By TJ Dragonblade
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Notes: Fairly short. More morning-after sap. Some thoughts from Wufei, and decisions made. Moving slightly forward. And I think I'm just about all sapped out...I'm sure you're all very relieved. ^_^

For Cassima & StraightNCurly, 'cause they prodded. (grin) For everyone else who's been looking for it, too--my apologies for keeping you waiting... (bows) Thanks to StraightNCurly for the translation, as well. I'm much happier with those lines now than what I had before. ^_^ Xie xie!

Lost & Found + Chapter 7

Morning came all too soon; dreading it as he was, Wufei woke just as the room began to lighten from black to gray. Duo was curled against him, breathing softly, one arm draped over Wufei's hip, still sleeping soundly. The young Preventer lay perfectly still, simply holding his peaceful lover, feeling none of that peace himself.

Duo would be gone after tonight. Wufei longed to go with him, to simply abandon his responsibilities here and do what he wanted for once in his life. But he knew he would not, even as he considered it. His sense of duty was far too deeply ingrained.

Once again, he found himself hating the person he had become.

~Then quit,~ that oddly Meiran-like voice whispered in his head. ~Follow the dictates of procedure and protocol, but quit. And perhaps...perhaps Duo would be willing to postpone his departure. Even if not, you can keep in touch and catch up to him...~

Wufei sighed to himself. He would be turning in his resignation today, that much was not in dispute. But how long it would be before he actually left...he could not say for certain. The Preventers required a minimum two-week notification prior to separation. He was bound to this place at least that much longer. But after that...Wufei tightened his arms around his sleeping lover. After that he would be gone. Gone, somewhere far away. With Duo. He gently dropped a kiss to the top of the American's head.

Duo mumbled something incoherent and burrowed closer into him, face nuzzling at his collarbone. Enchanted by the fact that Duo cuddled in his sleep, Wufei lay quietly awhile longer, unwilling to disturb the moment, letting his chin rest against the American's chestnut hair. This feeling was too nice to give up.

At last, unable to resist, he began gently stroking the body nestled against him, one hand running softly down Duo's bare back, over and over. The braided youth stirred in his arms, snuggling into his chest with a sigh; Wufei kissed his forehead lightly in response.

"Wo ai ni," he murmured into the tousled bangs. "Yong yuan, yi bei zi bu bian...wo ai ni, Duo."

"Dunno whatcha said, 'Fei, but it sounded awful nice," Duo mumbled against his skin. "Say it again, will ya?"

"I said I love you, Duo, always and forever; and that is never going to change."

"Really?" Duo raised his head, violet eyes blinking sleepily in his half-awake face. "Say it like you did before," he requested.

Wufei repeated himself again, the Mandarin syllables flowing smoothly from his tongue despite the fact that he hadn't spoken the language in far too long.

"Mmm." The American smiled sweetly and laid his head back down. "That's pretty," he sighed, trailing his hand slowly up Wufei's arm. "Do you mean it?"

"I would never say it if I did not," Wufei answered.

"Good." Duo's eyes met his lover's again, holding them intently, suddenly fully awake. "'Cause I've never stopped loving you and I'm pretty damn sure I never will." He rose up slightly and engaged Wufei in a lengthy, heartfelt kiss that left him aching with need and unable to bear the thought of leaving this beautiful young man behind.

"Come with me," he whispered, breaking away at last, his pleading violet gaze urging Wufei to say yes.

"Duo--" There was too much hesitation and regret in that tone; Duo's heart sank and he buried his face against the warm skin of Wufei's neck.

"I can't leave you behind," he murmured past the tightness in his throat, fighting the burn of tears at the back of his eyes. "I wanna spend the rest of my life with you--I can't lose you again, 'Fei--please--"

"I am giving notice of my intent to resign today," Wufei cut in softly. "Two weeks more and I am free to go."

"Two weeks?" Duo looked up, eyes suspiciously bright, a note of hope in his voice. "Fourteen days?" He considered it for a second--there was no reason he couldn't stay here in Phoenix and wait. "Then I can stick around awhile longer, if that's what it takes. Nothing matters more than you do." He lifted his hand to his lover's face, stroking it with what could almost be termed reverence. "I love you, Wufei. Wo ai ni." It seemed he could not say it enough.

