Dirty Dreams + Part 3 (cont)

Wufei's head fell back in surrender as he gave voice to a strangled, breathless whimper of pure need. His hips slouched forward, away from the wall, thrusting more fully into the heaven of Duo's mouth. The boy was purring again, hands sliding up Wufei's thighs and around, firmly clasping his buttocks, pulling him impossibly deeper before drawing back only to return again and again. Both Wufei's hands clenched in Duo's hair, urging his fellow pilot on as he struggled to keep from crying out. The intensity and the ecstasy were driving him insane. His hips were bucking shallowly, mindlessly, his legs trembling as Duo worked him rapidly to the edge of release. The boy wouldn't let up, pleasuring him relentlessly; a few more seconds and Wufei snapped. His body clenched, thrusting forward one last time as he spilled his offering into Duo's eager mouth. He bit his lip hard, choking down a fierce cry of passion that would surely have summoned their fellow pilots as he felt Duo swallow around him. And then his strength evaporated, his knees buckled, and he slid weakly down the wall until he was face to face with Duo, legs sprawled on either side of the kneeling boy. His breath finally escaped in a long sigh, and he murmured the only words that would come to mind: "Incredible -- Duo... "

He slowly opened his eyes and met Duo's mischievous violet gaze, gently disentangling his fingers from the boy's chestnut hair. Duo smiled, lazily and satisfied, and ran his tongue suggestively over his bottom lip, licking away and remaining traces of Wufei's seed. He then wiped his mouth with the back of one hand and leaned forward.

"You taste good, `Fei," he said quietly, voice sultry. Wufei just shivered. Duo stared at him intently for another few seconds, unblinking, and shook his head slightly. "You are so goddamn sexy," he murmured, and gently pulled the Chinese boy into a kiss.

Too drained to resist or even participate much, Wufei closed his eyes and parted his lips, vaguely excited by the residual taste of his orgasm in Duo's mouth. He draped his arms limply around Duo's neck and let himself simply exist for a moment in the pleasure of that kiss.

Duo pulled away suddenly and stood, drawing Wufei up with him. The black-eyed boy was still a little unsteady; a second later he was taken completely by surprise as he was picked up and slung over the shoulder of the chestnut-haired pilot. He found his eyes on a level with the little black shorts; at the same time he felt Duo's hand settle over his own bared backside with an almost imperceptible caress. Had it been anyone but Duo, the position would have been utterly humiliating;(3) as it was, the situation only served to arouse him further, reawakening him. And even upside down, the view was rather nice...

Duo carried him into the bedroom, kicking their discarded clothing inside before shutting the door. Wufei had a second to observe that they were in Duo's room and not his own before he was dumped unceremoniously on the bed.

He looked up bemusedly at the other boy from his somewhat undignified position, legs splayed, shirt hanging open around him, hands braced behind where he'd caught himself from falling flat on his back. Duo stood before him, fists on hips, eyes raking over him appreciatively. Completely un-self-conscious (after all, why be shy when the boy had just blown him?), Wufei leaned back a little more and shrugged his shirt back off of his shoulders, displaying himself completely to Duo's sight. He returned the violet stare, devouring the image Duo's lean, pale body and long slender legs made before him. Duo was pinned by that onyx gaze, momentarily unable to move. Wufei looked so damn alluring, sitting on his bed like that -- it was unreal, a snapshot from his most private dreams. Those muscular legs, parted ever-so-invitingly to reveal the prize laying stiffly between; the tight, flat expanse of his abdomen, pale golden-bronze skin beautifully aglow in the moonlight; the sleek, sculpted lines of his chest and shoulders flowing smoothly down into his arms; the surprisingly delicate curve of his slender neck; that fine, silken ebony hair falling gracefully around and into his face, barely wisping down past his shoulders; that round, perfect little face itself tilted up at Duo, obsidian eyes fathomless in this light and blazing with heat; the tempting fullness of his mouth, enhanced by a slow come-hither smile and just begging to be kissed -- Duo found himself mesmerized. Wufei was absolutely, unbelievably beautiful; and he was sprawled on Duo's bed invitingly, promising all manner of carnal delights with just the faint curve of his lips. Duo stepped forward and leaned down, reaching for the exotic vision before him, braid sliding down off his shoulder as he did so.

Wufei drew one hand out of the scarlet silk piled around his wrists and grabbed the braid, using it to haul Duo almost roughly to him.(4) He kissed the boy savagely, tongue thrusting out to wrestle Duo's insistently back into his own mouth. The violet-eyed pilot's performance in the hall had taken the edge of desperation off of his desire; now he was going to return the favor and take this chance to revel in fantasy become reality.

Wufei's fierce kiss elicited a soft sound from Duo that conveyed both surprise and pleasure. The Chinese boy brought both hands to Duo's waist and all but threw him sideways onto the bed. His fingers slid lower, dragging the black satin shorts along; Duo's hips lifted eagerly off the mattress and Wufei drew the silky material swiftly down those long legs and off, leaving them both completely naked at last.

