By TJ Dragonblade
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Dirty Dreams + Part 2

Wufei was well on his way to a hormonal meltdown, and it was all Duo Maxwell's fault. Damn it, just seeing the boy at the dinner table, in the hall, in the living room, anywhere, was enough to make him uncomfortably hard anytime throughout the day. He'd been... er, relieving stress(1) incessantly in the week since he'd ended up seeing Duo's little dream on the couch; it just wasn't enough anymore. He wanted the real thing. But that was *not* going to happen.

Still, it was practically all he could think about. Not even reading could take his mind completely away. So tonight he was trying something different.

He was watching a hockey game. First time ever. He didn't quite grasp all the rules; concentrating on figuring them out gave his mind something to keep it sufficiently engaged instead of being constantly preoccupied with Duo. His experiment was a fair success, it seemed. Until...

"Whoa, `Fei! I didn't know you liked hockey!"

Speak of the devil. Or think of, rather. The wet dream himself sauntered into the room and folded into a careless long- legged heap on the opposite end of the couch. "Oooohh, the L2 regional play-offs! My team's playing!" Duo leaned forward excitedly, eyes on the game.(2) "Who ya cheerin' on, Wu-man?"

"Neither," Wufei admitted, resisting the temptation to lok over at his fellow pilot. "This is the first game I've ever seen."

Damn it, why did Duo always have to seek out his company? Not that he minded, truly; but the way his self-control was slipping lately, he needed time without his obsession to fully rebuild it. At the same time, he wanted to spend every waking moment in Duo's presence just for the sake of being near him. The contradiction was wearing him down, slowly but surely.

"First game, huh? What caught your interest?"

Wufei shrugged. "It's something different." Sensible nature lost out to libido and he glanced over at Duo. He immediately wished he hadn't.

Damn him anyway, the boy was hardly even dressed. He was wearing black satin pajamas; they were far too short to hide any of his splendid legs and he hadn't even bothered to button up the shirt. Most of his body was on display.

Wufei groaned mentally and forcefully redirected his attention. "What does `off sides' mean? All the players are all over the floor except the two in the nets; how can they tell?"

"It's when an offensive player enters the defensive end before the puck does," Duo answered matter-of-factly, eyes still fixed on the screen, darting back and forth as the action progressed. Okay, this might work. Talk about the game. Learn something, however trivial and insignificant. Wufei snatched at the opportunity. Anything to keep from ogling the boy beside him and giving himself away. He pulled out another term he hadn't quite fully understood. "What about `icing'?"

"That's when they slap the puck to the other end of the arena but no one's there to catch the pass and the other team touches it first." Duo suddenly whooped and stabbed both fists into the air. "Goal! Yes!"

Wufei took note. The home team seemed to be Duo's team; they were now ahead three to one and just a little more than halfway through the third and final period. "They don't score much in this game," he observed doubtfully as the multiple-angle instant replays began.

"Nope. That's what makes it so exciting." Duo gestured at the replay. "Didja see that, Wu? That was perfect!"

Apparently the goal had been very well executed. Wufei frowned slightly as the announcer threw out another strange phrase. "What's a `hat trick'?"(3)

Duo laughed and gestured at the screen again as the goal shot was shown from yet another angle. "That, Wu-man. That's a classic example."

Wufei's frown deepened. "I thought that was called making a goal."

Duo laughed again and leaned over just far enough to punch him lightly in the arm. "No, Wu, it's the way he made the goal." One quick explanation and a commercial break later, the game resumed; within the hour, it was over. Duo's team won, prompting a victorious shout of "Yes!" from the braided boy. When Wufei reminded him that the others were asleep, he flopped back onto the couch, one foot on the floor and the other knee drawn up as he slouched down comfortably. "Now that was a great game," he sighed, sounding as perfectly pleased as if he'd made the winning shot himself. "So whadja think, Wu?"

"It was interesting," Wufei conceded as the post-game show began. Interesting enough to keep his mind where it should be, anyway. Duo's presence was not quite so distracting anymore.

"Very," Duo agreed, slouching a little more. "Next time I'll have to watch the whole thing with ya." Wufei just nodded, most of his attention still on the post-game commentary.

Uncharacteristically, Duo stopped talking after that; engrossed as he was in ignoring the boy, it was several minutes before Wufei realized that he had fallen asleep.

And suddenly the sportscasters' chatter was not quite distracting enough. The black-eyed boy sighed heavily. "Why doesn't he go to his bedroom before he crashes?" he muttered to himself. He tried to return his attention to the television, but his resolve was crumbling. Duo was asleep, after all; he wouldn't know his fellow pilot was devouring the sight of him. And he was tired of concentrating on not seeing Duo. He was going to dream about the boy anyway; why not provide fresh imagery?

