By TJ Dragonblade

Okay, this part has very little besides the full-blown lemon stuff and it's really, really long. What can I say? I like details (blushing profusely). And I was still tripping on the footnotes, too.

Dirty Dreams + Part 3

Mentally, Chang Wufei had had a very difficult day. His first thought upon waking was of Duo; curiosities and uncertainties regarding the boy had flooded his mind and plagued him all morning and into the afternoon. Duo had cried out his name as he came in his sleep; did it truly mean something or was it merely a dream and nothing more?

Did Duo want him?

That was really the crux of it all. Was Duo actually gay, after all, and interested in Wufei? The Chinese boy couldn't bring himself to fully believe it. He didn't know what he'd do if it was the truth, anyway.

Duo's appearance near the end of breakfast, tousled and yawning, did nothing to ease his mind. He was still wearing those too-short pajamas; Wufei could not look at him without seeing him again as he'd looked last night, that baby face flushed with passion, his sinewy body writhing in ecstasy as it overflowed. The Chinese boy found it exceedingly difficult to keep the heated flush from his own face; he finished eating rather more quickly than normal and excused himself hurriedly.

He had carefully managed to avoid Duo all day.

His uncertainty continued to drive him mad, convincing him to make an appearance in the living room by evening time. He could pretend to read, and maybe Duo would show up like he had last night. Perhaps he'd sleep again, and then maybe he'd dream and Wufei might get a better idea of what, if anything, the boy's dreams meant.

Rationally, he knew it was a thin excuse for the hope of another chance to watch Duo sleep and all that that might entail; he ignored the little nagging voice of reason as he settled into the armchair. He was, after all, a fifteen-year-old boy, complete with the rampant hormones so prevalent at that age. Heero showed up moments later and turned on the news; sure enough, Duo wandered in shortly after.

Wufei focused his attention on his book, reading several pages without absorbing anything, his heart pounding a little too rapidly as he prayed that Duo would sleep, would dream. He was barely aware of the newscast ending and Heero leaving but somehow he noticed when Duo drifted off. Silently thanking the gods he didn't really believe in, he quietly shut his book and leaned forward a little. He was no longer worried about Duo waking up to find himself being watched. If it happened and the baka was embarrassed, he might sleep in his room from now on and spare Wufei this sweet torture. And if he wasn't embarrassed and truly was dreaming of the Chinese pilot... well, who knew what would happen. Wufei wouldn't let himself think about it.

Shortly thereafter, Duo sighed and softly murmured something that sounded like "Touch me". Wufei took note of the rising peak in the black satin shorts and again thanked whoever had answered his prayers. He watched avidly as Duo's hands roamed lightly over his bare chest, brushing the little pink nipples to hardness before sliding down along his stomach and lower. The Chinese boy made no effort to quash his body's response to the sight, knowing he'd have to leave sooner or later to take care of that anyway. He shivered as Duo moaned, then started as his name followed the sound.

So Duo's dirty dreams were still about him, and the boy might very well want him after all. Wufei closed his eyes briefly, thrilling to the possibility but disbelieving still. Unconsciously, his hand began wandering toward his groin as Duo spoke again, voice low and tight with desire.

"Ohhh, yeah... Wufei... mmm... " Abruptly the boy's tone changed. "Hey, Wufei... "

Wufei's heart lurched -- that last had sounded very much like Duo was awake. His eyes flew open; he was stunned and dismayed to see the braided boy's violet gaze fixed squarely on him. K'so. Zao gao. Oh, shit. It was one thing to tell himself he didn't care if Duo woke up and quite another to suddenly have it happen, especially when Duo didn't look the least bit embarrassed. Wufei was frozen in place, fighting back the mortified panic flooding through him.

Duo was still staring at him, still lightly caressing himself; his smile was positively wicked as he spoke again. "Whatcha waitin' for, Wu, a red-carpet invitation?"

Wufei's brain shut down completely, then restarted abruptly. This just couldn't be happening.

"This cannot be happening... " He didn't realize he'd spoken aloud until Duo's rich laughter sounded in his ears.

"Oh, it's happening, Wu-baby. Believe it." He sat up slowly, eyes still fixed on Wufei. "I'm tired of waiting, watching, hoping... " He slid out of the pajama shirt easily and stood, crossing the room as he spoke. "I'm here. You're here. And I want you."

Wufei shrank back reflexively as Duo leaned down, hands bracing on either armrest for support and effectively trapping him in the chair. He barely bit back a yelp of surprise as Duo's knee slid between his thighs, coming to rest just short of his now-painfully- hard arousal.

"Duo -- " He choked on the other pilot's name as that knee nudged forward gently. He tried to squirm backward -- to no avail; he was already pressed as far into the cushions as he could get. His antics only caused Duo's smirk to grow wider, and he shivered. Swallowing, he made another attempt to speak. "What... what are you... " He couldn't form a coherent thought, much less get one past his tongue.