Duo's equipment was quite impressive in its own right, trembling at stiff attention; Wufei stared at it with some consideration, suddenly envisioning that length deep inside of him, filling him, driving him over the edge... He shivered and met Duo's gaze, further excited by the lust shining in those violet eyes.

"I want to taste you," he very nearly growled, voice low and husky, hundreds of dreams about to be fulfilled.

Duo shifted his hips in invitation , hungry for the ecstasy that mouth could provide. "Do it, `Fei," he whispered, breathless with anticipation.

Wufei lowered his head and began licking wetly up the length of Duo's shaft. The boy gasped, his organ twitching and straining at that touch, needing more. Wufei continued, spurred on by Duo's wordless whimper of a response, lapping at the head of Duo's cock and savoring the unique flavor of the liquid already seeping from its tip. His tongue traveled on, thoroughly bathing the hot hardened flesh before he took it into his mouth. Slender fingers wrapped around its base, holding it steady as he began his oh-so-pleasant task in earnest.

Duo's hitching whimpers became full-fledged breathless moans as Wufei fully devoured him. "Oh my GOD," he groaned, arms bracing against the headboard as his body trembled. "Don't stop, Wufei... yeesssss... ohhhh, yeah --god YES... " His hips arched convulsively, seeking to drive himself even deeper.

Wufei moved with him, maintaining his rhythm as Duo bucked lightly beneath him. It felt simply perfect, doing this to Duo, knowing that every sound the boy voiced, every move the slender body made, was because of him. A low, purring moan rose up in his throat; Duo shuddered and cried out softly, pushed further into ecstasy by the soft vibration. Aroused even more, Wufei drew on that length with increasingly rapid strokes, determined to bring the boy to climax.

Duo's senses were approaching overload, intense pleasure coursing through him from Wufei's attentions. His head was thrown back, lashing from side to side, lips parted as strangled cries trembled from his throat. He was hardly conscious of anything beyond Wufei's mouth, those cries becoming near-sobs as he writhed helplessly, thrusting urgently into that warmth.

"Aw, fuck!" he whimpered, control unraveling as he neared the edge. "Oh god, Wufei! Oh god... oh god, oh god... " Abruptly he yanked the pillow over his face, muffling the shriek that emerged as he came. His hips bucked weakly once, twice, subsiding as he spent himself. He shuddered and moaned, pushing the pillow away, unable to believe that anything could feel so good. All his fantasies about the Chinese pilot -- they were nothing against the reality.

Wufei pulled back slowly, licking away the last traces of semen as he withdrew. Duo was sprawled limply on the bed, eyes closed, chest rising and falling shallowly with each breath. He barely moved as Wufei crawled over on top of him, fingertips brushing teasingly along ivory skin. The Chinese boy sighed, loving the feel of Duo against him, beneath him; he pushed his semi-alert member gently into the braided pilot's softened flesh, stirring the other boy toward attention again.

Duo smiled weakly at him, violet eyes blinking open. "God, `Fei," he murmured, reaching up to brush raven-dark silk away from Wufei's forehead. "I always knew you were talented, but damn. I never even dreamed you could be that good." He twined his fingers into the back of Wufei's hair and drew him down into a languid kiss.

"I am pleased that you enjoyed it," Wufei murmured, pulling away and trailing his lips down Duo's jaw line. "I've wanted to do this for a very long time."

"If I'd known that, I'da moved on ya way before now," Duo responded, turning his head to the side to accommodate Wufei's kisses. He shivered pleasantly as that perfect mouth slid along his neck and over his shoulder while a slender hand moved down his other arm. "I can't believe I was ever interested in Heero `stead of you."

Wufei pulled back, blinking in surprise. "Yuy?" he asked, a tiny frown marring his lovely countenance. "What did you ever see in him?"

Duo grinned sheepishly. "He's really hot?" he offered.

"Perhaps," Wufei conceded, his expression communicating that he didn't necessarily agree.

"Well, I used to think so," Duo asserted, one finger tracing idly up and down Wufei's arm. "But he's so locked up in himself and his mission -- I lost interest real fast. Then I noticed you one morning when you were doing katas with your sword." One ebony eyebrow rose in amusement. "You were out of bed early enough to see me practicing?"

Duo's mouth quirked up at one corner. "Yeah, once or twice -- I only sleep in ninety-eight percent of the time, y'know." He shifted beneath Wufei so that they were both lying on the mattress, face to face instead of one atop the other. "But anyway. You were just so focused, so intent... the way you moved was amazing, all fluid and graceful but deadly and precise -- I'd never seen anything like it. And it just made me wonder why I'd never noticed before how sexy you were."

Wufei opened his mouth to make some response of modest denial; he was silenced by Duo's long slender fingers pressing lightly over his lips. "You are," the American boy affirmed quietly. "You're sexy, pretty, built, fine, hot, gorgeous, comely, good-looking, handsome -- whatever you wanna call it. You're just beautiful, Wufei." He arched gently against the raven-haired boy, his admiration evident, hands slowly tracing the lengths of bare golden skin. "And you've got so much more personality than Mr. Perfect Soldier. You actually responded when I tried to hold a conversation, get to know you. You let me see your human side." His lips brushed softly across Wufei's, lingering for just an instant. "And I got more and more interested the longer I was around you."

