Instant Gratification (cont)

God, a voice that sexy oughtta be illegal--Duo whimpered, arching back against the other boy's body as he began to rock up and down in Wufei's lap. The new position made the angle of penetration even deeper; Duo cried out softly and sank himself harder onto the cock that filled him. Too much--it was too much, and yet still somehow not enough--he shook his head, moaning, grabbing at Wufei's arm firm as iron around his waist. Wufei's lips were suckling at his neck again--god, you'd think the boy was half-vampire or something; but Duo was liking it far too much to care. Hiding hickies was so not a problem...he shivered and lifted himself, thrusting his bottom back down as Wufei's mouth grazed over his shoulder. God, that mouth was almost as incredible as the cock inside him...

And Duo suddenly came to the realization that the two of them hadn't quite gotten around to actually kissing before they'd plunged into the deed at hand...

With a soft whimper he leaned back and away, twisting his head sharply to find that Wufei clearly understood his intent. That full, gorgeous mouth crushed onto his with bruising force, drawing a strangled moan from the braided boy's throat and an answering whimper from Wufei's. The Chinese boy sucked in Duo's lower lip and bit down, teeth sinking in almost hard enough to draw blood. Duo cried out, the sound smothered as Wufei's tongue slid roughly into his mouth, gentling immediately, flickering apologetically over the wounded lip, twisting and thrusting to meet Duo's own.

Wufei was one helluva kisser, even from such an awkward angle. Duo shuddered at the sense of completeness that kiss gave him, heat flooding through him from his heart to his loins and back again, racing along his skin like fire, flaring madly as Wufei's hand moved suddenly to his upright cock, stroking the quivering organ roughly, swiftly, in time with the rhythm of his own cock inside Duo's body.

Duo tore his mouth from Wufei's, gasping, desperate for air, arching his head back over his lover's shoulder as his senses went mad. He tried to cry out as ecstasy assaulted him from within and without, but no sound emerged from his open mouth. He couldn't last this way; it was too much, too good...he tried to speak, to tell Wufei how incredible he was making him feel; but all he could manage were hitched, breathless moans.

Wufei shivered as Duo writhed in his lap, gratified beyond belief at the way Duo was responding to him. He had not been certain that he would be good enough for the highly sexual American, being only slightly experienced himself; but judging from the way Duo's nails dug into his wrist, his arm as he stroked that beautiful cock, he needn't have worried.

His other hand still gripped Duo's shoulder, bruisingly tight, he knew; but the velvet and steel embrace of the braided boy's body felt so incredibly good, sliding up and down on his rigid shaft...

He forced himself to release Duo's shoulder, moving his hand around and back up to brush splayed fingertips lightly along Duo's arched throat. The American's pulse throbbed furiously beneath his touch, oddly sensual in its rhythm, matched almost perfectly to that of their joining. He breathed a soft moan, hips flexing up into Duo's downward thrusts, and slid his hand up further until one finger came to rest in the cleft of Duo's parted lips. The American bit down instantly, holding the slender digit with his teeth as the tip of his tongue swept along its length in a teasing caress.

Wufei cried out softly, blood stirring at the light blend of pleasure and pain, and tightened his grasp about the other's cock, pumping Duo furiously as the boy slammed down onto him again and again.

"Aw, 'Fei! " Duo's hand clenched on his arm, piercing the skin at last. "God, Wufei, god! Oh god, god god god--"

"Duo," Wufei gasped in return, the sharp pain in his clawed arm a sweet glimmer on the edge of his consciousness. " Duo...gods, Duo--" There was no other answer to be made. Duo completed him, fulfilled him, made him feel things he'd never imagined possible--this connection, this closeness, this caring--it was unbelievable. Not to mention the unparalleled physical pleasure--and Duo was on the bottom...technically speaking. Wufei couldn't even begin to imagine how much better it would be if he was the one being taken, and prayed he'd have the chance to find out.

But for now...

