighed. "How did all this come to be?"

"My father and mother never speak of their origins," he answered softly. "I sometimes wonder if they themselves know at all..."

I shrugged marginally, somewhat comforted and somewhat equally disturbed that the gods were as much of a mystery to themselves as they were to mortals.

We stayed in silence awhile longer, content simply to be in one another's presence as the moon began to set and the eastern horizon brightened marginally while the candles guttered and burned out one by one. At last, with a sigh, he straightened up behind me.

"Our night is done, Wufei," he said softly. I felt a gentle surge of power from with him; with hardly more than a thought we were clothed again. He wore a dark robe exactly as before; I was dressed much the same though worked in white and gold rather than black and silver.

I continued to lean back against him, clasping his hand, utterly comfortable. "Will I one day develop such powers as you display?" I wondered aloud.

"In time, yes; and likely more quickly than you would imagine. Age has made my blood potent; you are bound to become very strong..." He kissed my earlobe and withdrew his arms from about me. "Are you ready, love, to meet the others?"

I slid from the altar and stood, turning to face him. "Yes," I answered solemnly; then paused. "And...I think that I should like to be the God of Justice."

He lifted an inquiring eyebrow in the most endearing manner. "Justice?"

" feels right, given my family history; (3) and who better to serve as your companion? For in death, do we not all find our ultimate justice?"

He smiled and leapt down from the altar himself. "You are remarkably insightful, my little one. Justice you shall be, then." He swept me into his arms and kissed me soundly, leaving my head dizzy and my knees weak.

"Master Death," I breathed when he let up at last. His lilac eyes smiled down at me, and I again tried the name he had given me. " life, my mind, my body, my heart--they are all devoted to you, for eternity..." The moment seemed right for such a declaration; I held his gaze unwaveringly and reached up to caress his face. "I love you..."

I could have died for such a smile as he gave me then. "I love you, as well..." He kissed me again, long and lingering. "My precious Wufei," he whispered, his lips barely brushing mine as he spoke. "You are my heart, my mortal love reborn my immortal companion..."

"And the loneliness which has dogged you through the ages shall never again be yours," I vowed quietly.

"Never," he agreed; then, as his mouth captured mine once more, we faded silently from the mortal plane...


(1) 3x1 fans and anyone interested in the lemony goodness of how Heero joined the Order of Shinigami can find a TJ/Inyx RPG on the subject at in the Members Only section under Raw Access. There also you can find the RPG for the middle of this fic. If you're not already a member, you can find instructions for joining at the site...
(2) Y'know...come to think of it, I nicked that line from an 'Interview With the Vampire' movie poster...ah well. It fits and I like it...
(3) Wu's family history--again, it's laid out a little more in the 3x1 RPG mentioned above. Basically Heero--Wu's father--joined the Order after seeking justice through vengeance upon them for evils done by his father in their name. He discovered through Trowa that justice had already been fully served in his father's death and he could best ensure future justice for his family name by joining the Order himself. Or something like that. ^_^'
Beg: 11/12/02
End: 4/24/03

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