Wufei slipped his arms around Duo, keeping the slender body pressed close against him. "What, then, made you wait so long to act?"

Duo's fingertips whispered down the Chinese boy's back and over the tight curve of his buttocks. "I couldn't tell if you were into guys or not. I mean, I thought you were, but I wasn't sure -- not until I caught you staring at my ass in the kitchen last month." His words were punctuated by a quick squeeze. Wufei blushed, the pinkish color barely visible in the moonlight, and Duo grinned. "Then I had to figure out that you were into me." He winked. "So how come you never said anything, Wu?"

"I thought you were straight," Wufei admitted. "I was certain of it. The girls at those schools were always all over you; you flirt so naturally I assumed you weren't interested in boys." His fingertips traced over Duo's face, drawing unruly bangs aside briefly. "It drove me mad at times, to see you and to know that I would never have you, to want you so much knowing you could not want me... " He trailed off, distracted and lost in the wide violet eyes so close to him now. "You are perfectly breathtaking; do you realize this?" he murmured, barely aware of what he was saying.

Duo shook his head dismissively. "I'm honored that you'd say so, `Fei; but really, I'm nothin' special. Pretty average, actually. I still can't figure out what caught your attention in the first place."

Wufei's brow furrowed slightly. "You are hardly average, Maxwell," he admonished firmly. "You have a spirit, a fire, so bright that it can't possibly escape notice. You are so full of life, even when you're at your most bitter and disillusioned. And you care so much about people, about your fellow pilots... " He was unconsciously fingering the braid as he spoke, tracing over the simple, age-old pattern woven from the cornsilk strands as he voiced his thoughts. "How could I not pay attention, not become mesmerized? How could I do anything but fall and be caught, a willing prisoner of your unconscious appeal?"

Duo ducked his head, visibly embarrassed but pleased. "Such things you say," he mumbled, face burning, throat oddly tight. He had no idea that anyone had ever held him in such high regard.

"Of course, I also find you astoundingly attractive," Wufei said off-handedly, attempting to lighten the conversation and dispel Duo's embarrassment.

"`Astoundingly attractive.'" Duo rolled his eyes, mock- affronted. "Always with the big words. How `bout, `God, Duo, you're so damn hot I just wanna rip all your clothes off and make mad steamy love to you all night long'? Too undignified?"

"God, Duo, you're so damn hot I just want to rip all your clothes off and make mad steamy love to you all night long," Wufei repeated softly, perfectly serious. Duo eyed him for a second before releasing a low, throaty laugh.

"Say whatever you like, `Fei," he breathed huskily, squirming lightly against his fellow pilot's body. "I love the sound of your voice."

"Mmmmm," was the only response Wufei made, the purr lowering to a deep growl as Duo's semi-erect member ground against his own. Both boys were rapidly reheating, wanting, needing a deeper fulfillment of mutual desire. Wufei's slim fingers sought out the end of the chestnut braid, discarding the band that held it and unraveling the lustrous length, working swiftly upward. He caught Duo's mouth with his own, fusing them together momentarily as the fire of passion flared between them again. He wanted Duo, now more than ever it seemed; wanted to feel that slender, sinewy body writhing beneath him, to hear that voice moaning exquisitely as he entered the boy. Even greater, though, was the need to be taken, to have Duo inside of him, filling him completely as he surrendered to the inevitable ecstasy.

He hooked one leg over Duo's and rolled onto his back, bringing the other pilot's slight weight atop him. Duo rose up, hands bracing gently against the Chinese boy's muscular chest, unbound hair spilling around him in silken tendrils and waves. Wufei growled again at the feel of Duo's hardened flesh pressing against his as the boy straddled him; Duo grinned ferally and leaned forward, hips rocking teasingly into Wufei's and eliciting another growl from the Chinese boy.

"God, I love it when you do that," the American breathed, hands smoothing over sculpted shoulders as he laid himself over Wufei. "It's damn sexy... makes me want you even more... " He wriggled slightly, the length of his body shifting enticingly against his fellow pilot's as he smothered the Chinese boy's mouth with his own.

Wufei arched wantonly beneath the passionate American, abandoning himself to the impending experience. Duo's hair whispered softly around him in the moonlight, the light, sweet scent of it an aphrodisiac to his senses. His hands twined effortlessly into the silken lengths, reaching to hold the back of Duo's head, seeking the warm skin of Duo's back. He wrapped his arms around the slender waist, pulling Duo tightly against him as the boy continued his slow undulations. They were both lost in each other, tongues dueling sensually in kiss after kiss, hips pulsing together as their erections slid deliciously against one another.

"Gods, Duo -- " With a low moan, Wufei broke away at last, shivering as Duo's lips wandered along his jaw and down his neck. He tilted his head back, offering his throat to the eager American; Duo's mouth trailed hotly over his throbbing pulse and nuzzled into the hollow of his collarbone. Wufei twisted beneath the other boy, hands closing over the tight curves of Duo's rear, pulling the braided pilot's hips tightly down against his own. His need was becoming unbearable.

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