Duo cried out his name again, the tone of his voice making it very clear that he was nearing his climax. Wufei's own body was fast slipping beyond his control; he shuddered, not wanting this to end just yet. But it was going to, and quickly, unless he did something to make it last awhile more.

With a sharp groan, he released Duo's cock and wrapped his arm tightly about the other youth's waist, making it abruptly impossible for Duo to move the way he wanted to. The braided boy struggled against his hold, unwilling to comply.

"Wufei," came the whimpered protest. "Don't stop, please...lemme go...god, 'Fei, it's so close--" Duo arched and squirmed in his lap, desperate to hold onto that state of right-on-the-edge-of-orgasm as it slowly faded away.

"Shh, Duo," Wufei soothed, lips barely brushing the American's ear as their bodies came down from the heights they'd attained. "Calm down...let it go...I will bring you again when the time is right..."

With one last disappointed whine, Duo slumped against the Chinese boy. "What's wrong with right now?" he pouted, head dropping back over his lover's shoulder once more. No reason to move if he didn't have to...

Wufei pressed his lips to Duo's neck again, addicted to the warmth and taste of the boy's skin, spiked now with the tang of sweat. "I am not ready," he murmured, caressing Duo's tight, flat stomach, tongue flicking over an earlobe. "I want more of you before I come..."

Duo shivered. "You keep talkin' that way and kissin' on me like you're doin' and I'm gonna lose it right now anyway," he groaned, his hand stealing over Wufei's to rest lightly on it as it slid over his skin.

"I cannot help it," Wufei answered, though he did lift his head and move his arms to embrace the other youth, nuzzling at his ear. "You are intoxicatingly beautiful...the way you look, the way you taste, the way you smell, the way you feel..."

Duo couldn't keep from flexing around the hard shaft still within him; they both sighed softly at the gentle surge of pleasure that followed.

"I want you, 'Fei," Duo murmured, turning his head now to brush kisses against a caramel-toned cheek. "You're making me feel things I never even dreamed..." He sighed again, memorizing the feel of Wufei's body sticky and damp against his back, braid pinned between; the feel of Wufei's arms around him, intimate and secure; the feel of Wufei's cock inside him, huge and hard and pulsing with life--if this was just a one-time occurrence, he was going to remember everything. Even if they made a regular habit of this--he was still going to remember everything. Wufei laid his cheek to the base of Duo's braid; the American leaned back and closed his eyes, eager to complete what they'd started but willing as well to bask in this moment of wonderful closeness.

It was lovely, yes; but Duo was quickly forced to revise his earlier definition of the worst kind of torture. Far worse than watching gay porn with an irresistibly alluring yet unattainable Wufei was this--to have Wufei inside him but not moving, Wufei's hands on his body in all the right places except the most important...after a quiet moment of being held this way, Duo let his restlessness show.

"C'mon, Wufei, how can you stand it?" he murmured, flexing again and rocking back slightly as his lover's hold began to loosen. "I'm goin' crazy here; if I was taking you, there's no way I could be so calm and still! You're inhuman!"

"Mental discipline," Wufei replied softly; but his hips were moving slightly with Duo's now as well.

"So you're telling me I have no discipline, huh?" Duo breathed, smirking his satisfaction at having elicited the response he was after. "Guess I'll have to stick with you to learn some, then." He wriggled firmly back into Wufei's lap and was rewarded with the softest of breathy moans from the other boy.

"No need," Wufei answered, lips grazing down across an ivory shoulder blade. "Your lack of 'discipline' is part of your appeal. It makes you enticingly free-spirited and unpredictable..." He pushed Duo gently forward, drawing out of him quite suddenly. "Turn around," he commanded, voice still soft. "I want to see when you go mad..."

Duo's groan of protest covered the last of the other boy's words. "Um?" he asked, aching, mourning the loss of Wufei's length as he turned to face him.

"I said," Wufei grinned slowly, "that I want to watch your face when you lose control. I cannot see so well from behind you."

