By TJ Dragonblade
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Woohoo! I got part 4 up at the same time! Yay me! An epilogue to a PWP. Who'da thunk it. Mild sap, slight slap-Wufei-upside-the-head- for-being-such-a-pessimist angst, and faint innuendo. More inane footnotes --TJ needs sleep.

Dirty Dreams + Epilogue

Six days later, Wufei returned to the safe house from a week- long surveillance mission. He slipped in quietly, knowing everyone else should be asleep, and made his way silently down the hall. He paused at his own door, hand on the knob; then, slowly, he moved on to Duo's.

The last morning he'd spent here was fresh in his mind. It had been simply wonderful, waking slowly to find himself tangled with a still-soundly-sleeping Duo, realizing anew that the previous night had not been some vivid dream. He fondly recalled kissing the other boy awake, touching him gently, exploring, caressing; tearing himself away reluctantly when Yuy's voice had sounded at the door.

And then at breakfast the missions had come in, dispatching Barton and Yuy to eliminate a nearby Oz facility and himself to gather intelligence from another. He'd prepared to set out immediately.

Duo had found him as he gathered what he would need from his room. The braided boy had come in silently, slid his arms around Wufei's neck, and kissed him softly. "Come see me as soon as you get back," he'd said quietly. "I want to know you're safe."

Taken somewhat by surprise, Wufei had simply nodded, warmth flooding through him at the knowledge that someone actually cared on a personal level whether he lived or died.

But during the week he'd been gone, he'd begun to doubt. No one had ever wanted him before; why should things be different now? Duo may have come to his senses in the time that had passed. Maybe what they had shared would turn out to be merely a one-night stand after all. He hoped not; but optimism was something he'd always found difficult to maintain.

Still, Duo had been the one to initiate their rendezvous, and had asked to see him as soon as he returned. So, taking a deep breath, he knocked on the braided pilot's door.

There was no answer.

He tried again, with the same result; attempting to turn the knob, he found it locked.

So much for that.

Telling himself that it was equally as likely that Duo was dead asleep as not interested in seeing him, he ignored the pangs of disappointment he felt and retreated to his own room. He flicked on the light and turned to close the door. It was as he was clicking the lock into place that he heard someone stirring in the bed behind him.

He whirled, crouching, berating himself for being caught off guard(1) even as a sleepy voice reached his ears. "'Fei? `S that you?"(2)

The groggy figure of Duo sat up in his bed, absently rubbing at one bleary violet eye and managing to look about five years old by doing so. Wufei rose from his defensive position, delighted but somewhat mystified. "Duo?" he asked softly,(3) moving forward; and the braided boy cracked into a radiant half-asleep smile.

"You're back," he said, and covered a yawn with one pale hand. "Been waitin' for ya."

"Why?" Wufei was aware he sounded perfectly inane but couldn't stop the question before it was out.

"Why not?" Duo had both eyes open now, still smiling. He laid back on his elbow, drawing Wufei's attention to the fact that he didn't appear to be wearing any clothing, and patted the mattress beside him. "Come to bed?"

Wufei's doubts were forgotten. How could he have thought so little of Duo? Didn't he know the boy better than that? He allowed himself to smile and leaned down, gently claiming the American's lips as Duo reached up to caress the back of his neck. "I need to shower first," he murmured against the other boy's mouth, gratified to feel the smile that curved beneath his touch.

"Take your time," Duo answered. "I'm not goin' anywhere."

Wufei pulled back gently and turned away, crossing to the bathroom. He was smiling to himself as he shut the door. Duo still wanted him, still wanted to explore whatever had started between them.

And somehow, right now, that was all that mattered.


(1) A bit jumpy tonight, aren't we?
(2) Silly Duo! Honestly, who else is it gonna be?
(3) Silly `Fei! Honestly, who else is crazy enough to break into your room and sleep in your bed?

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