Dirty Dreams + Part 3 (cont)

Duo moaned incoherently against his throat and pulled back slightly, eyes hazy with desire as he looked into his partner's face. "You want something, `Fei?" he asked breathlessly, squirming deliberately against the Chinese boy.

Wufei clutched him tighter and moaned again, softly but helplessly. "Please... "

A wicked glint lit Duo's eyes and he smiled slowly as he thrust his hips into his fellow pilot's again. "Please what?" he breathed teasingly.

Wufei made a soft sound of protest, barely able to think past the desire clouding his mind. "Duo, please-- I need you... I want... gods -- " He broke off and writhed desperately upward against the violet- eyed boy, unable to articulate his urgency.

Duo moved with him, hips still grinding in shallow, teasing thrusts. "Tell me what you want, `Fei," he purred, nuzzling just beneath the Chinese boy's ear as Wufei's head fell to the side. He knew perfectly well what his soon-to-be lover meant to ask; he desperately wanted to hear the words spoken, to hear Wufei beg the way he had last night, alone in his room... Duo shivered, remembering, and let his tongue flicker gently over the black-eyed boy's earlobe. "Tell me, baby," he crooned softly, one hand smoothing into the raven-dark silk that lay tousled against the pillow. "Tell me what you want me to do... "

Wufei shuddered, the sound of Duo's sultry voice doing indescribable things to his insides. "Take me, please," he moaned, forcing words through the haze of passion gripping him. "Make me yours, make me your lover... Duo, please, I want you so badly - -" He shuddered again as Duo groaned in response and pushed harder against him.

"That's right, baby," the American encouraged breathlessly, slithering down the length of Wufei's slick, taut body. His mouth trailed over the other pilot's torso, tongue tracing the definition of pectoral and abdominal muscles, the latter tensing and quivering at his touch. He paused over Wufei's rampant erection, sucking lightly on the tip before crawling back up to kiss the boy properly. He continued mercilessly, plundering the sweet fullness of Wufei's mouth with wild abandon as he settled himself between the Chinese pilot's thighs.

"Tell me more," he breathed, breaking away at last and rocking his groin against Wufei's again.

The raven-haired pilot whimpered softly, eyes opening to fix Duo with his depthless, pleading gaze. What more did the boy want to hear? He hooked his legs loosely around Duo's, pulling him closer as his arms slid around Duo's narrow shoulders beneath tumbling chestnut locks. "Please," he whispered, unable to say anything else. Ordinarily he would have been livid, incensed at the very idea that he would ever be made to beg for anything, much less beg for sex; but here, pinned naked in Duo's bed beneath the equally naked, teasing American, he just didn't care. He needed the completion of Duo inside him, and he needed it now.

"Oh `Fei, c'mon, now, you can do better than that," Duo coaxed softly in his ear, still grinding against him, one hand stroking up and down along the back of his thigh.

Wufei whimpered again, a frustrated growl just under that sound. Duo knew what he wanted; but damn him anyway, he was waiting for something, some magic word that would make him act... Wufei searched desperately through his clouded mind, suddenly remembering what the boy had said earlier in the living room: " --`til you're begging me to fuck you... "

He arched his body insistently against Duo's. If the boy was after crudely wanton begging, then he would get it. And if that didn't satisfy him, Wufei was going to roll them both over and handle things himself. He wrapped one fist in Duo's hair and pulled his head up not quite gently. "I want you to take me," he growled softly, an edge of desperation in his tone. His eyes held Duo's violet gaze, pleading. "I need to feel your cock inside me, filling me, completing me. I want you to come in me, to claim me as your own -- don't deny me, Duo; I've wanted this so long, wanted you for so long... Gods I want you -- I need you." He released his hold on the chestnut mane as he uttered his final plea on a breathy moan. "Fuck me, Duo -- please... " "Oh, god yes," the American moaned in return, burying his face against Wufei's neck as his body jerked involuntarily at that wanton plea. "I'd never dream of denying you -- god, baby, I want you just as bad -- " He reached behind Wufei's head, fumbling around beneath the pillows and emerging seconds later with a small tube in hand. Thank god he'd prepared for this...

