Perfect Ten (cont)

Duo nearly lost his mind under the intensity of that kiss. His entire existence had narrowed to one focus: Beyond all hope, he'd ended up half-dressed and hot-blooded, held willingly captive under the one person who meant more to him than anything; said person happened to be beautiful as well, sexy beyond belief, in love with him too, and currently just as half-dressed and hot-blooded as he was. One hand struggled persistently for freedom, finally granted; Duo reached up and swiftly unknotted the tie in Wufei's hair. His trembling fingers tangled into the loosened ebony silk, holding the back of the other boy's head, insistently pulling that luscious mouth harder against his own. He was drowning, dying surely under smothering waves of ecstasy; and that kiss was the only thing that could keep him alive. He would not let go. His other hand was released a moment later; he had his arm around Wufei's shoulders in an instant, fingers clawing lightly at the golden skin. If he could've fused their two bodies into one being, he would have.

Wufei found that kiss nearly impossible to break away from but finally managed, gasping for breath when he was released at last. "Gods, Duo," he choked out as his lover's hands slid over the skin of his back. "You're going to kill me--ohh--" He ended in a strangled moan as Duo's hands clasped his rear and Duo's still-clothed erection thrust against his own. Locking gazes with the braided pilot, he found that those amethyst eyes had gone nearly eggplant-dark with desire. The need on that beautiful face could not be ignored; the next words he spoke proved that his patience was nearing its end.

"Pants off. Now," Duo practically growled, grinding upwards again. "I want more..." He tugged desperately at the white silk still clothing the other boy, his hips writhing insistently.

Wufei slid nimbly out of Duo's grasp, his open mouth trailing down to his fellow pilot's trembling stomach. He laid a flurry of hot, moist kisses around the navel while caressing Duo's waist; ultimately, he could not ignore the evidence of his lover's desire straining the black cloth so near his face. He moved one hand slowly inward from Duo's hip, stopping just short of his goal, waiting until the tortured American spoke.

"Please--" That one word, issued unsteadily on a shaking breath, told Wufei everything he wanted to know. He closed his hand over the tight bulge before him, squeezing gently; Duo's head fell back and he groaned, the sound pulling heavily from the depth of his being. He shuddered a little, words tumbling from his lips as the raven-haired pilot continued massaging his throbbing erection.

"God, yes...don't stop...unh--Wufeeeiii..."

The sound of his name moaned on such a note of wanton abandon was too much for Wufei; he yanked open Duo's pants and slid them off the boy's arching hips, boxers and all. Then, without warning, he took the length of the burning flesh revealed into his mouth.

Duo's entire body snapped taut at that touch and he cried out in surprise, his hips straining upward into the wet heat that engulfed him. He began thrashing uncontrollably against the bed as that steaming heaven withdrew and returned, lost in the sudden ecstasy, head tossing as Wufei's hands gripped him firmly, stilling him somewhat. Breathless moans tore from his throat as Wufei's mouth continued moving over him, working him relentlessly. He clawed wildly at the bed covers, needing something to anchor himself as his world dissolved into surges of white-hot lightning with each languid stroke of Wufei's tongue over his sex. No one had ever done such a thing to him before; the way it felt was beyond imagination. He cried out again, helplessly.

"Oh GOD 'Fei!"

In an instant, Wufei was back on top of Duo, muffling his voice with an anxious kiss. His gregarious American was just as vocal in the heat of passion; the others might hear. Instinct dictated that he quiet the boy; but after a few seconds of swallowing Duo's disappointed sounds of protest, he reconsidered. Let the others hear; let them listen if they wanted. HE needed to hear how much Duo liked what he was doing.

"Why'dja stop?" Duo asked, a pout in his breathless voice. "That felt...incredible." It was the only word he could come up with; he continued moving softly against Wufei, seeking a return to that state of mind-numbing pleasure.

"I'm sorry," Wufei murmured, brushing searing kisses across the side of Duo's face. His own arousal was burning too hot to ignore, every nerve on fire, screaming for release. The taste of the boy combined with his reaction to being orally pleasured had pushed Wufei to the point of no return. "I need you now. Can't wait any longer..." He raised himself slightly and caught Duo's gaze. "May I take you?"

Duo blinked in surprise, body stilling. "Well...yeah," he answered. He had never been asked for permission. He had just assumed that was where this encounter was headed. But Wufei had asked. And somehow that made the idea far more appealing than it had been when he was younger.

Wufei kissed him again. "Thank you," he whispered fiercely, then quickly stood to shed the last of his clothing. He turned back to find that Duo had kicked off his pants and was now facing away from him on hands and knees, waiting. He knelt behind his braided lover, leaning over to touch the silken chestnut rope and brush it gently to one side, certain needy, aching parts of his body pressing into certain other parts of Duo's in a way that turned his bones to gelatin. Trembling ever-so-slightly, he kissed his way up the slim back bowed before him and grasped the slender shoulders, laying his head between them.

"I can't take you like this," he said softly. He wrapped his arms around the other's chest. "I need to see you, see your face. I want to love you, not just...screw you."

