By TJ Dragonblade
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Notes: More mild angstiness, more sap, more pre-lemony citrus...

Lost & Found + Chapter 6

Wufei glanced up at his computer screen for what had to be the millionth time to glare at the clock on the far wall. By his reckoning, it had been hours since he'd last checked it, but the damnable contraption said it had only been thirty minutes. He hated the inconstant, changeable nature of time; for as slowly as the hours dragged now, he knew they would fly all too quickly tonight.

Tonight. There was a part of him that feared Duo would be gone if he went back to that hotel tonight; but he realized that was just the voice of paranoia. Last night had been real; and Duo had far too much honor to up and leave without warning after what they had shared. His heart's desire would be waiting for him when he got off work...

Still, Duo would be leaving soon, and Wufei was impatient to return to him and make the most of what time was left. He wanted the braided youth to remain indefinitely, to always be there when he came home...

Funny how a hotel suite where he'd spent one night could feel more like home than the quarters he'd lived in the past three months. Home, he realized suddenly, would always be wherever Duo was.

In that case, should he not plan to accompany Duo when the American left town? He hated it here; had hated it since he arrived. He was sick to death of the whole Preventers organization. Why not cut all ties and leave it behind him, looking only to a future with Duo?

~You have duties and responsibilities here,~ a sour little voice reminded him. ~You cannot simply up and leave. Perhaps you could give notice of your intent to resign and train a replacement; then you could catch up to Maxwell on his journeys.~

~Chang Wufei, you are a fool,~ another voice piped up, this one sounding suspiciously like Meiran. ~A person does not have many chances to love. You should not let this one slip away again.~

With an irritated sigh, Wufei silenced the voices in his head. He would figure out what to do before Duo left. In the meantime, he had status reports and mission de-briefings to type up and file. With any luck, they would keep him occupied until his shift was over.

By the time the clock read 17:29, Wufei's impatience had him ready to burst. He was up from his chair and out his office door the instant the glowing numbers switched to 17:30; he was in and out of his quarters in record time, only grabbing a clean uniform to avoid coming back in the morning. And then he was out of the building and on his bike, heading back to the haven from reality he'd left that morning.

It was only as he knocked on the door of the fifth-floor suite that he realized his heart was pounding and his mouth was dry and his palms were damp with perspirations and he was nervous, anticipation having eaten at him all day. But then the door opened, and there was Duo with his hundred-watt smile and a welcoming laugh, pulling him inside and plastering him with an enthusiastic kiss as the door swung shut.

Wufei purred his satisfaction as Duo's mouth melded to his and slid his hands up the other youth's chest, pressing him back against the nearest wall. "I missed you," he growled softly, lips brushing over Duo's throat. "That was absolutely the longest day I have ever spent at work."

"Missed you too," Duo offered rather breathlessly, arms tightening briefly around his lover. "Now whaddya say we go get some dinner?"

"Dinner?" Wufei blinked, completely nonplussed. He'd somehow imagined they'd fall straight back into bed and make love all night, though he realized as his stomach rumbled discontentedly that perhaps Duo had a valid suggestion after all.

"Yeah, I figured we'd go out. Knowing you, you either skipped breakfast or worked through lunch--either way, you're due for another meal and I'm starving! So do ya wanna go?"

"I am hardly dressed for anything special," Wufei protested, drawing back far enough to eye the American's attire. He was wearing a loose black tailored shirt, left casually untucked over a pair of black slacks and black boots in the same low style he'd always worn. The clothing suited him well; he looked as beautiful as ever. Wufei glanced down at himself--sans jacket, his uniform had no distinguishing features or emblems to identify him as a Preventer. But it was still hardly formal garb.

"You're dressed just fine, 'Fei," Duo said reassuringly. "These pants look simply incredible on you, by the way. And it's not like we'll go anywhere black-tie fancy, y'know? Just something nice and simple, maybe kinda romantic, and then we'll come back here for dessert." His mouth curved into a distinctly wicked smile, letting the shorter youth know exactly what he meant by 'dessert'.

