By TJ Dragonblade
Pairing: 5x2
Rating: NC-17/PWP
Warnings: Yaoi lemon...mention of child prostitution?
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is created by Hajime Yatate and Yoshiyuki Tomino, copyrighted by Sunrise/SOTSU Agency, and distributed by Bandai entertainment. In other words, I am merely playing with the boys for the entertainment of myself and hopefully others; in so doing I mean no disrespect or copyright infringement.
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Notes: Iím more or less sick of this fic. Iíve been at it for more than a year and itís just...Iím done. The first lemon I wrote; it's clichť and trite and unoriginal and I rewrote the lead-in Ďcause it was really baaaad and itís still only mediocre but (shrug) Iím moving on.

Perfect Ten

Wufei glance down at the cards in his hand, fastidiously arranging them by suit in ascending numerical value as he waited for Duo to finish dealing and begin. Heíd never played any sort of cards before; but Duo had explained the rules and the game sounded simple enough--where was the harm in exploring this innocuous pastime? Most importantly, Duo had invited him to play; for reasons he was not yet ready to admit to anyone but himself, he was unwilling to refuse anything the boy asked. Besides, ever since they had begun operating out of this safe house seven weeks ago, Duo had been remarkably involved in everything Wufei did. He shadowed the Chinese boy in the kitchen, making small talk and praising Wufei's culinary skills, offering assistance with the simpler tasks. He'd expressed great interest in what the Altron pilot read, listening attentively while Wufei would recount the contents of this book or that, even politely asking permission to borrow one or two and reading them himself. He unobtrusively engaged the raven-haired boy in meaningful conversations at opportune moments and shared stretches of companionable silence with him at others. In short, Duo had actively courted his friendship, something that no one had ever done before. And Wufei had found that he liked it, liked the knowledge that someone appeared to care about him, liked having someone he could talk to, confide in, liked the companionship, liked Duo. In all honesty, he realized that he had fallen in love with the pretty, personable American boy; it was not, however, a subject he was prepared to broach with the other just yet.

But if Duo wanted to teach him how to play cards on a rainy Sunday evening, he was more than happy to oblige.

He looked up as Duo spoke.

"Do you have any threes?"

Wufei glanced back down at his cards and shook his head slightly. "No; go fish."

Duo drew a card from the pile in the middle of the narrow coffee table between them and tucked it into his hand. Nine of spades; no help there. Although truthfully Duo didn't care if he won or lost; he was simply elated that Wufei had been willing to play at all.

For quite awhile now Duo had been making a concentrated effort to get to know Wufei better. He found the Chinese boy fascinating and likeable, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous and melt-in-your-mouth sexy in a completely unconscious, indifferent way--he wasn't really aware of his appeal and wouldn't have cared had anyone told him. Duo had been quite infatuated with him for some time now; the past several weeks had given him the opportunity to get behind Wufei's walls and acquaint himself with the person beneath.

The boy he'd found had stolen his heart.

Wufei was intriguing, intelligent, courageous, strong, honorable, complex, and unique; he was also cool, aloof, withdrawn, and distinctly introverted. Never one to shy from such a challenge, Duo had taken it upon himself to draw the other boy out of his self-constructed armor and introduce him to more interpersonal behavior.

And it apparently had worked, as Wufei had agreed today to something frivolous that Duo had suggested doing. Playing 'Go Fish', of all things--the poor American could not for the life of him remember any card game less juvenile, so delighted was he that Wufei had accepted his hesitantly offered invitation.

They were a few minutes into the game when the front door suddenly opened and a thoroughly soaked Quatre swept inside.

"Allah, but it's coming down out there," the blond exclaimed, stripping off his wet overcoat and hanging it to dry in the entryway. He turned and entered the living room proper, crossing to where his fellow pilots sat on the floor while pushing sopping bangs out of his face. His expression registered the barest note of surprise at seeing Wufei willingly engaged in such a trivial activity as playing cards; it was quickly smoothed away in the interest of politeness.