One elegant eyebrow arched slightly; Wufei was warmly impressed that Duo had picked up that particular Mandarin phrase so quickly. It spoke subtle volumes about the truthfulness of the boy's assertion that Wufei mattered more than anything to him. An oddly subdued rush of elation swept through the Chinese youth--Duo would stay, would wait for him. He surged up and rolled over, propping his upper body over Duo's. "Thank you," he said sincerely, gently kissing the other's temptingly pert lips. "Fourteen days more; then I am yours and yours alone. In the meantime--" he glanced at the bedside clock surrounding by a dozen half-melted burnt-out candles "--I need not worry about preparing for work for another two hours."

Duo's nose wrinkled. "Starting later today than yesterday?"

Wufei's mouth twisted into something that was almost a smile. "There are no extraneous waste-of-time meetings this morning, no. I do not have to report until 0830."

Duo smiled up at him. "And are you mine to do with as I please until then?" He let his smile turn distinctly suggestive and banished the disappointment he felt. Ideally he wished Wufei had agreed to leave with him tomorrow; but he understood his Chinese lover well enough to realize that to Wufei, this was the most appropriate course of action.

And Chang Wufei was most definitely worth waiting for.

Black eyes narrowed as Wufei returned Duo's smirk. "I am yours for the taking," he agreed as the American's arms slid around him.

"Never said I was gonna take ya," Duo murmured, one hand guiding Wufei's mouth down to his own.

And indeed, in that moment, sexual gratification was the farthest thing from his mind. He felt instead an overwhelming need to be close to the Asian youth, to bond with him, to simply be with him. All he really wanted to do was hold the boy, touch him, kiss him forever. Heaven was theirs in the soft embrace of the bed, the warm press of one body against the other, the silken brush of ardent lips; neither of them wished for that perception to end.

They lay together for a long while, wrapped up in one another, cuddled in the blankets against the chill of the air conditioner and the encroaching daylight, drowsy and content, listening to the rhythm of each other's hearts.

"Changed m'mind," Duo mumbled at last. "How 'bout we both stay right here for the rest of our lives?"

"Pleasant as that would be, I fear starvation would drive us forth sooner or later," Wufei answered.

"Damn." Duo yawned hugely. "Y'had to mention food, didn'tcha. You just made me realize how hungry I am." He carefully disentangled himself from Wufei and rolled over, reaching for the bedside table and pulling a sheet of paper from the drawer. "Here," he offered, handing it to Wufei, who had sat up. "I'm gonna call room service--whaddya want?"

"You," Wufei answered without hesitation, gaze fixed on Duo's bare chest, the disheveled braid hanging down that slim back, the pale hint of a blush that lit that elfin face. He met Duo's eyes with fire blazing softly in his own.

Duo stared back a moment, surprised to hear such a remark from Wufei, warmly pleased to see such a look of want on his lover's face.

"That's dessert, Baby," he murmured, leaning on his elbow, stretching up to brush a kiss over those lovely full lips. "You can't have dessert before breakfast."

"According to whom?" Wufei purred, leaning forward on one arm and snaring Duo with the other.

"According," Duo sighed, completely losing his train of thought as Wufei's black velvet gaze swallowed him up.

"One good kiss will tide me over, then," Wufei murmured, lips mere millimeters from Duo's, eyes holding his lover's from beneath the sooty fringe of half-lowered lashes.

"Um. Uh huh." Duo closed the minimal distance between them, mouth working at Wufei's thoroughly, pouring his soul into the kiss and drawing his lover's soul out in return.

"Mmm." Wufei smiled blissfully and sat back as Duo sat up. "Now I am ready for breakfast." He picked up the room service menu and handed it back to Duo. "I will have whatever you are having."

"Fair enough." Duo swatted him lightly with the paper. "Hit the shower, Sexy. I'll make the call and be right in to join ya."

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