Vaguely he registered in the back of his mind that it was rather odd for Duo to have fallen asleep so quickly. Perhaps he was faking it. But why would he be doing that? No, there was no reason to be so paranoid. Duo had just dropped off suddenly, much like he had last week. And like last week, Wufei was on hand to observe. This time proved to be a little more exciting. Duo was so much closer, after all, and so... so very nearly naked. Those shorts were so short he was practically flashing Wufei, slouched down with his knee up like that. And --

Dear gods, the boy was visibly hard underneath the thin black cloth. Did he have nothing but erotic dreams?

Wufei sat still for a moment, watching with anticipation as Duo shifted against the couch and slid a hond down to his groin, bringing a low sigh from his sleeping throat. The Chinese boy wrapped his arms around himself, quelling the urge to reach over and stroke his fingertips down the ivory leg so close to him. No telling what might wake Duo at this point.

And really, his conscience interjected, that meant he ought to leave. Duo would, in all likelihood, be terribly mortified to wake in the middle of that sort of dream to find Wufei in the room with him.

It wasn't honorable to stay and watch like this. But the sight of him in this state was so appealing... Wufei argued with himself for a moment, libido and that pesky conscience vying for control; ultimately, the libido was suppressed again.

Reluctantly, then, he slid carefully off of the couch, standing slowly and silently. He stole one last glance at the object of his affections as Duo squirmed against his own grip and moaned softly; Wufei shivered at that sound and resolutely left the room.

Too late, though. Duo's voice rose behind him.

"Wu... Wufei... oh, GOD -- "

Wufei froze. No. It couldn't be. It just wasn't possible. The tone of that voice was so heavy with lust, with passion; it was simply inconceivable that Duo had really just moaned his name. He must have heard wrong. Yet it had sounded so clear...

Slowly, disbelieving, he turned and ventured back into the room, just barely. What he saw made his knees go suddenly weak; he grabbed at the doorframe for support.

Honor be damned. This was impossible to ignore. Duo was still asleep and deep in the grip of his fantasy -- head tilted back, mouth slightly open, one arm thrown over his eyes. But what had so fully captured Wufei's attention was the fact that Duo had pulled himself out of his shorts and was now stroking freely up and down his rigid shaft, hips pumping slightly with the motion. It looked... delicious was really the only word.

Wufei stared in helpless worship at the sight before him, arousal rapidly suffusing his body. What he wouldn't give to touch the boy like that, to taste him, to take him...

Duo moaned again, breath hitching in his throat, more words tumbling from his unconscious lips. "God, I want you---ooooohhh, Wufeeeiii... "

"Oh, gods," Wufei whispered weakly, one trembling hand dropping mindlessly to his own now-throbbing member. There was no mistaking that.

Duo was definitely dreaming of him.

Duo fought to keep the triumphant smirk from his face as he observed Wufei's surrender. The arm thrown over his eyes shadowed them just enough, allowing him to open them to slits. He had only done so when he felt Wufei leave the couch; his plan was no fun if Wu didn't stay for the show.

So he'd turned it up a notch or two, dropping Wufei's name on a heated moan and exposing himself for good measure. He'd been unable to resist carefully looking to make sure his prey took the bait. The look on Wu's face when he came back was priceless and oh- so-arousing; Duo had used his name again to make sure he was hooked. Wufei's hand settling over his groin assured the braided boy that his chosen victim wasn't going anywhere now.

Duo sank back into his little exhibition, determined to make the most of his admirer's attention now that he had it. He stroked himself firmly, back arching helplessly as pure pleasure lanced through his veins. This was just too good, too intense, laying here driving his own need higher while watching as Wufei stood by fondling himself to the sight. He wasn't going to last much longer like this. And `Fei was staring at him with such a hungry look in those gorgeous dark eyes... his hand tightened and he gasped, squirming into the couch cushions and letting loose with breathless moans as he felt himself nearing his pinnacle. God, he was going to come and Wufei was going to see it...

That thought proved to be too much. Duo gasped again as his orgasm his and cried out softly, warm sticky fluid spilling over his hand. "God YES Wufei!"

A strangled groan and a curse muttered in Chinese answered him followed by the sound of Wufei's footsteps hurrying way down the hall.

Duo dropped the arm from his face and finally let his grin break through, sighing deeply. That had been incredible, better even than he'd imagined last week. And now, having engaged in this experiment, he was almost certain Wufei wouldn't reject him if he tried coming on to the boy.