"Hey, Q, wanna play?" Duo gestured at the end of the table in invitation.

Quatre considered it for a second; then shook his head gently, smiling. He really was hoping that a certain auburn-haired circus performer was home; besides, being who he was, he could tell that both Duo and Wufei, though neither would outright admit it, would prefer to be left with only one another for company. "No, thank you," he said. "I really ought to go dry out."

"You've got a point there," Duo agreed, moving his arm to avoid getting dripped on. Wufei, characteristically, said nothing.

Quatre smiled softly. "Has Trowa come in yet?" He couldn't resist asking.

Duo's smile in return was devoid of its usual wickedness. "Yeah, he's been here a couple hours. Probably upstairs waitin' for ya."

The Arabian's eyes, already gentle beyond compare, softened further at the thought of his green-eyed lover. "Then I will see the two of you later," he responded, unaware that his smile had gone dreamy. He headed for the stairs.

Duo watched him go with envious eyes. Wufei watched Duo, curiosity piqued by his melancholy expression. As Quatre disappeared around the turn of the landing, the American boy sighed darkly.

"I am so jealous of him."

Wufei tensed unconsciously; Duo liked Trowa?

Duo blinked, distant gaze refocusing on Wufei. "Of both of them, really."

The Chinese pilot released a breath silently as his companion continued. "They're both so damn happy, so perfect must be nice. I hear 'em sometimes, at night, and I just...I wish I could have what they have. To be with someone like make's gotta be wonderful. But I wouldn't know." Duo seemed to have forgotten their game, his card hand dropping unnoticed to the table as his gaze turned inward.

Wufei was now desperately curious, Duo's comments pushing him to ask the question he normally wouldn't have considered voicing despite his intense desire to know the answer.

"'re a virgin?" he asked cautiously. It wasn't that far-fetched a notion, really; but somehow he'd just always assumed Duo to be...experienced.

Violet eyes hardened suddenly and Duo glanced away. He laughed shortly, the sound strangely harsh and devoid of any real mirth.

"Oh no, 'Fei, I'm not a virgin," he said, voice full of an old bitterness. "I used to be a whore."

Wufei's mouth fell open; in the interest of politeness, he closed it again quickly. "What do you mean?" he asked, filtering the apallment from his tone. He had learned long ago that it was best to reserve judgment until one had the full story.

Again, that brittle laugh. "I mean, Wufei, that when you're a hungry kid living on the streets and you have no money, you'll do anything you have to ta get by; I was about nine when I figured out that my body was a valuable commodity that could get me what I needed to survive. So I used it." His tone softened slightly, turning melancholy once more.

"G was the first person to turn me down. He actually laughed when I offered and told me I should think more highly of myself. That's half the reason I stuck with him and ended up in this damn war--he treated me like a person.

"But yeah, I had plenty of sex. I've just never been with anyone I wanted to be with; who wanted me for me and not 'cause Iím a pretty little boy. And then seeing Q and Tro--they're so happy together, so complete...I just wish I knew what that was like."

Wufei was moving before he could think to stop himself. Duo's brief explanation of his previous statement fired a deep-rooted need to reassure in the black-haired boy. Duo had to be shown that he was thought no less of for this revelation. And his wistful comments about wanting to know love--something snapped inside Wufei and he found himself leaning across the table, his hand curving beneath the base of the chestnut braid and tipping Duo's startled face upward so that violet eyes met his own.

"Duo..." He could hear all his longing, all his need, all his concern and compassion in that softly spoken word; could see the total defenseless vulnerability in those lilac depths; unable to resist, he closed the scant remaining distance between them and kissed the stunned American full on his unhappy mouth.

~Chang Wufei, what the bloody hell do you think you are doing?!?~ a tiny voice screamed in his head, even as his tongue deftly parted Duo's lips and slipped in to taste the other boy. With the chestnut-haired pilot shocked into stillness, he had a long moment to savor that taste before he withdrew.