That one simple suggestion sent a little thrill of anticipation curling through Wufei's stomach; he couldn't help angling a glance over Duo's shoulder into the adjacent bedroom. He caught a glimpse of the freshly-made bed with what looked to be some sort of flower petals scattered over the coverlet. "Roses?" he queried, guessing; and was rather surprised when Duo gently clapped a hand over his eyes.

"Ah ah ah!" the braided youth admonished, spinning him around to face the opposite direction. "It's supposed to be a surprise. No peeking!" He quickly shut the door between the two rooms.

"May I turn around now?" Wufei asked at the sound of the latch clicking into place, amused by Duo's child-like enthusiasm, warmed by the fact that Duo had taken the time to prepare something just for him.

"Only if you'll agree to dinner," Duo answered.

"Of course," Wufei said, turning around as Duo embraced him again. "Anything is fine, so long as I am with you." He leaned up and planted a soft kiss on Duo's smirking mouth. "Where did you have in mind?"

They settled on a small Italian restaurant not far from the hotel, arriving about an hour after it opened for the evening. They were seated in a small, quiet booth in the back, far enough from the other patrons that it gave the feel of being completely alone.

Dinner was pleasant and uneventful, consisting mostly of quiet conversation and long looks at each other over portions of pasta and plates of salad. Duo found himself repeatedly drawn into Wufei's dark velvet gaze, mesmerized by the beauty of the Chinese youth, fascinated by every little movement he made--the way his lips parted moistly then closed over the fork as it withdrew, the delicate motion of his throat as he swallowed, the graceful curve of his slender fingers as they picked up his long-stemmed glass...Duo sighed. Everything about Wufei oozed an unconscious sensuality; there was no way the American could simply forget about him and move on, even had he wanted to. There had to be a way to convince Wufei to leave with him; the Asian boy was too perfect to be left behind, abandoned to such drudgery. Duo would take him away, unfetter him from the shackles of this mundane existence, let them both live freely until they figured out what they wanted to do in life...



"Are you alright?"

Duo realized rather suddenly that he was staring at an imaginary point in space between them with a dreamy smile on his face and his fork paused halfway to his mouth. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said quickly, his smile brightening as he set the fork back on his plate. "Just thinkin'..."

"What about?"

"You," he answered truthfully. "How much you mean to me; how I don't want to lose you..." He looked up and fell into Wufei's eyes again. "How beautiful you are; how much I want to be with you again..."

A faint tinge of color was now riding high in Wufei's cheekbones. "And you mean everything to me, Duo. I only wish you could stay."

~Come with me.~ It was on the tip of Duo's tongue, but he didn't say it. Now was not the right time. "Let's go," he said instead, softly, tearing his gaze away at last from the hypnotic depths of Wufei's. Both plates were nearly empty and neither of them was interested in eating anymore.

"Yes," Wufei agreed, just as softly; and Duo beckoned to their server for the check.

As they exited the restaurant, Duo was struck with a sudden inspiration. "Hey, 'Fei," he said, one hand on the other's shoulder. "Is there a road up onto that mountain?" He pointed to a small mountain a few miles distant whose shape bore a remarkable resemblance to the hump on a camel's back.

"Yes," Wufei answered. "With enough money one can live up there. Why do you ask?"

"Well...I hear the sunsets are spectacular here; I've kinda got the itching to see one, if you don't mind..."

"Not at all," Wufei returned. "We shall do just that."

Duo molded his body to Wufei's as they sped off on the motorcycle, wind searing their skin, his arms tightly wrapped around the Chinese youth, face pressed to the back of the thin white shirt as Wufei's tailed hair whipped past his helmet. He had to hunch over slightly, as Wufei was the shorter of the two; but he found the benefits worth the discomfort. Holding onto Wufei this closely felt so right--he squeezed just a little tighter as the bike was steered onto a series of switch-backed roads that led up the north face of the mountain. At last the came out on a broad ledge away from the residences overlooking the city to the west and dismounted.