"Uh huh." Duo matched the grin, new threads of arousal sizzling through him at the wanton gleam in Wufei's eyes, the curve of his sinfully edible lips and the sight of that magnificent cock, perfect and uncut... "Promise, Baby, you'll have the best seat in the house--now c'mere." He reached for Wufei, focused on that decadent mouth. Now that they could do it properly, he desperately wanted to kiss the boy again, see if maybe he couldn't melt Wufei into so much caramel pudding in his arms.

But it was Wufei who took on the position of power before Duo even had a chance, kneeling up and leaning over the seated American, hands cupping his face confidently and tipping his head back as first lips and then tongues melded flawlessly together. Duo moaned softly, vaguely disappointed to find himself on the submissive end again but absolutely unable to muster up any sort of complaint. Wufei was simply incredible, kissing him gently, thoroughly, stoking the fire that burned low in his gut and steadily convincing Duo that no one who ever lived could hope to be a better lover--or kisser--than the young Chinese god in his arms.

His hands slid over Wufei's body, damp with cooling sweat, and stroked down that muscular back, pausing briefly at the curve of one hip before continuing to the shapely firmness of the boy's buttocks. Wufei's only reaction was to kiss him harder; Duo shivered and slid his hand around front until he could grasp the rigid length of his lover's penis, still slick from their joining of moments before. He stroked the beautiful thing gently, excited all over again by the size of it. He rubbed his thumb over the slit at its tip, pushing back the foreskin and smearing the slight ooze of precum around the exposed rim of the head; Wufei shuddered and groaned into his open mouth, teeth pulling on his bottom lip as the kiss was broken at last.

"On your back," Wufei breathed, gently pushing Duo away.

The American lay down obediently, eagerly, smirking up at his Chinese lover. "You're gonna finish this time, right?" he prodded mischievously.

"I do not think I will be able to stop," Wufei agreed, smiling, fingertips lightly stroking over Duo's cock. Even now, he did everything possible to draw this encounter to its fullest length, using that feathery touch to tease his roommate into a veritable frenzy.

"Wufei, please, I can't stand it," Duo whimpered at last, pulling desperately at the other youth. He was dying to be filled again, dying for completion, dying for another taste of that full, luscious mouth. "I need it, please--"

Feeling that same need just as urgently, Wufei moved swiftly, repositioning himself and plunging into Duo's body with a sudden vengeance. Duo cried out in rapture and hooked his legs over Wufei's elbows as his friend, his lover, wrapped powerful arms around his thighs in a punishing grip and pounded into him without mercy.

Not that he really wanted any, mind you.

Wufei couldn't stop the desperate sounds of ecstasy that surged from his throat as that sweet aching tide of pleasure curled and flared and lashed about within him, building steadily toward the breaking point. The feel of Duo's body was absolutely beyond compare, unbelievably tight, holding him, caressing him, milking him as he pumped roughly in and out, over and over and over. He pulled Duo closer, dragging the boy's hips up off the bed that he might take him even harder and relishing the choked, sobbing moans that resulted. Duo looked simply magnificent in his passion, head arched back and tossing from side to side, braid tangled beneath him; fists clenched in the bedcovers; the muscles of his stomach tense and tight and beautiful, sloping up to meet the perfect shape of his cock as it bobbed helplessly with each of Wufei's powerful thrusts--the Chinese boy groaned at the sight, his pace quickening and his fingers digging in harshly where they were clamped around Duo's thighs.

Duo shuddered and let loose a low wailing moan that managed to convey without words the overwhelming intensity of emotion and sensation that Wufei had ignited within him. He let go of the bedclothes, left hand scrabbling at Wufei's thigh while the right seized his cock and began pumping furiously.

Wufei couldn't remember ever seeing anything more beautiful; quite suddenly, he was absolutely unable to bear not being pressed close against the boy he was taking. Swiftly he untangled his arms from Duo's legs and leaned down, scooping Duo into his embrace and pulling them both upright again.