Upon opening his eyes, he found himself presented with the sight of Duo, white-faced and trembling, a sprinkling of never-before-noticed freckles standing out against the paleness of his skin across the bridge of his nose and one hand half-raised to his mouth. His amethyst eyes were huge, staring in blatant disbelief at the Chinese boy.

"Wufei--" His voice was tiny, barely more than a whisper; but it brought reality crashing back down into place about Altron's pilot.

He had just...Duo...he had just kissed-- His heart lurched in sudden apprehensive realization. He really should not have done that...

In a flash he was standing, offering a stiff, awkward bow of apology.

"I am sorry," he breathed; then turned and fled the room.

But of course it could not be ended so simply as that. Duo followed, stopping Wufei upstairs before he could open his door and escape to the sanctuary of his bedroom.

"Wufei...wait, please--" The American sounded slightly fearful but determined. "Why..." The question trailed off at the first word, but Wufei didn't need to hear it anyway. He remained poised at his door, hand on the knob, back to Duo in a feeble gesture of defense.

"I apologize," he said again. "I do not know what came over me--I didn't mean to...I should not have..."

"Bullshit," Duo cut in mildly; and Wufei blinked at the out-of-character rudeness, turning in surprise to face the other. His half-hearted excuses had given the chestnut-haired boy his voice back, it seemed. Duo spoke softly but firmly.

"Don't lie to me, 'Fei. Why did you kiss me?"

And Wufei knew that further denial would be useless to someone who prided himself on truthfulness.

"Because I love you, Duo. And because no one should have to wonder what it's like to make love when there's somebody who desperately wants to show him." There. He'd said it. He could only pray now that Duo wouldn't outright reject him.

The braided boy moved nearer, coming to stand directly in front of Wufei, facing him eye to eye. " want to show me?" he asked, almost timidly.

The black-eyed boy steeled himself, honor driving him to the truth despite his fear of the repercussions. "Yes," he answered, barely above a whisper. "More than anything." The sight, the smell, the feel of Duo so close was terribly distracting.

The lilac-eyed boy stepped closer still, bringing their bodies barely into contact; he hesitantly slid his arms around the other's neck. His voice very timid now he asked, "Will you show me, please, 'Fei?"

Wufei blinked, disbelieving. Duo was asking him to act on every urge screaming through his blood? But that face was so open, so sincere... An instant's deliberation and his decision was made. He wrapped his arms around the braided boy's slender waist and pulled them flush against one another, catching those timid lips with his own. He kissed gently, fighting the urge to crush that tender mouth under his, savoring the soft murmur of pleased surprise that Duo voiced. He pulled back finally, one hand stroking down the braid, and opened his mouth to answer yes to Duo's request.

"Do you want me?" was what came out instead. He was a little uncertain. "Or do you simply wish to know what it's like?" He realized it was cruel to declare his love and offer his body to the boy, then turn around and demand to know if he'd be more than just an experimental lay. But if he was to do this, he needed to be clear on what he could hope to expect in return.

Duo's eyes opened, and his crystal violet gaze was full of something indefinable. "You," he murmured. "I want to know, but...only if it's you. It isn't worth knowing if it's not with you. It wouldn't really be love if it wasn't with you. You're the only one I dream about, the only one I love, the only one who drives me crazy--Wufei, I've wanted you since the first time I saw you, I love you--" He cut short his babbling and pressed his lips to Wufei's again.

The Chinese boy, euphoria swelling through him as his question was answered, was only too happy to accept that kiss. He wrapped his arms tightly around Duo again, one hand sliding over the shapely curve of the American's buttocks as he ground their hips together in a gesture both wanton and possessive.

"Mmph!" Duo's eyes flew open at the contact, widening as he discovered the distinctive hardness within the white silk of the other's pants. He pulled free from the kiss and shoved his hips forward again, drawing a little gasp from his paramour. "Glad to find I love you, eh?" he purred, wriggling suggestively.

"Very," Wufei growled, lifting the smirking pilot off the ground. Duo wrapped long legs around the other boy, pressing his own full-blown hard-on against Wufei's stomach. Taking advantage of his new height, he lunged forward, mouth melding to Wufei's, seemingly intent on finding a way to get his tongue down the other's throat.