They sat, side by side, leaning against one another as the sun sank lower in the sky, saying nothing, simply basking in the comfort of one another's presence.

After several long moments, Wufei turned to his companion. "When are you leaving?" he asked quietly.

Duo folded his arms around his drawn-up knees and looked down at the ground, speedily debating what he ought to tell Wufei. Setting a distant departure date might give him more time to convince the boy; but he also knew from past experience that Wufei often responded better to urgency and short deadlines.

Besides which, the sooner he got Wufei out of here the better.

Decision made.

"Day after next," he answered, barely audible.

"Where are you going then?" Wufei asked, his heart sinking. Tonight and tomorrow were all he had left?

"I dunno." Duo sighed. "Someplace I haven't been that I can get a ticket to on the spot. It's more fun that way, spontaneous and all..."

"Fun." Wufei smiled slightly. "Enjoying life. That's what matters most to you, isn't it?"

Duo turned his head and locked gazes with Wufei, returning the half-smile. "Almost," he said gently, brushing the backs of his fingers against his lover's cheek.

Ever modest, Wufei blushed faintly as he realized what Duo meant. His gaze lingered on the American youth, noting just how beautiful he looked with the setting sun glinting ruby-red light through his bangs.

Without a word, Duo leaned forward and kissed the other boy softly on the mouth, prolonging the brief touch for a blissful moment. "I love you," he whispered, forehead resting against Wufei's. "I always will. And...and I'd like you to think about coming with me when I leave."

Wufei said nothing, simply pulled Duo closer and held him fiercely, mind racing. Tomorrow night would be their last; then Duo would be out of his life again.

The thought was unbearable.

Yet there was no way he could ask Duo to stay, to give up what he wanted to be doing.

The answer, then, would seem simple--Wufei must leave the job he hated to be with the boy he loved.

Not so difficult a choice when it came right down to it.

And yet still his sense of duty balked...

He shivered slightly, blinking away the faint sensation of tears that pricked at the back of his eyes and holding Duo tighter. He had to make his decision before tomorrow night.

He released Duo at last, offering a small smile as they both turned once more to watch the sun as it slowly slid below the horizon. When the last sliver of gold disappeared and the colors in the sky began to bleed to darkness, they looked at each other once again.

"I love you too," Wufei said finally, fingertips tracing the shape of Duo's face. "Since I first truly met you..." He pulled up a smile. "I will consider your suggestion." He slid his hand gently around the back of Duo's neck and drew him into a kiss that lasted longer--far longer--than he had meant it to.

It was Duo who broke away at last, breathless. "If we don't go now," he gasped, "I'm gonna tear both our clothes off and have you do me right here."

Wufei considered it for a split second--but no, the ground was too rocky, uncomfortable; too public besides. "Right, then," he muttered, climbing to his feet as Duo did the same. They mounted the bike and took off, speeding down the mountain a bit faster than was probably safe in the gathering dusk.

Wufei pounced on Duo the instant they got into the hotel room, reaching up to drag the taller youth into a searing kiss while pushing him back against the door. The American responded in kind, grabbing the firm curves of the other's backside and grinding his hips forward, rock-hard desire against rock-hard desire. Wufei growled deeply at the contact, one let wrapping partially around Duo's, practically climbing the braided young man in his urgency.

It was with great difficulty that Duo managed to disengage his lover's arms from around his neck and put the shorter youth off a step or two. "Wait here for just a sec," he ordered, somewhat breathlessly, and ducked into the bedroom, ensuring that the door closed again behind him.

Slightly irritated and impatient, Wufei waited nonetheless, remembering Duo's mention earlier of a surprise. After a moment Duo's voice called out to him.

"Close your eyes!"

Wufei did as requested, hearing the door open a second later. Warm, slender hands slid over his eyes from behind as Duo purred into his ear.

"Okay, now walk."

Obediently he took the few steps that would carry him into the bedroom, nose wrinkling just the tiniest bit as a pleasantly warm, botanical scent assailed his senses.

"You can look now," Duo said softly, removing his hands and closing the door behind them.

