Lost & Found + Chapter 4 (cont)

Wufei's eyes fluttered shut as Duo's lips closed over his, the touch tentative yet decisive, leaving no doubt in the Chinese youth's mind that he'd correctly assessed the other's feelings for him. One hand curled hesitantly around the American's forearm; the other continued clasping Duo's tightly. Greatly daring, heart pounding in his chest, Wufei let his lips part further and flicked his tongue forward, inviting Duo to deepen the kiss; the braided youth tasted him almost shyly before gently breaking contact and drawing back.

Lilac and ebony eyes drifted open, fixing on each other in rapturous wonder; a long moment later, Duo blinked and spoke, barely more than a whisper.

"Why didn't I do that years ago?"

Wufei shook his head. "Why are you not doing it again?" It was out of his mouth before he even realized that he was thinking it.

"I don't know," Duo laughed softly; and scooted closer, pulling a blushing Wufei up against him, his head lowering once more.

The second kiss was even better, though neither of them could imagine how that was possible. Their mouths met again, more confident this time, warmer, bespeaking desires they had both thought forgotten long ago. Wufei positively melted into Duo's embrace, all woes temporarily dismissed as the chestnut-maned youth kissed him ardently, tenderly, passionately...protectively? Yes, he thought, that word would fit Duo's demeanor at this moment. He was only just beginning to realize that the depth of the other ex-pilot's feelings mirrored the depth of his own. His wandering fingers found the braid and grasped it tightly as Duo's hands moved gently to his face.

Duo's heart ached within him at the way Wufei so completely gave in to him, at how perfect the other youth felt pressed against him. ~Why didn't I tell him?~ he lamented, cradling the boy's face closer and kissing him harder. ~He could have been mine four years ago...~ One hand slid to the back of Wufei's neck, fingertips delving hesitantly into the ebony silk beneath the base of the ponytail; Wufei shivered in his arms and tugged lightly on his braid.

They lingered over the kiss, each reluctant to break from the other, the reality of this moment nearly too good to be true; it was Duo who finally pulled back, a tiny sigh escaping him at the look on Wufei's face. It was an expression that could only be described as 'I've-died-and-gone-to-heaven'--his lips moist, slightly parted, their lush fullness tempting Duo to taste them all over again; his eyes still closed, lashes a dark curl against the pale bronze of his cheek, drifting slowly open at last to stun Duo with the full force of the storm of emotions brewing within them.

The intensity in that gaze was incredibly humbling; Duo smiled shyly at his long-lost friend and touched the band that held back the raven sheen of Wufei's hair.

"May I?" he whispered, and Wufei barely nodded. The braided youth untied the thin band almost reverently; he'd never seen Wufei's hair down before. Once loosed, it fanned softly over his shoulders; Duo slid both hands into the feathery silk on either side of Wufei's head and lifted it gently outward and away so that it fell naturally around the Chinese boy's face, completely altering the stark appearance he usually kept up. He looked younger somehow, softer, somewhat vulnerable, almost fragile; Duo bit his lip at the sight and struggled to breathe properly past the ache in his chest.

"My god, you're beautiful," he said softly, fingering a thin strand of ebony silk as obsidian eyes fell from his.

Wufei shook his head ever-so-slightly. "Again, Duo you are too kind," he murmured.

Duo's thumb and forefinger gently grasped his chin, directing his face upward until their gazes met again. "No, I'm not," he said quietly. "You are beautiful, 'Fei, and talented and honorable and good. You're not a failure or a fuck-up. And if I wasn't such a brainless, paranoid idiot I would have spoken up when I realized that I loved you. It's my fault we've been apart and unhappy these last four years--I shoulda just opened my stupid mouth--"

Wufei reached strong, slender fingers up and laid them to Duo's lips. He felt a sharp pang of sorrow at the other's words, wanting more than anything to comfort the boy. Was this how Duo felt, listening to him berate himself?

"Your guilt is misplaced, Duo," he said softly. "I, too, failed to say anything."