The startled Chinese boy fell back against his bedroom door, one hand fumbling for the knob, the other arm wrapped around Duo. He couldn't help the choked moan that escaped him under Duo's enthusiastic if somewhat forceful kiss; he really hadn't expected this sort of attack. His assailant pulled back a little, nibbled at his lower lip, and broke the kiss completely. "Tasty," the boy announced, his voice warm and seductive as Wufei finally found and turned the handle, stumbling backwards into his room. He shut and locked the door as Duo's tongue traced the outer curve of one ear, teasing at the lobe in a way that sent electric shivers straight to his groin. Barely able to make his way over to his bed, he fell back across it and rolled, pinning the squirming Deathscythe pilot beneath him.

"At last," he breathed, kissing the smirk away from Duo's lips as he moved to straddle the American's body. "You have no idea how long I have loved you, needed you, wanted you..."

"You coulda told me," Duo gasped in reply as Wufei's hips rolled against him. He pushed upward with his own, his body shivering with the resulting sensations. "Damn, 'Fei, you know how to move..."

Wufei silenced him with another kiss, giving in to the urge to devour the boy. He continued the slow grinding of his hips as he dipped his tongue into the sweet mouth beneath him, let it dance against the tongue that met him, and withdrew to nip lightly at the fullness of Duo's lower lip before crushing back into the kiss. He was rewarded by a low, throaty moan that ended in a whimper as his hips thrust forward yet again. He felt Duo's hands clutching at the silk of his traditional whites and gave one more thrust with both tongue and hips before pulling away and sitting up, breathless. Still straddling the boy, he placed one hand on Duo's chest and looked down into his shining violet eyes.

"Do I please you?" he asked softly, toying with the buttons of the black shirt, opening the collar of the white one beneath it. He hungered for the feel of skin against skin, but he wanted to stretch this encounter as long as he possibly could. The reality of Duo in his bed was far too good to rush.

The gasping boy beneath him closed his eyes and drew in a deep, calming breath before answering. "God yes!" Duo blinked hazily. "No one's ever kissed me like that..." His hands moved to the closures of Wufei's clothing, trying to open the shirt.

"Uh uh." Wufei gently grasped his wrists and laid them on either side of his head. "Let me do that." He quickly removed the long outer garment and tossed it aside. Duo's hands reached for him again, tugging at the blue tank top; again he pinned them gently back.

"But--" Duo protested, only to be cut off again by Wufei's kiss. He turned his face aside, trying and failing to escape it. "Need--" he managed to say before his mouth was taken again. "Need to...feel you...want you..." he got out between kisses; and then Wufei's mouth traced a hot line down his jaw and along his neck. Duo tossed his head back and cried out softly as his nerves burst into flames that raced straight to his groin. The Chinese boy's lips brushed against his exposed throat and closed over the throbbing pulse there, sucking gently, fanning those flames higher. Duo moaned and shuddered beneath him, body writhing helplessly on the bed as he struggled vainly against the gentle grip that held him.

"Please, 'Fei," he gasped, voice almost a sob. He couldn't have said what he was begging for. He only knew the lithe, muscled god of a youth above him was driving him rapidly beyond crazy.

Wufei finally took pity on the boy and released him, rising up to swiftly unbutton both of Duo's shirts. Pulling them open, he smoothed his hands reverently over the exposed skin and caught Duo's gaze as the violet eyes opened.

The look of desire in those eyes was too much for Wufei; he leaned back down and cradled Duo's face, crushing his mouth into a passionate kiss that was eagerly returned. He drew the boy into his embrace and snaked one arm around the American's waist. Rolling onto his back, he pulled the other pilot atop him and pushed the loosely opened shirts back from narrow shoulders, down sinewy arms, and off. He ran his hands almost possessively over the bare skin of the slender body above him, Duo's mouth still held firmly in his, tongue sparring fiercely with his own. The braided boy whimpered softly into the fiery kiss, shivering under the caresses he was receiving. Wufei's hands roamed everywhere, touching, exploring, learning the shape of what he'd worshipped so long in silence. Duo's skin was so warm, so soft; Wufei clutched gently at him, needing to feel more. He ventured down the back of the black pants, closing his hands over the tight curves of Duo's backside and squeezing, rolling his own hips upward at the same time.

