Pairing: 2x5x2
Rating: Mostly NC-17/PWP
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is created by Hajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino, copyrighted by Sunrise/SOTSU Agency, and distributed by Bandai entertainment. In other words, I'm merely playing with the boys for the entertainment of myself and hopefully others; in so doing I mean no disrespect or copyright infringement.
Title Credit: Alice Cooper, "Dirty Dreams," _Hey Stoopid_, 1991
Comments: This is honestly a PWP; I got carried away and had to break it into parts `cause it got so long, but there's really no point to it except getting `Fei & Duo in bed together.
Duo: That's plot enough for me!
Wufei: Nor am I complaining.
Of course you're not. This fic contains language, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, lime, teasing, more lime, more teasing, lemon, still more teasing, more lemon, a hockey game, a crappy music video, and an accidental overuse of the word `delicious.' Still with us? Read on. And please let me know what you think! All feedback is welcome -- craved, in fact.
By TJ Dragonblade

Dirty Dreams + Part I

Wufei was reading in the living room when Duo got home. Trowa and Quatre had each gone to bed some time ago, and Heero had just retired after watching the late news; so the Chinese boy was the only one awake when Duo bounced in the door, fresh from dancing at the nightclub and hyper as ever.

"Hey, Wu-man! What's up?" the braided boy greeted him cheerfully, throwing himself down on the couch across from Wufei and grabbing the remote.

"Hello, Duo," he returned evenly, barely glancing up. He knew from past experience that the American would be dressed to kill and absolutely stunning. He didn't need to get caught staring -- again. Once had been bad enough, Duo's big violet eyes fixed on him, that tempting little mouth curving into a slow grin as Wufei stammered out some half-assed apologetic explanation. Duo had laughed it off with his usual flippancy -- "Don't worry `bout it, Wu, I'm too sexy for my own good" -- and, oddly enough, hadn't mentioned it again. Wufei had fully expected the American to tease him relentlessly for at least a week; he was extremely grateful that the boy had apparently finally developed a modicum of tact. His secret would be safe awhile longer, it seemed.

Wufei was none too eager for his fellow Gundam pilots to discover that in bed as well as in battle he preferred the company of men. Or boys, as it were. He'd suffered enough rejection in his short life; and even though these four who had become his friends might accept his differences, he wasn't willing to take that chance. He didn't need them getting edgy and nervous around him, wondering if he was thinking of them THAT way.

Especially since he was attracted to one of them. He definitely did not want to reveal his near-obsessive fascination for a certain braided baka who'd made a habit of brightening all their lives.

So he kept his eyes to himself as Duo settled in and flipped on the TV, tuning immediately to some obnoxious pop music channel. Wufei, already adept at tuning out distractions such as television while he read, proceeded to do exactly that. Duo's voice drew him back a second later.

"Man, modern music has really gone to crap," the American lamented, watching in dismay as a scrawny blonde girl who couldn't have been more than twelve pranced across the screen in a halter-top and miniskirt, lip-synching into a decorative head mic as she stiffly followed a painfully over-choreographed dance routine. The pre- recorded voice sounded hollow and reedy, undeveloped; the whole thing was a sorry display of over-produced commercialism and an apparent mass-flirtation with pedophilia.

"This is just sad," Duo commented, continuing to watch nonetheless.

"Then why are your eyes riveted to the screen?" Wufei asked mildly, turning his page.

"Morbid fascination," the braided boy replied. "And it's disturbingly hypnotic." He finally changed the channel, idly flipping through several more, searching for something interesting. "Man, there's nothing on!" he exclaimed after a moment, still switching stations.

"So turn it off," Wufei replied calmly, still intent on his book. Duo ignored him and kept searching, finally settling on something or other.

It was several minutes before the bland voice of a narrator registered in Wufei's brain and he realized that the boy had left it on one of the nature channels. Not only that; he'd left it there a good fifteen minutes or more, during which he hadn't said a word. Duo had to be either asleep or very, very bored.