"Then stop playing and do it," Wufei demanded breathlessly as Duo sat back amid the wild veiling of his own hair.

"One sec," the American panted, uncapping the tube and anointing both himself and his lover thoroughly before tossing it aside. He leaned forward, positioning his body, fully aware of the uniqueness of what lay before him. The indomitable Chang Wufei, normally so stoic and reserved, was lying naked in his bed, consumed with passion and pleading for release. What's more, the boy was trembling -- actually trembling; Duo could feel it in the muscled thighs pressing lightly alongside him, in the hands that gripped his forearms as he braced himself over the Chinese pilot.

"Ready?" he asked softly, the head of his member unerringly finding the entrance he sought.

"Yes," Wufei hissed, eyes falling shut as he shifted against his fellow pilot. The motion pushed Duo in a fraction of a centimeter; Wufei's breath caught in anticipation.

Duo paused. "You sure, baby?" he breathed, eyes gleaming wickedly in the moonlight. "I'll wait, if you'd like -- I don't wanna rush you... "(5)

Wufei's eyes snapped open, his lack of patience clearly showing in the ebony depths. "God damn it, Maxwell -- "

Duo pressed forward, effectively cutting off the impending tirade. He pushed in slowly, carefully, wary of hurting his beautiful new lover, shuddering as he sheathed himself in the boy's willing body. "Holy shit," he breathed, not fully prepared for the unbelievable sensation of tight, velvet heat gripping him. "Oh god, `Fei... "

Wufei groaned softly as Duo entered him, eyes squeezing shut at the longed-for intrusion, hands clenching on the American's arms. "Yes," he whispered, willing himself to relax as Duo slid in completely and paused. The initial ache of entry passed swiftly and Wufei shifted slightly against the boy above him, impatiently eager for more.

Duo gasped as Wufei moved, intense pleasure searing his senses, hips pushing forward without him consciously willing it. "Wufei," he moaned, overwhelmed, voice trembling as he struggled to control his body. He carefully drew back and gently pressed in again as Wufei lifted to meet him. "God, baby, you feel so good... "

Wufei moaned softly, arching upward as Duo began thrusting into him slowly. With each stroke, the American's length played against something deep within him that sent rivers of molten lightning surging through his veins. He wrapped his legs tightly around Duo's hips, drawing the boy into him as deeply as possible. This was simply exquisite, far better than anything he'd dreamt up on his own. His hands climbed up to Duo's shoulders, urging the violet- eyed pilot closer down against him.

Duo complied, his supple, limber body maintaining the slow, delicious rhythm as he did so. His eyes were closed, his lips slightly parted, and he was making soft sounds somewhere between gasping and moaning as his forehead rested against the Chinese boy's. Wufei wrapped his arms around his lover and tilted his head back just enough to bring his mouth to Duo's. The American took it immediately, kissing him with the same slow, relentless rhythm as their joining.

Wufei kissed back with equal fervor, dying little by little, drowning in the euphoria of simply being with Duo. The boy was so careful, so gentle, working him languidly, somehow giving enough to please immeasurably but not enough to fully satisfy. Wufei soon found himself craving more, his erection throbbing desperately against Duo's stomach as the slender body moved sinuously in his embrace.

"Duo," he breathed, breaking the kiss as the boy thrust forward.

"Yes, `Fei?" Duo murmured, his voice unsteady. Wufei was so hot beneath him, all powerful muscle under smooth, warm skin, arms and legs clinging tightly to him -- imagination had not prepared him for the sheer ecstasy of this at all.