Deathscythe's pilot reared back and cried out at that, hips grinding downward into Wufei's, igniting a rush of fierce passion between them. "Oh, GOD," he groaned and dropped back down, braid slithering over his shoulder as he did so. He began thrusting against the hard body beneath him, shoulders heaving as he gasped for breath. Wufei simply held on and let him continue, lost in the feel of Duo moving so violently against him, encouraging the boy with his soft heated moans.

Duo collapsed a few seconds later, falling into his hungry kiss until Wufei pulled away to ravish Duo's neck again, his hands roaming over the fine sheen of sweat that now covered the braided boy's skin. Duo was again reduced to whimpers; he clung tightly to the body beneath him as he shuddered with delight.

"'Fei, you're driving me crazy," he managed to say as the black-eyed pilot's tongue traced the hollow of his collarbone. "Not fair, y''re still--ahh--dressed--"

In answer, Wufei rolled them again so that he was once more on top. Kneeling up, he stripped off his tank top and cast it onto the growing heap on the floor. Leaning over the other pilot, he asked, "Better?" His tone was deliberately sultry.

Duo flashed a wicked grin. "Almost," he purred, tugging downward on the edge of Wufei's pants. But the Chinese boy stopped him.

"Not yet, Duo," he said softly, catching the other's hands and lifting one away to his mouth. He pressed a gentle kiss to the back of slim, calloused fingers.

"But I want to touch you," Duo protested, his mouth turning downward in a tiny frown.

"There's time enough for that," came the answer as Wufei kissed his palm. "We have all night..."

"Wufeeeiii..." Duo was begging as the other's soft lips moved to his wrist, tongue flicking between them to taste his skin. "Please, let me touch you...I need you, I want to please you..." He trailed off, his body shivering.

Wufei's eyes opened; he leaned forward, pinning slender white arms beside Duo's head again. Something in him was deeply aroused by holding the boy helpless like this; he was careful to keep his grip gentle and non-threatening.

"You please me well enough just being here," he murmured, brushing his lips across the pouting mouth below him. "Right now, let me worship you, beautiful, my flower..." His thoughts were beginning to translate oddly into words; he fell silent and continued softly tormenting the boy held beneath him.

Duo's eyelids fluttered shut as light kisses fell to his lips, across his face, against his neck, along his collarbone, over his shoulders. His breath caught in his throat, and he sight gently. His Dragon was continually surprising. No one had ever called Duo beautiful before. He'd always been told he was pretty, or sexy, or cute. Never beautiful. Until Wufei.

He squirmed experimentally against the grip that held him down, discovering that escape and full-body contact were both impossible unless the other boy allowed it. That realization somehow aroused him more; he twisted again and arched his hips into Wufei's above him. The hot, throbbing ache in his groin was wonderfully unbearable; he rubbed up insistently against the answering hardness of the other boy. The movement drew a startled sigh of pleasure from his lover.

"Aaaahh--Duo..." Wufei brushed his parted lips across the other pilot's jaw line and lowered his body completely, pressing the squirming boy firmly down into the bed. "Gods, I want you," he breathed into his captive's ear. "Your voice, your eyes, your face, your body..." The warmth of Duo's skin against his own bare chest was driving him closer to losing control. "You make me crazy, Duo...I need you..."

"Then do something about it, 'Fei," the braided boy replied, his voice a low purr. His hands clasped the golden bronze ones that held him, fingers interlacing.

"Patience, beautiful," Wufei murmured, raising his head. He met Duo's half-lidded stare, then lowered his mouth for a delirious kiss. Soon. He would completely claim his lover soon. He couldn't hold out very much longer.