The sight that met Wufei's eyes was perhaps a bit romantically clichéd but effective nonetheless. Vases of deep velvet-red roses stood on either bedside table, surrounded by dozens of glowing white candles of varying height. That accounted for the scent of the room, he noted absently, taking in the rest of Duo's preparations. More candles were placed about on any available surface, spreading the warm sensual glow beyond the bed, which was indeed covered with scattered rose petals as Wufei had seen earlier. He let his gaze wander to Duo, standing off to one side with his black shirt now unbuttoned and hanging enticingly open around him and his feet bare.

"This is beautiful, Duo," he said sincerely, and was rewarded by a humble smile from the lilac-eyed youth.

"Thanks," Duo said, shrugging very slightly. "I hoped you'd like it--you deserve to be romanced; and I...I want to give you everything. I wanted tonight to be special..."

"Every moment, every second I spend with you is special, Duo," Wufei said softly, moving to embrace his lover once again. Duo's arms caught him about the waist and their mouths joined, crushing ardently together with a fierce sense of oneness and a fair amount of urgency.

That urgency calmed and settled to a much stronger passion as they kissed; Wufei gave himself over to it willingly, heat flaring pleasantly through his body, curling in his belly and pooling strong and steady in his groin. His hands roamed all over Duo and the American's roamed all over him, touching, exploring, fingers finding their way beneath clothing to caress bare skin and draw small sighs of pleasure from each other's throats. Wufei simply lost himself in the sensations as Duo pulled him down onto the bed, untying his hair and gently tugging the white shirt off of him before easily shedding his own black clothing. Once naked, the braided youth helped Wufei out of his pants almost reverently; and then they fell together again, limbs tangled, mouths fused, tongues sparring heatedly. The blaze of passion and desire built steadily within and around them until at last Wufei found himself kneeling between Duo's spread legs, sitting back on his heels and staring down at the American's inviting smile.

"I'm yours, Wufei," Duo whispered, shifting his hips slightly as he spoke; unable to ignore such magnificence, the Chinese youth took hold of the other's turgid shaft and began stroking it gently, watching enraptured as waves of ecstasy washed over Duo's face.

"Oh, 'Fei--Wufei--" Wufei leaned down as Duo moaned his name and licked at the peaked nubs of dusky nipples, moving softly to lay alongside the boy as he kissed his way up the slender white throat before claiming the American's mouth with hungry, eager lips. Desire and need coursed through him, throbbing in his veins, in his erection where it pressed firmly against Duo's hip, making him tremble, filling him with anticipation. For tonight would be different than ever before--tonight, he made a gift to his heart's desire, a gift of the last aspect of his long-lost virginity, an unspoken testament of the place Duo held in his heart.

"Duo," he whispered, delighting at the way his lover's member twitched in his hand as he said the name. "You have made me unbearably happy, xin ai; and I want..." He trailed off, lips grazing over Duo's earlobe. "I want you to take me, tonight...if you are willing..."

"I...I...'Fei," Duo sputtered, the slight movement of his hips stilling as he turned to look Wufei in the eye with some surprise. Clearly he had not expected such a request.

"I have never been taken, Duo," Wufei said softly, falling into the lovely depths of his lover's gaze. "I want you to be the one has ever come close to making me feel as you do..."

"My god...Wufei...I--" Duo was at a loss for words, deeply moved. "I don't...I don't know what to say...I-I've never been anyone's first anything..."

"Say yes," Wufei urged, breath caught in his throat, irrationally afraid that Duo would turn him down.

The American slid a hand into the silken mane of ebony hair and pulled his Chinese lover down into a fiercely passionate kiss, arching up against the beautiful body above him in a show of complete acquiescence, humbled nearly to the point of tears that Wufei thought him worthy of such a gift.

"Yes," he whispered against Wufei's lips. "Oh, yes--anything for you--" He rolled them both over, raining ardent kisses over the Asian's perfect face. "I love you...I love you...god, Wufei, I love you--"

It was the sweetest surrender Wufei had ever known.

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