"I. Want. You," Duo repeated slowly, breath gusting softly over Wufei's ear as he spoke. "And somehow I think you want me too." He pulled back slightly to look the other boy in the face and smiled brilliantly. "So perfect, my `Fei, my lonely warrior, my fiery dragon, my pretty little China doll... "

Wufei's brow furrowed at the appellations coming out of Duo's mouth, and the American laughed lightly at his expression. "Yeah, I called ya pretty. Hope ya don't mind, `cause you are." He leaned in close again, lips hovering just above the side of Wufei's neck. "You're beautiful, `Fei. Just lookin' at you drives me crazy." His lips barely grazed over Wufei's skin; the raven-haired boy shivered, eyes closing involuntarily at the barely-there kiss. Duo continued, dropping more feather-light kisses between his words. "I wanna touch you, touch your body... feel you laying underneath me... hear you whimpering in passion... tease you `til you're senseless... taste you, taste your cock... drive you mad with pleasure `til you're begging me to fuck you... " He trailed off and let his cheek brush the other boy's as he drew back a little.

Wufei met his gaze hesitantly, face burning and body trembling from both the nearness of Duo and the heat of his words. He didn't know what to do next. Duo was coming on strong -- hot, heavy, and irresistible; Wufei knew he was awake but he still couldn't quite believe that this was happening. He was momentarily lost, unable to think past the sight of Duo's bared torso in front of him, the warm clean scent of that creamy alabaster skin, the smiling violet eyes so intently holding his own.

The seconds stretched; and then suddenly Duo moved. Wufei barely registered the shakiness of the other boy's indrawn breath and the uncertainty that it signified, and then Duo was kissing him.

It was electric.

Wufei shivered as Duo's lips touched his and suddenly found himself able to move again. Tentatively he reciprocated the pressure of those lips and Duo made a soft sound like a whimper in the back of his throat, pressing forward. Wufei brought one hand up and placed it hesitantly against Duo's chest, thrilling to the feel of the boy's skin beneath his touch. Something fierce and hot flooded through him as Duo's tongue flickered delicately into his mouth and reality disappeared around him. One of the braided pilot's hands curved behind his neck, tilting his head back farther and deepening the kiss. Wufei simply melted under the sensations awakened within him by this; he was finally convinced. It was simply too real to ignore. At last Duo pulled back and Wufei gasped, abruptly remembering how to breathe. He opened his eyes slowly and met Duo's gaze, seeing the tiniest hint of uncertainty still shining in these amethyst depths.

Apparently, Duo wasn't as sure of himself as he seemed.

Oh, this could be good.

Wufei had of course realized by now that Duo had been playing with him tonight and probably last night, maybe even last week.(1) And here an opportunity presented itself for a little payback. Despite his intense desire to crush the boy's body to his own and take him in a wild bout of passion right here on the living room floor, Wufei was going to take that opportunity instead. After all, the chance to catch Duo off-guard was rare indeed.(2)

The Chinese boy dropped his gaze and gently pushed the other away with both hands. "Duo, please," he said softly, shaking his lowered head in a slight negative. Glancing back up, he saw the spark of hesitation blossom completely in Duo's face. Oh yes.

"What... Wufei?" the American faltered, not moving at all.

Wufei met the violet eyes squarely and put the usual steel into his voice.

"Maxwell, get off of me. Now," he said firmly, pushing at the other's shoulders again.

Duo's uncertainty was replaced by a look of distinctive chagrin and no small amount of disappointment. He quickly backed off and stood, allowing Wufei to rise as well. The Chinese pilot fought to keep from smirking as the braided boy twisted his hands together nervously, eyes downcast in his furiously blushing face.

"I'm sorry, Wufei, I just... oh, crap... I thought... god I'm sorry -- "

"There is no need for you to apologize." Wufei cut him off, sauntering past on his way out of the room. He glanced up at Duo, who was now rather confused; smiling suggestively, he turned away, deciding that the boy had suffered enough since he was eager to move things along. "I simply believe there are better places to continue this." He stopped in the doorway, raising one hand to his ponytail. Pulling out the band that held it, he shook it lightly free about his face and directed a half-lidded look back at Duo over his shoulder. He smiled again, making it as sultry as he could, and threw the boy's earlier words back at him.

"What are you waiting for, Maxwell, a red-carpet invitation?" He walked out of the room.

Seconds later, Duo got over his shock, snatched up his discarded shirt, and followed.

He caught up to Wufei in the hall outside their bedrooms and grabbed the boy by one shoulder, spinning him around and pushing him up against the wall. "I had no idea you were such an evil little tease," the American breathed, pressing forward.

Wufei tilted his head and stared up at Duo, black eyes burning from beneath the sooty fringe of his lashes. His full lips curved upwards slowly, and Duo lost his breath. Such a look of seduction on Wufei's usually solemn face was disorienting but incredibly sexy. The tone of his voice when he spoke only heightened the effect.

"I promise I won't be teasing once I have you in the bedroom," he purred, moving to get out of the hall and behind closed doors. Duo's arm shot out, keeping him pinned against the wall.