Still impaled, Duo wrapped his arms around Wufei's neck and took over the rhythm, riding up and down hard in his lover's lap while pressing desperate kisses to Wufei's upturned face. He latched onto that full lower lip, sucking ardently at the wonderful plumpness until Wufei gave a rich cry of inarticulate pleasure and pulled away, hands moving to seize Duo's hips, urging him on in his feverish bucking. The American threw his head back, a strangled cry escaping him as that talented mouth went to work on his throat and chest, pushing him higher, hotter, deeper into the haze of ecstasy that bound them together. And when Wufei's hand glided purposefully between their close-pressed stomachs and took hold of his cock, other hand firm against the small of his back, he could hardly keep from screaming as his body went mad, beyond comprehension of anything but reaching completion.

Another moment, thrusting desperately up into Wufei's hand and rocking hard back down onto his cock, was all it took.

Duo choked out a groan and convulsed as orgasm broke over him, arms clenching about Wufei's neck and body clenching on the shaft within him, bringing his lover along for the ride. Wufei cried out against Duo's throat, clutching madly at that slender waist with his free arm as he emptied his passion into Duo. The American's essence oozed over his other hand, warm and erotic; and then Duo went limp, draping bonelessly over Wufei's shoulders as his own heaved for breath. Wufei, similarly, laid his cheek to one of those heaving shoulders and closed his eyes, trying to calm his own breathing.

Long seconds passed before Duo stirred. "Oh my god," he breathed softly, raising his head at last. "Wufei, you're the best. That was absolutely the most incredible sex I have ever had the privilege to experience..."

Wufei raised his head as well, meeting that warm lilac gaze and offering a wistful smile of his own. "That is quite the compliment, Duo, from someone of your...experience." He hesitated to say it, not wanting to imply that this boy whom he so thoroughly admired--on many levels--was a slut.

The American colored prettily, a pale pink tinge seeping into his cheeks. "Reputed experience, Wu-baby," he said, and flashed a somewhat sheepish grin. "Just 'cause I flirt like a maniac doesn't mean I've actually *been* with half the population of the Earth Sphere. I'm a bit more selective than that."

"It is easy to believe otherwise," Wufei murmured; and Duo frowned, not sure if he'd just been insulted or not.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked cautiously, not wishing to take offense where none was intended.

"It means that scant though my experience may be, you--" Wufei paused to brush a kiss across Duo's lips, "--you far surpass anything I have ever known before."

"Mm." Duo's blush deepened just a little even as he smiled. He pressed his mouth briefly to Wufei's, then released the boy and let himself fall back onto the bed with a sigh. "I feel soooo good right now," he murmured, blinking drowsily, arms stretched out to either side. "Talk about instant gratification--I could get used to this, 'Fei."

Wufei lay down and leaned over him, propped on one elbow. "As could I," he agreed, matching the smile; then he frowned slightly.

"'Instant gratification'?"

Duo nodded. "Uh huh. Here I was, watching my gay Asian porno and wishing I could be so lucky; then you walk in and find me out, tease me, seduce me, strip me, and screw the living daylights outta me--what more could I ask for?"

"I see." Wufei's lips curved into another smile. "So glad I was able to assist in your time of need." Duo's spent semen was still melting over the fingers of his right hand; he raised them and gently smeared a little over Duo's bottom lip with one fingertip, earning himself a quizzical look from those violet eyes until he leaned down and sucked the lip clean again.

"Mmm," Wufei murmured as he pulled back; and Duo giggled.

"Damn you're sexy, 'Fei."

"Thank you." Wufei smeared his lip and kissed him again, carrying the sharp saline tang of flavor into Duo's mouth as well this time.

Duo purred at that, pushing back and tasting Wufei's tongue with his own before pulling away and drawing Wufei's sticky fingers to his lips, licking and sucking until each of those long, slender digits was clean.

Wufei growled as Duo finished his task with a smug little smile and pinned the boy back against the bed, kissing him deeply, reclaiming the taste of Duo's essence. Duo responded with a soft little moan, eyes closing and arms wrapping possessively around Wufei's broad, sculpted shoulders.