"More, Duo," came Wufei's rich voice, pleading breathlessly. "Deeper... "

Duo rose up a little, pulling back slightly and thrusting forward fiercely. A jolt of sharp pleasure lanced through him abruptly and his lover gave a soft, tiny cry of helpless rapture in response.

"Like that?" the American gasped, doing it again; and Wufei moaned, low and throaty.

"Yes, Duo yes," he managed fervently, voice nearly a sob as Duo continued thrusting into him. His body arched and trembled with every stroke, begging for still more. "Harder," he panted, gasping for breath. "Faster, Duo... harder... please... "

Duo complied readily, abandoning any remaining semblance of self-control, responding feverishly as Wufei submitted beneath him. This was so perfectly, exactly, where he wanted to be.

Wufei was gone, utterly lost in the moment, giving himself completely to the boy he'd wanted for so long. His world had narrowed and vanished until all that existed was Duo -- Duo inside of him, completing him, flooding his senses with white-hot pleasure; Duo's body warm in his arms, slender and strong, plastered with sweat- dampened tendrils of lustrous hair; Duo's voice in his ear, soft and breathless, urging him to let go, to cry out, to scream if he wanted. He did want to scream, ached desperately to give voice to his pleasure as Duo drove him relentlessly on toward ecstasy. But the last thread of his sanity choked his cries in his throat, still wary of announcing what they did to the others. He settled instead for tiny moans and soft mewling whimpers, relishing Duo's answering moans as they writhed together in unison. This was what he'd been needing, craving, waiting for all these weeks and months of silent longing. This was the perfection he'd sought. Unconsciously, his mouth formed the one word searing his brain, repeating it softly over and over. "Duo... Duo... "

Duo was going swiftly mad with pleasure; the sound of Wufei's voice moaning his name like that, almost in prayer, only heightened the intensity. His hips worked frantically, practically beyond his control, steadily feeding the fire that was burning him alive. "Oh god `Fei," he choked out, beyond consciousness of anything but his lover as he felt his body begin the final climb towards the peak of his ecstasy.

An instant later, Wufei went taut beneath him, hands tightening into claws that raked fiercely down his back as a soft, keening cry trembled from the Chinese boy's throat. Duo moaned uncontrollably at the feeling of hot fluid flooding over his stomach and opened his eyes, needing to see the other pilot in this moment. The sight that met him -- Wufei's head thrown back into the pillow, ebony silk trailing damply over his forehead, the faint flush of passion heightening his cheekbones, that beautiful mouth open and gasping as he struggled to keep from fully voicing what he felt while fine tremors wracked his body -- was enough t o drive Duo over the edge. His hips shoved forward one final time, burying himself deeply as his orgasm hit. He gasped and cried out his lover's name, turning his face abruptly into Wufei's neck to muffle the rest of his cries. Aftershocks of intense pleasure pulsed through him, prolonging his climax as his body shuddered helplessly.

After a long moment, he collapsed against Wufei, sighing deeply as the boy's arms wrapped around him gently. He rolled his body to the side and crushed Wufei against him, ending their union as their mouths met again. They kissed wildly, wordlessly communing the intensity of what they'd just done, clinging to one another in the aftermath of their passion. At last Duo pulled back, simply watching his lover as the dark eyes slowly opened. He raised one hand and gently drew away an errant strand of damp night-dark hair, tucking it behind Wufei's ear and caressing his cheek in the same motion.

"You are incredible," he murmured, softly pressing his lips to the other's forehead. Wufei felt perfect in his arms, warm, content, peaceful; he wasn't willing to break the mood just yet.

The Chinese boy remained silent, savoring the feel of Duo's arms around him, Duo's skin beneath his idle hands, Duo's body lying close against his. To be simply held like this -- it was almost more precious than what they had already shared.

He stirred finally, catching Duo's violet eyes in the faint light of the room and speaking in a voice barely above a whisper. "Thank you."

One corner of Duo's mouth quirked upward. "Gee, `Fei, you don't gotta thank me, but you're welcome and thank you, too."