"'The migratory habits of Canadian geese?'" Wufei repeated incredulously, finally looking up. His face softened. Duo was indeed asleep, one arm behind his head, the other hanging off the side of the couch, remote sliding from his limp grasp to hit the floor with a soft clunk.

Wufei smiled. The boy looked absolutely precious in his sleep; his secret admirer decided to take the opportunity to do just that -- admire. In secret.

Closing the book in his lap, he leaned over far enough to switch off the neglected television and rested his chin on his hand as he folded his legs into the armchair beneath him. Then he simply sat that way for a long moment, savoring the rare sight of his sleeping obsession.

Duo's legs were crossed at the ankle, feet still shod in his usual low black boots. Wufei let his gaze wander over those legs, so gloriously long and slender; by all rights they should have belonged to someone much taller. Perhaps he'd grow into them one day. Tonight they were temptingly clad in soft clinging black leather that flowed smoothly over his calves and his lean-muscled thighs, caressing his hips, ending just a little lower on his waist than was really necessary. He was laying on his back, and the cut and fit of the leather left very little to the imagination. Wufei felt his face growing warmer as his eyes lingered on Duo's package and his thoughts turned decidedly naughtier. Oh, the things he wanted to do to that boy...

He shook himself slightly to clear his mind and resumed a less lustful appreciation of the sight before him. Duo's shirt was a thin drapery of pale blue silk, just short enough to provide teasing glimpses of his midriff when he moved. With his arm stretched behind his head as it was now, the view was even better -- his lean, taut abdomen beautifully displayed. He was still wearing the motorcycle jacket he'd ridden home in; the black color set off the creaminess of his skin to perfection. The trademark braid tumbled from beneath him, hanging nearly to the floor beside his arm, glinting reddish- gold in the overhead light. Wufei itched to unravel it, comb through it, just to feel it; it was truly a shame Duo never wore it down. Then again with that much hair, wearing it down became somewhat impractical -- particularly when he was likely to be called into battle at any time. And since that was the case, why did he keep it so long in the first place... ?

Wufei dismissed his contemplation of Duo's hair and turned his attention instead to the face that haunted his dreams. Even without the lively violet of his eyes, that baby face of Duo's was simply beautiful. Soft spikes of chunky bangs fell over his forehead, brushing the very tip of his little snub nose, framing his closed eyelids and nearly hiding his slender brows. Dark lashes curled lightly against the curve of his cheek; a faint pink flush was visible just under the alabaster skin. His lips were a softly carved line above his rounded chin; as Wufei watched, those lips parted moistly and a sigh escaped between them.

Duo shifted in his sleep, his arm sliding down to drape across his stomach. Deprived of its support, his head tilted slightly to one side, turning his face more fully towards Wufei. The movement served to show off the white arch of his neck as it disappeared beneath the collar of his jacket. Wufei sighed, drinking in the sight of him; the boy was absolutely breathtaking.

As he continued staring, he was a little surprised to observe a deeper flush beginning to spread over Duo's face. Allowing his eyes to wander back down the other pilot's body, he was somewhat aroused to discover that the leather of Duo's pants seemed to have grown tighter across his groin. Apparently the boy was dreaming. And it looked like one of those dreams.

Wufei swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. This was supposed to be innocent Duo-watching; self-indulgent and admittedly a trifle silly, but innocent. Perhaps it was time to leave.

Duo shifted again, one leg sliding off the couch halfway, his hand splaying over his abdomen. "Mmmm, `Fei," he murmured, still asleep, a tiny smile curving his lips.

Wufei blinked. Faye? Who was Faye? Probably some girl Duo'd met out dancing tonight, he reasoned.

It briefly occurred to him that Duo had truncated his name to `Fei on occasion; he dismissed the thought before it fully materialized. It was ridiculous to think that Duo might be dreaming of him. The violet-eyed pilot was so obviously a ladies' man -- er, boy. Well, whatever.

It was definitely time to leave.