"Who knew I was such an exhibitionist?" he murmured to himself, grabbing a wad of tissues from the box on the end table and cleaning up. He rearranged his shorts properly and stood, stretching a kink out of his back as he yawned. "Time for bed," he mumbled, turning off the TV. "I'll seduce him tomorrow night, and see where it goes from there... " He grinned again. "Wonder what he's doing now... "

Actually, Duo had a fairly good idea of what his shy little love interest was doing; he knew what he'd be doing, anyway, if their roles had been reversed. The temptation to see if his suspicions were correct proved too much to resist as he reached his room. A twinge of guilt surfaced as he entered the bathroom and silently turned the knob of Wufei's door; really, though, he rationalized, it was only fair. The Chinese boy had gotten quite a show; now it was Duo's turn. He cracked the door open and peered through carefully.

He wasn't disappointed. Wufei was kneeling on the end of his bed, bathed in the silvery spotlight of the moon, the distinctly muscular lines of his nude body perfectly accented by its glow. He was leaning slightly forward, head tipped down, left hand gripping the foot rail, the other pumping rapidly over the length of his shaft. He was obviously taking great pains to be quiet, but his soft gasping breaths and low moans were clearly audible in the silence of the room. Duo's name was whispered repeatedly; Duo found himself easily aroused again by the sound of it. He watched and listened with bated breath as Wufei tossed his head back, those full lips parting slightly as he gasped again and moaned something new. "Duo I need you... fuck me, please -- "

Behind the bathroom door, Duo's eyes widened in surprise. He hadn't thought that word was even part of the Chinese boy's vocabulary. He dropped one hand to his renewed hard-on, rubbing gently to assuage the need. It felt deliciously naughty to be doing so while spying on his secret crush.

Wufei fell forward against the bed post, catching his weight on one shoulder as the hand that had gripped the rail slid over his body and behind him. Duo barely stifled his own heated groan as he watched the boy do to himself what he'd begged of his imaginary lover. The braided pilot was mightily tempted to announce his presence, take over Wufei's task, and finish it properly. He realized, though, that revealing himself now would only serve to embarrass Wu terribly and very likely make him withdraw from Duo completely. So he held his place, working himself hotter as Wufei drew closer to the edge.

Very shortly, the boy in the other room let out a low, strangled cry and threw his head back, his perfect body tense and trembling as he found his release. Duo watched, breathless and enraptured as Wufei fell back limply onto the bed, completely spent. The Chinese boy breathed his name one last time; the note of loneliness and longing in his tone was so acute that Duo very nearly went to him. He restrained himself at the last second, silently closing the door that hid him and vowing that this secret voyeurism would end tomorrow night.

Retreating to his own room, he quickly satisfied his body's demands a second time before falling into a deep slumber laced through with visions of a certain Chinese beauty.

The next evening, Heero was watching the news and Wufei was curled into his chair reading when Duo entered the main living room of the safe house.

"Hey Heero, Wu-man!" he greeted brightly, settling on the opposite end of the couch from the Wing pilot. He gestured at the screen. "Anything important goin' on?"

"Not yet," Heero answered without looking at him. Duo took advantage of that fact to casually rearrange his open pajama top to cover himself a little better. No need to display his body to Heero, after all. That fascination was over and done with. He stole a glance at Wufei, knowing that the boy was probably listening to the news with one half of his mind and absorbing his reading with the other even though he appeared to be completely engrossed in his book. The Nataku pilot was talented that way.

And he looked absolutely perfect this evening, long red silk pajamas of a distinctly Eastern cut draped over his compact, slender frame, one strand of his hair miraculously worked our of his severe ponytail and curving delicately along the side of his face, lips moving ever so slightly as his eyes moved down the page. Duo nearly sighed aloud. The boy really was stunningly beautiful.

Deathscythe's pilot did his best not to fidget impatiently as the newscast droned on. It was difficult to pay full attention to the run-down of current events; he wanted the program over and Heero gone. Tonight he was making his move on Wufei; just thinking about it made him nervous. Waiting like this made it worse. When the news anchors finally signed off, Heero stood and tossed the remote to Duo. "All yours," he said shortly and left the room.

Duo swallowed nervously and slouched into a comfortable position, letting his clothing fall open again as he did so. He switched the TV channel to something he might normally watch, but his eyes were fixed on Wufei. No reason to worry, he assured himself. He'd been there last night, seen how badly Wu wanted him. There was no reason to be afraid the boy would reject his advances. Just play like he had the previous evening, drawing the other pilot into a state of arousal before revealing that he wasn't asleep, and let things progress from there.

Duo sighed and let his eyes slide shut. Time to start the game.


(1) Can you say whacking off?
Wufei: I could, but it's just so uncouth...
Duo: Prude
Wufei: I beg your pardon? I most certainly am *not*.
Duo: (smirking) Prove it.
Wufei: (smirking back) Gladly.
They'll be busy for awhile...
(2) I can't shake the notion of Duo as a hockey fan. They just go together, somehow...
Wufei: Perhaps because they're both loud, rowdy and obnoxious?
Duo: Oi!!
(3) I still don't have that one quite figured out. Anyone wanna explain it to me?

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