Wufei shook his head slightly. "No; thank you for being bold enough to open this between us when I was not; for being shrewd enough to notice what I tried so hard to hide. I was going simply mad with needing you... " He trailed off and pressed his lips softly to Duo's once more, hands running almost possessively over his lover's back. His brow furrowed slightly as his fingertips encountered short rows of slightly raised welts and he broke the light kiss abruptly. "Oh! Duo, forgive me -- I didn't realize I hurt you -- "

Duo shook his head, grinning. "Don't apologize. All you did was get me off that much harder." He yawned hugely and settled back into the pillows. "I am so exhausted."(6)

Wufei stifled his own yawn and pulled away slightly. "I should go," he said quietly, reluctantly. He wanted nothing more than to stay. But still, morning should find him in his own bed.

Duo's pliant embrace was suddenly unbreakable. "Why?" he asked calmly.

Wufei blushed slightly. "I would rather not be found in someone else's room when Yuy makes his morning rounds."

"Ah." Duo smiled in understanding and released the Chinese boy. "Wait here." He rose easily from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Wufei sat up and stared after him, somewhat bewildered. His lover returned a moment later, a warm wet cloth in hand.

"Heero the Alarm Clock always wakes me first," Duo explained, gently wiping at the sticky, drying smear on Wufei's stomach. "He says I'm the hardest to get outta bed. When he starts banging down the door in the morning, you can slip back to your room before he gets there. And I locked your door for good measure. Even if you didn't answer, though, he'd probably just figure you were out in the yard doing your katas." Duo tossed the cloth away toward the bathroom and turned down the bedcovers. Slipping beneath them, he asked, "Any other reasons?" Wufei shook his head, and Duo put his arms around the other boy again. "I know you're not ready to `come out' to the others yet; but believe me, no one's gonna care."

Wufei eyed him skeptically. "How can you be sure?"

Duo grinned. "You and I aren't the only ones to hook up, Wu."

Ebony eyes widened. "Who else?"

Duo shook his head. "They haven't seen fit to announce it yet; I'm not gonna do it for `em. They don't know I know." He shifted slightly, lips grazing over the side of his lover's face. "I understand if you still wanna go, `Fei, but I'd like very much for you to sleep here tonight. With me."

Wufei laid back, drawing Duo down with him as he slid beneath the sheets. "Then I will stay. I... don't want to go."

"Cool." Duo smothered another yawn and drew the other boy close against his chest. "G'night then, Wufei." Before long he was breathing softly, evenly, deeply asleep.

Wufei remained awake a little longer, indulging in the feel of Duo's skin beneath his fingertips, against his cheek. It felt odd to be sleeping with someone else; he'd never shared a bed before, not even with Meiran. But it was also rather nice, he found. Comfortable. He settled close against his sleeping fellow pilot and closed his eyes.

He couldn't say for certain what this night truly meant or where it would lead for the two of them; but he was willing to find out. He slid easily into sleep, truly content for the first time in years.


(1) Nope, first time it was real. But that's how he figured you out ;)
(2) Whaddya know? Wufei's got a wicked streak after all.
(3) Duo: Humiliating?! Anyone else who even thought about trying it would be knocked out cold on the floor!
Wufei: Damn straight! Only my Shinigami can get away with shit like that!
Duo: O_~;; Calm down baby, you're starting to talk like me. It's kinda weird.
Wufei: More chocolate. Gimme gimme.
Duo: Note to me: No more sugar for `Fei-`Fei
(4) Brace yourself, Duo -- it's your turn now
Duo: O_O''
Wufei: You'll like it, I promise (evil grin)
(5) Evil, Maxwell, evil. Just do the poor boy already.
(6) Wufei: I thought you were keeping me up all night... ?
Duo: It's 0030, ain't it? That's technically morning!
Wufei: -_-; ... true, I suppose. Very well, you're forgiven.

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