Wufei grabbed his book and unfolded himself from the chair. His body was responding quite distinctly to the sight of Duo in this state; it was becoming a little too pleasantly uncomfortable. He stood quickly and crossed the small room, but Duo's voice halted him before he made it through the doorway into the hall that led to the bedrooms.

"Ohh... don't stop," the braided boy mumbled, still caught up in his dream.

Wufei's breath lodged in his throat at the sound of desire in that voice; how many times had he imagined hearing that tone, those words, meant for him? Hesitating in the doorway at the end of the couch, he slowly turned to look at Duo again, ignoring the voice in his head as it told him he didn't need to see this, keep walking, leave, go on...

A tiny gasp escaped him, eyes widening at what he saw. Duo's hand had strayed down from his stomach fingers playing slowly over the by-now-obvious bulge in the front of his pants. His lips were slightly parted, and his breathing had grown heavier. Wufei just stared, his own breathing shallow, tight heat flooding his loins. The sight was just so damned erotic; this was going to shape his dreams tonight for certain. He barely repressed a soft groan as he watched Duo cup himself and squeeze gently, hips pushing back into the press of that hand. The braided pilot moaned in his sleep, low and throaty, and Wufei shuddered at the sound.


His forgotten book slid from his nerveless fingers, startling him as it hit the floor. The sound was surprisingly loud. Too loud, in fact -- Duo jerked awake, his eyes snapping open blindly.

Zao gao! (1)

Wufei dove into the hallway, barely managing to kick his book under the end table as he did so. He scrambled up and sprinted to his bedroom, praying that Duo hadn't seen him. Heart pounding madly in his chest, he locked his door with trembling hands and leaned back against it, waiting.

A long moment passed; when Duo didn't come pounding on the door demanding to know why Wufei had been watching him, the black- haired pilot dared to let out the breath he'd been holding. A moment later, he heard the boy entering the adjacent bedroom and sagged against the wood at his back, limp with relief. His breath was shaky as he stepped over and quietly closed the door to the bathroom that joined this room to Duo's.

The image of the other pilot swept up in an erotic dream was still fresh in his mind; combined with the adrenaline of nearly having been caught watching, that image had him ready to burst. Uncontrollable need coursed through his trembling body; surrendering to the inevitable, he stripped off his clothing and threw himself on the bed. Calling up his fantasies, he let them flood his senses, breathless as he took hold of his aching erection, desperately in need of release.


Duo was snapped from his dream quite suddenly by a loud, sharp noise. He hadn't even realized he'd fallen asleep. Last he remembered, he'd given up hope of finding anything good on TV and turned instead to sneaking glimpses of Wufei across the little room, admiring that lovely night-dark head bent intently over whatever book the boy was reading. He'd obviously drifted off; the next thing he knew, he'd been alone at the club, dancing by himself on the empty floor as a sinuous melody played from the deserted DJ booth. He'd lost himself in the seductive music; after a moment, someone had come up behind him and gently pushed his braid over one shoulder. The mirrored walls had shown him Wufei, hair loose in a careless frame about his face, his manner of dress inviting lengthy contemplation of what lay barely concealed beneath. The Chinese boy had slid his arms around Duo's shoulders, his body pressing close against the braided boy's as naturally as if they did this all the time, mouth touching just below one delicate ivory ear. His hands had smoothed down over Duo's chest, caressing his stomach beneath the hem of his shirt and settling on his hips as they swayed together to the throbbing rhythm. Duo had twined one arm behind Wufei's head, leaning into him as Wufei's lips grazed down the back of his bared neck, nibbling lightly, sucking gently.

"Mmmm, `Fei," he'd breathed, arching his neck into those feathery kisses and grinding his hips back into the other boy's. Wufei had growled softly deep in his throat, hands roaming over Duo's stomach again.