"Yeah, but you had reasons for not tellin' me. I was just plain chicken..." Duo trailed off, heart melting as Wufei shook his head gently and smiled briefly.

"What was it you told me--no if-onlys; no might-have-beens?" Wufei leaned forward slightly, daring to move his hand from Duo's mouth to caress the boy's cheek. "The past is the past; it cannot be changed. We must look to do better in the future."

Lilac eyes watched him steadily as their owner smiled at him, a soft, sincere expression so different from the easy grin of lighter moments.

"That's damn good advice, Wufei," Duo said, raising one eyebrow. "D'you ever listen to yourself when dispensing wisdom?"

Wufei glanced away with an acknowledging smile. He understood. He was telling Duo to do exactly what he himself had not--to leave his past behind him and move on to the future.

"Yes," he said softly, raising his eyes to meet Duo's again. The American was beautiful. And Wufei was as much in love as he had been four years ago. "I should heed my own advice and cease my self-recrimination. Very well." He leaned forward more; his breath when he spoke was light sigh across Duo's cheek. "Let us both leave our mistakes behind us--" He pushed Duo gently back and down onto the couch, crawling on top of him. "--and begin anew." His mouth descended firmly over Duo's, stealing the breath away from them both.

Duo's pulse quickened as the weight of Wufei's body settled against him, from both the unexpectedness of the action and a sudden acute awareness of his physical attraction to the boy. Not to mention the fact that Wufei was kissing him with an innate authority that he was not about to question. He surrendered more than willingly, one hand resting hesitantly at Wufei's waist, the other weaving beneath the silken fall of ebony hair to gently cradle the back of the other youth's head as their tongues met softly within the warm haven of Duo's mouth.

Duo sighed his contentment when Wufei drew back and began brushing light kisses across his cheek and down his neck, unconsciously guiding the Chinese youth with the hand still buried in the other's hair. He shivered almost imperceptibly as Wufei gently placed another butterfly kiss just below his ear; those lips were so soft, so warm, so tender...Duo felt as though he were slowly melting away into little wisps of happiness. If only they could stay this way forever...

Wufei shifted slightly atop him, settling them together with a greater sense of confidence, his fingers curling in the shoulder of Duo's shirt. "I love you, Duo," he whispered, mouth brushing delicately over the American's skin. Duo shivered at the words, the joy he'd felt upon hearing them the first time flooding through him again tenfold.

"And I love you, Chang Wufei," he breathed in return, gently guiding the other back up to kiss him again.

Slowly, so slowly, the heat of desire began to build softly between them, encouraging further exploration of one another and inciting Wufei to a careful boldness he would not have thought proper in cooler moments. There was no guarantee that Duo actually wished to bed him so suddenly, after all; yet here he was, kissing the American with an ever-increasing sense of abandon, hands straying up beneath the other's shirt, enticed to continue by the warmth of the creamy alabaster skin he found there and the shivers that ran through Duo's body as he did so.

After a moment Duo hesitantly began reciprocating the gesture, perfectly willing to cautiously follow Wufei's lead, well aware that abandoning himself to his own growing desires would land them in the bedroom and needing to certain that Wufei wished to go so far as well. He was becoming terribly hard within the denim of his shorts; he did his best to keep Wufei from discovering that fact, not wishing to pressure the other boy in any way.

His gentle exploration of Wufei's spine was interrupted a moment later as the Chinese youth drew back and peeled off his uniform shirt abruptly, dropping it behind him with his discarded jacket and falling back to Duo once more, his unbound hair sweeping down to shroud both their faces in a sweet, faint swirl of scent as their mouths met again.