"Why wait?" the braided boy purred in return, and seized Wufei's mouth with his own.

The Chinese pilot faltered under the assault, unable to think of attaining privacy with Duo's kiss driving everything else swiftly out of his mind. He felt the other youth's nimble fingers moving against his chest, swiftly unhooking the closures of his shirt, and tried to suppress a sudden flash of admittedly excited panic. Surely Duo was not going to strip him here in the hall, where anyone could walk out and find them.

"Duo -- " he tried nervously as the boy pulled away from the kiss and parted the opened silk of his pajama top. Gentle hands slid over his chest and Wufei shivered, voice dying in his throat.

"Shh," the American soothed; and then that warm little mouth latched onto his throat and slid lower, trailing down his body to the muscles of his abdomen as Duo fell to his knees. The boy's hands followed suit, gliding down his chest and over his waist, stopping at the ties that held the pajama bottoms up. With a speed and dexterity that would have made any thief envious, the braided pilot had the knot picked out and the pants pushed over Wufei's hips before the Chinese boy fully realized what was happening. The red silk whispered down his legs under its own slight weight and puddled on the floor with Duo's forgotten black shirt.

Obviously, Duo would go much farther than Wufei had though outside the privacy of a bedroom.

Duo's hands were hot where they rested against Wufei's thighs; the boy's face was mere centimeters from his exposed erection. Violet eyes widened. "Oh my god," Duo breathed, apparently rather impressed by what he'd revealed; and then he was moving forward.

Wufei gasped as Duo's lips brushed the head of his member. "Maxwell!" he hissed frantically, even as he shuddered with delight at the sensations that resulted from that touch. Duo merely looked up at him, grinning wickedly, and slowly licked the very tip of the flesh he'd just kissed. He then drew his tongue lightly along the underside of the shaft, and Wufei groaned. Gods, but that felt good. "Not out here!" he whispered harshly, desperately, his heart pounding madly.

"Relax, `Fei," Duo whispered back, and drew Wufei's length into his mouth.

"Oh, GODS... " The words slipped out of their own accord, and Wufei whimpered helplessly as Duo engulfed him. That mouth was so hot as it slid tightly over him, tongue squirming deliciously -- how the bloody hell did Duo expect him to relax like this? His hands trembled, pressed flat against the wall; his entire body was tense and on edge. Time and again his eyes flickered nervously to Heero's door across the hall. There was no guarantee that Yuy was asleep yet; he really didn't fancy the idea of getting caught half-naked like this by the Perfect Soldier while Duo was blowing him. But he had neither the will nor the strength to stop the braided boy, especially when what he was doing felt so incredibly good.

Duo suddenly dug his nails into the Chinese boy's thighs, clawing lightly; at the same time, he carefully took in the remaining length of Wufei's shaft, sucking harder as he did so.

Wufei gasped, a low moan quivering out of his throat as Duo began purring around him. The faint sensation shot straight to the core of him, intense pleasure radiating through his being. His head fell back against the wall with a soft thump, mouth open, breath hitching and gasping. Duo's ministrations felt simply incredible; Wufei could feel his body spiraling out of control, higher and higher as he soared towards the pinnacle of ecstasy.

This was happening too fast; the black-eyed pilot struggled desperately to regain mastery of himself. He couldn't waste this opportunity with Duo, not rushing through it like this. He wanted it to last, to stretch on and on into infinity...

"Gods, Duo," he groaned, the fingers of one hand tangling under the base of the chestnut braid, trying uselessly to make its wearer stop. "Not yet... I can't... please, no... " He trailed off helplessly, shaking his head back and forth, willing the boy at his feet to understand.

Duo slowed his pace and finally drew back, his mouth sliding languorously off of Wufei, tongue darting out one last time before he ceased. "Why not?" he asked, voice low, smile enhanced by an irresistible pout.

Wufei was gasping, his breath ragged and uneven, his head swimming as the pleasure that had strung him up slowly faded. "Too soon," he finally managed as his breathing calmed. "I... you... too good... ending too fast... " His coherency was a bit garbled but his meaning was clear.

Duo quirked one slender eyebrow at him. "Ending? Who said anything about ending?" he queried brightly, voice still low. "I'm just gettin' started. You gonna tell me once is all you've got in ya? C'mon, Wu, I know you've got more stamina than that. Don't I turn you on?" He batted his eyelashes up at the other boy and deepened his pout, fingertips running slowly up and down tight golden thighs at the same time.

"God yes," Wufei breathed, hand tightening in the other's hair. It was all he could say. The resistance he'd mustered had completely crumbled under the persuasive onslaught of Duo's words, leaving him desperate for more of the boy' s touch. Duo grinned wickedly and rubbed his cheek gently, cat-like, against Wufei's over- sensitized flesh. The Chinese boy shuddered in response, unable to hold back a soft moan, and Duo lifted his head.

"Don't worry, baby," he murmured, returning his gaze to the hardened testament of arousal before him. "I'm gonna keep you up alllll night." Slowly he parted his lips and drew that throbbing shaft back in.