"You're too damn sexy, Duo," he'd purred into the braided pilot's ear, deftly unbuttoning the black pants as he spoke and slowly drawing the zipper down. "You make me absolutely crazy, every time I see you... " Slender fingers had slid into the now-open leather, closing around Duo's heat as the silken voice whispered, "I want you, so badly... "

Duo had moaned softly, eyes closing at that intimate touch. "Don't stop," he'd murmured, his hips moving in time with the music, in synch with Wufei's slow, rhythmic strokes. He'd arched his head back over the other boy's shoulder, shivers of fire pouring through him as Wufei's free hand slid up beneath his shirt, gliding softly over his abdomen, his chest, brushing against his stiff nipples. He'd moaned again, heavier this time, the sound languid and full of desire as he thrust harder against the other boy's grip. He'd twisted his neck, breath catching in his throat as Wufei managed somehow to kiss him from such an awkward angle. The heat of that mouth closing over his had been exquisite, flooding through him as their tongues met.

And then suddenly he'd been snapped awake, gasping with the after effects of his dream, heart pounding madly as he jolted back to reality.

And he could have sworn, as his breathing calmed, that he heard someone running down the hall.

Wufei was no longer sitting across from him.

Duo shook his head and slumped back against the couch. Man, that dream...

He'd been attracted to Wufei for some time now. He'd originally had his eye on Heero -- the boy was gorgeous, after all; but it quickly became obvious to him that the Perfect Soldier was perfectly straight. And perfectly dull to boot. He made a good comrade and almost-friend; but Duo had found him far too stony to merit anything deeper. He couldn't say what had so charmed Relena; he wished her luck in finding it again. Heero was a very closed individual.

Wufei was also intensely private; unlike Heero, he seemed far more willing to unlock a little. Where Wing's pilot was a rock, immovable and unflinching, the pilot who called his Gundam Nataku was more a still dark pool -- placid, secretive, yet enticingly explorable. And while his beauty was not so immediately apparent as Heero's; once recognized, it was simply impossible to ignore.

Duo sighed, an image of that intoxicating beauty rising unbidden to his mind's eye. Unlike Heero, who appeared thoroughly mixed although he was Japanese, Wufei presented a completely exotic appearance -- the pale golden hue of his skin; the inky raven sheen of his hair; the impossibly dark blackness of his lovely, hypnotic eyes; those perfect cheekbones, that utterly kissable mouth... oh, lord, his mouth. So unbelievably gorgeous. The sensual curve of those full, pouty lips -- Duo was willing to bet they tasted wonderful. He was looking for an opportunity to find out.

He'd had his suspicions about Wufei's preferences from the start. He was generally pretty good about figuring which way a person went; but Wufei was more than adept at keeping anything and everything private. Duo had been watching for any clues that might back up his intuition.

He'd gotten such a clue one night a couple of weeks ago. He'd been out dancing again, hitting the clubs and leaving (as usual) before too many Ozzies showed up. After all, his recreations couldn't be allowed to jeopardize the missions. Consequently, Wufei at least would usually still be up when he got back.

On the occasion in question, Duo had been extremely hungry when he got home and had headed straight to the kitchen. He'd been bent over, rummaging around the bottom of the fridge when someone had entered the room behind him. He'd moved aside a dish of leftover something-or-other before glancing over to see Wufei.

The boy had been stopped dead in the doorway, mouth slightly open, unaware that Duo was looking back at him. Duo had grinned as he realized Wu was staring at him, specifically at his tightly leather-clad butt. He'd affected not to notice, dawdling in the fridge a moment longer, purposely now giving his fellow pilot an eyeful. At last he'd straightened up, cold pasta in hand, and shut the refrigerator.

Wufei had still been staring, still one step removed from reality, black eyes raking hungrily over Duo's form. Unable to keep from smiling, Duo had cocked one hip and rested his hand on it, tilting his head to the side as he asked impishly, "So, Wu-man, ya like whatcha see?"

Wufei had started violently and Duo had barely held back a laugh, his grin broadening as a deep flush washed instantly over the other boy's face. "Duo! Uh... I'm sorry... I... I'm -- I've never... never seen you dr-dressed like that before! I didn't mean to stare!" Wufei's eyes had been huge, his entire body radiating alarmed embarrassment.