The urgency in Wufei's kiss sent waves of awareness rippling through Duo's body; the smooth warmth of Wufei's bared skin and the strength beneath it only served to stoke the soft heat of his mounting desire. Those slender, graceful hands moved lightly over his shoulders, gentle, affectionate; it was somehow more arousing than if Wufei had been desperately tearing his clothes off in a fit of uncontrollable passion. The sweet, hesitant slowness of the whole situation was building a much stronger fire, a far greater intensity than any quicker pace could have hoped to achieve. Duo shifted slightly beneath the Chinese youth, wrapping one arm snugly about the slender waist while continuing to caress that sculpted bronze back with his other hand. He truly couldn't bring himself to care if they ended up going no further, if they continued this way for the rest of the night. It was simply heavenly.

And then Wufei began to move.

It was subtle at first, gentle, subconscious; Duo hardly noticed through the pleasant haze in which their shared kisses had him floating. Slowly, though, the sweet ache in his groin made itself known and he registered the pressure of Wufei's body against his erection and shivered. Wufei moved again, hips grinding softly against Duo's; and with that, the American realized that he could feel the hard length of Wufei's penis straining beneath the fabric of those uniform pants. He pushed back reflexively, urgent need waking within him; and Wufei's hands tightened on his shoulders, kiss becoming suddenly more insistent. Duo did his best to hold himself in check as Wufei's mouth overpowered his and Wufei's hips moved in soft rhythmic pulses against his own; it was no use. Desire curled and flared low in his belly and at last he gave up the fight, his voice escaping him as a soft moan into Wufei's ardent mouth as the Chinese youth began carefully unbuttoning his shirt.

Wufei broke the kiss at last, all but undone by the gentle upward surging of Duo's hips into his. He gazed down at the young man beneath him, a mix of humility and adoration coursing through him as Duo's eyes opened. There was nothing held back in that beautiful face; there were no more walls, no more masks. Duo gazed up at him in return, all defenses down; and Wufei felt as though he were looking straight into the other's soul. Lying above Duo like this as the American reached up to gently run slender, pale fingers through his hair, Wufei knew, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Duo loved him as much as he loved Duo. The knowledge was humbling and exhilarating all at the same time, overwhelming; it was nearly enough to make a man cry.

Wufei traced reverent fingertips over Duo's cheek, down along his throat, underneath the now-open shirt, moving it gently aside, trembling at the way Duo arched softly into his touch, those lilac eyes closing briefly. He caressed Duo's skin again, feather-light, hesitating to move further though he ached to do so.

"Wufei," Duo breathed; and there was a tremulous note in his voice that bespoke the same intensity of emotion coursing through them both. He was beautiful...so beautiful...

Helpless to resist, Wufei gently claimed the American's mouth once more, his kiss heartfelt and hungry, drawing the softest of whimpers from the taller youth as it lasted longer and longer. The touch of bare skin to bare skin raced through him like fire; and Wufei could not deny that he needed this boy, needed him heart and soul, now and forever...he broke the kiss softly, one hand gently pushing unruly bangs away from his paramour's face.

"'Fei," Duo breathed fervently, just shy of a soft moan, the old nickname become an ardent endearment. "Oh, Wufei..." His hand was curled behind Wufei's neck, keeping the other pulled close to him. "I love you," he whispered, raising his head so that his mouth brushed over one bronze-tinted cheekbone as he spoke. "God, I love you..."

Wufei closed his eyes, thrilling to the sound of those words from Duo's lips.

He had never thought such overwhelming happiness, such peace, could be his.

"I need you, Duo," he whispered, shivering as the other slid a hand over his bare back again. "I have always needed you, from the very beginning..." He paused, drowning in the violet eyes that gazed up at him with such cherishing adoration, and continued in a reverent near-whisper as his fingertips caressed an ivory cheek. "Would you permit me the unparalleled honor of making you mine?"

Duo's heart surged within him at the other's gentle request; he moved to brush feather-light lips up the curve of Wufei's delicate, swan-like neck, nipping softly, lost in the scent of the boy. "I need you too, 'Fei...it means so much just to know that you want me..."

"More than anything," Wufei whispered fervently, dark eyes closing in rapture as Duo shifted slightly beneath him.

The American's mouth moved gently to his ear, sighing the words that he'd been aching to hear for years.

"Then make love to me, Wufei--please..."


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