An instant later, his eyes popped open again as a very distinct, nearly-renewed erection poked firmly into his hip. He broke away from the kiss with a startled exclamation.

"Damn, 'Fei--you're ready to go again?"

Wufei nuzzled into his throat and began kissing down his chest. "You had no plans for the rest of the day, did you?"

"Um, no," Duo answered, giggling again as Wufei's lips found a nipple and he registered that his body, too, was quite ready for more. His giggles turned abruptly to gasps as Wufei's teeth came into play, teasing at that nipple, biting and pinching until Duo moaned and squirmed in a futile attempt to escape from that erotic torture.

"Nnguh--geez, 'Fei, you really do wanna go again, don'tcha!"

Wufei moved to lick at the hollow of his collarbone. "Of course."

Duo shook his head and grinned, spreading his legs in accommodation as Wufei crawled on top of him. "Man, this is just too cool."

"Mm?" Wufei's tongue was busy tracing invisible patterns over Duo's throat.

"I've finally found the insatiable Asian babe of my dreams."

Wufei raised his head and cocked an eyebrow at that, the faintest hint of a blush highlighting his perfect cheekbones. Then he smirked. "Hn. Rice queen."

Duo stared for a split second, then burst into light laughter at the unexpected dig. "Yeah, yeah, I suppose I am. Lucky for you, huh?"


"'Course, it doesn't hurt that you're incredibly well-hung, either." Duo was rewarded by the return of Wufei's blush, more prominent this time; on a sudden impulse, he surged up and rolled over, sprawling a surprised Wufei beneath him in a tangle of arms and legs.

He looked down into startled onyx eyes and flashed his sexiest feral grin as he pinned Wufei's wrists loosely just above and beside that raven-dark head. "So whaddya say I take the driver's seat this time around, eh?"

Wufei struggled playfully against his hold, matching the grin. "Do you feel up to the challenge?"

Duo's smirk disappeared and he dropped his mouth to Wufei's swiftly, his kiss deep and insistent, forcing a response from his Chinese lover and breathing all his passion, need and desire into the other youth, not letting up until Wufei's fingers curled desperately around his and that god-like body writhed enticingly beneath his own as soft whimpers rose in that golden throat. Only then did Duo break away, gazing with a certain satisfaction on the sight of Wufei rendered breathless by passion, full lips parted and temptingly swollen, those depthless eyes half-lidded and a hint of color riding high over sculpted cheekbones.

He smirked again, gently squeezing Wufei's hands, and nuzzled at the boy's earlobe, pausing to breathe hotly, "I'm more than man enough for ya, Baby," before pulling back and meeting the smoldering ebony gaze. "Now why don'tcha just close those pretty little eyes and let me prove it to you, hmm?"

Dizzy with arousal and high on the scent and the taste of Duo, Wufei was only too happy to comply.


Beg: 4/29/02
End: 8/19/02
DUO: (blink) That's the *end*?? (blink) (blink) What the *hell*!!
TJ: Eh?
DUO: I thought we were doin' a double lemon!
TJ: Yes,
WUFEI: (insistent) Duo and I decided that we wanted to do it again.
TJ: Yes, just when I was wrapping it up, too. But that's okay--*I* thought it was a good idea. Bastian's the one who nixed it. Said he's done with this and moving on to other projects.
DUO: (withering look at the muse in question)
BASTIAN: (stares back impassively, arms crossed)
DUO: Dude, Bastian, you just *suck*.
BASTIAN: (smug grin) Too bad *you'll* never find out how well...
WUFEI: (mutters) Damned arrogant citrus muse...
BASTIAN: You forgot conceited and selfish--and cruelly unfeeling, and a flirt and a cocktease--
WUFEI/DUO: (chorus) Bastard.
BASTIAN: (winks and gives a one-fingered salute)
TJ: Oh, pipe down, all of ya. There'll be other fics. An' b'sides, guys, if we tried to do a second lemon we'd be at this *another* three months or *more* and I think we'd get lynched...

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