Duo had hardly believed what he'd just heard. Wufei, stammering, at a loss for words? Really, though, the Chinese pilot had been simply adorable in that second, wide-eyed and blushing as he was. Though adorable was not a word Duo would ever used to his face -- he did want to live to be sixteen, after all.

"Don't worry `bout it, Wu," he'd said, laughing lightly and ignoring the lameness of the explanation. "I'm too sexy for my own good." And he'd left it at that.

Wufei had vanished from the doorway, obviously abandoning whatever reason he'd had for coming to the kitchen in the first place.

Duo hadn't mentioned the incident again. He'd seen that it had obviously embarrassed the hell out of Wu. And in analyzing the boy's reaction, he'd come to the conclusion that in general, Wufei was attracted to guys; specifically, that he seemed to be attracted to Duo. That fact appeared to make him uncomfortable; Duo had decided that he was going to see if he couldn't help Wu feel a little less skittish about it. He just needed amore definite indication that his conclusions were correct before he tried something that could end up embarrassing them both.

Duo sighed as he stood up from the couch, wondering how long ago Wufei had left the room, wondering really if the boy had witnessed any of the last few minutes before he'd woken up. He knew he was an active dreamer -- Heero had told him so on many occasions when they'd roomed together. And judging by the way he felt at the moment, he'd been rather... involved in the dream he'd been having. His mouth twisted up in a little hentai grin at the thought of Wufei watching him have that dream, hearing and seeing whatever may have accompanied it... but no. Wu was probably long gone by the time that had started.

Then again, hadn't he heard someone in the hall when he woke up? And...

Wasn't that Wufei's book on the floor, mostly hidden under the end table? Rather a strange place for the boy to leave it, certainly. Come to think of it, that book hitting the floor might make just the sort of noise that had woken him up... ah well. Time for bed.

Duo sighed again as he passed Wufei's door and entered his own room. He was eager to get out of these damn pants. Sure, they looked great; but that accursedly delicious dream had left them uncomfortably tight. He hung his jacked on the bedpost and stripped off his shirt, dropping it unceremoniously on the floor as he crossed to the bathroom he shared with Wufei. A quick shower and he'd go to bed. Maybe he'd leave the leather pants hanging on the towel bar, just to annoy Wu as well as remind him of whatever he may or may not have seen tonight...

Duo stopped as he entered the little room. He had just heard a soft yet distinct noise from next door that sounded suspiciously like a gasping moan of pleasure. Or pain, he reminded himself. It could have been pain... and if it was, well, he really ought to check and see if his fellow pilot was alright.

At least, that was the justification his little hentai mind offered him as he silently cracked open the adjoining door and peeked into Wufei's darkened room.

Holy shit.

No, no. Not pain at all.

Duo froze behind the door, fixed to the spot by the sight before him.

Moonlight spilled across the bed from uncurtained windows like an eerie spotlight, highlighting everything it touched with a pale bluish-silver tint. Caught in its center was Wufei, completely naked, skin almost glowing in the ethereal light. And yes, those soft moaning sounds were coming from him, his head thrown back against the pillows, body writhing helplessly beneath the pleasure of his own touch. His voice was very faint, but Duo could just make out the words that passed his lips: "Duo... Duo... please... "

Duo closed the door carefully, making sure it clicked into place silently, and locked it. He was trembling a little.

Dammit, these pants were coming off right now.

His mind was reeling as he turned on the shower and stepped under the warm spray. What clearer sign could he ask for? Wufei definitely wanted him -- he wouldn't be in the next room moaning Duo's name as he pleasured himself if he didn't.

The question now became, What was Duo going to do about it? He let his thoughts run wild as the water ran over him, let his mind wander back to the sight he'd just seen, back farther into the dream he'd been having. Deliciously aroused by the fact that the star of his fantasies was in the next room doing the very same thing, he let himself finish what the dream had begun.

The perfect plan came right after he did.


(1) zao gao: mandarin equivalent of kuso (I think); damn, darn, shit, etc.

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