Duo made a small sound of surprise before laying down and turning over. The look on his face was one of bewildered wonderment. "Never done it this way," he confessed as Wufei's body draped over his own. Skin met bare skin, sending tremulous shivers down Duo's spine as his Chinese lover kissed him tenderly on the mouth. He wrapped his arms around the other boy, holding him close until the kiss was broken.

And then he could feel his body tensing up; next came the part that had always been the focus of past encounters, the part that had never been that great for him.

Luckily, his new lover was very different. And highly empathetic.

Wufei could sense the other's sudden reluctance and easily guessed the reason behind it. "I will make this better than anything that has been done to you," he promised, reaching for a small bottle on the bedside table. Applying its contents to one hand, he took a hold of his aching shaft and pumped it a few times, liberally coating himself with the lubricant. He then took a little more and stroked two fingers against his lover's entrance before carefully slipping one inside. At the same time, he wrapped his other hand around the braided boy's still-rampant erection, stroking it slowly up and down.

Duo felt some of the nervous tension ease out of his body at those touches. Wufei was being so gentle in preparing him; surprisingly, it was rather pleasant. He arched experimentally into the dual sensation, his eyes closing. "Make me yours," he sighed as a second finger slipped inside of him. This felt so much better than what he remembered.

When his lover's hands withdrew a moment later, he braced himself for the sudden pain that would follow. But it never came. Instead he felt Wufei's stiff member pressing against and then into him slowly, so slowly, until they were completely joined. He let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. It had happened so easily, so incredibly gently.

Wufei's eyes slid closed, a sigh of longing fulfilled whispering from his lips as he entered the lithe body beneath him. This felt too perfect, too much like countless heated dreams to believe it was real; he was half afraid that Duo would melt away beneath him at any moment, leaving him cold and alone. But when he opened his eyes, Duo was still there, still touching him, still joined with him in the most intimate act he knew. This was real. It had to be real. He held still a moment longer, allowing his lover to adjust to their union; he then leaned over, softly breathing the other's name.

"Oh, Duo..."

"'Fei...kiss me..." Duo answered just as softly, something like gratitude shining in his violet eyes. He raised his chestnut head to meet Wufei's mouth, braid trailing beside him, hands gripping the bronzed arms lightly.

Their kiss was warm, achingly gentle, and very, very real. Unable to hold back any longer, Wufei began to move slowly. Duo gasped at that, his head falling back, hands digging into Wufei's shoulders.

"Aah, Wufeeeiii," he breathed heavily, a definite note of wonder in his voice. "I didn't know--god!--could feel...feel so...mmmmmm..." Words failed him; his body fell back against the bed, arms pulling his lover in close. He wrapped his legs around the muscular youth above him, surrendering completely, hips rocking upward into the slow thrusts that rode him. "More," he groaned softly as his movement deepened the erotic sensation. "God, Wu, give me more..."

A quivering moan escaped Wufei's throat at the feel of Duo moving beneath him, wrapped around him, begging for more; his hips quickened of their own volition, driving them both deeper into the passion that gripped them.

Duo's voice rose from soft moans to rhythmic cries, heightening in intensity as Wufei loved him. He tossed his head, eyes squeezing shut, body shuddering helplessly at the waves of liquid fire washing through him with every thrust from his lover. Nothing had ever felt so right, so mind-numbingly good; it was all he could do to hold onto the other boy, his nails digging into the bronze back as his lover's name fell from his lips again and again.

"Oh GOD 'Fei! Wufei...oh my god! "

Wufei threw his head back, gasping, dying in the intensity of the moment. Duo was all that mattered, all that he'd ever needed; and Duo was here, tangled with him in the throes of passion, crying out his name over and over. He ground his hips firmly into the American's, whimpering softly as the white heat flooding his senses became too much to bear. Nothing existed beyond Duo clinging to him, clawing his back, mindlessly crying his pleasure; Wufei shuddered and his rhythm increased. The sound of that voice and the heat of that body drove him higher and hotter until at last he exploded, choking out Duo's name as his climax rolled over him. Gouts of earth-shattering pleasure washed through him as he shook uncontrollably, gradually subsiding until he went limp in Duo's arms.

The braided pilot gentled his hold on Wufei, hands stroking down his sweat-dampened spine and back up, ivory legs easing down around bronze. He brushed soft kisses against the flushed face above him, smoothing sweat-soaked raven-dark hair away from his lover's slender neck to taste the salt of his skin. When Wufei found his strength again and gently ended their union, still trembling from the intensity of emotion behind his orgasm, Duo continued moving softly beneath him, his body still seeking release.

Wufei smiled at that. The boy obviously hadn't come; good. That meant that Wufei could take the time to finish him off with all the attention he deserved.

The Chinese boy slid his sated body off of Duo's, hushing his whimpered protests with a slow, sensual kiss, cradling the slender form against him. Duo curled into the embrace, eagerly returning the press of his lips, the flickering touch of his tongue.

At last Wufei pulled away, still holding Duo, and looked down into that beautiful, unguarded face. He was surprised to see a look of worry creeping into the violet eyes.

"What is it?" he questioned softly, brushing damp bangs away from those eyes. The sight of Duo lying open and defenseless in his arms sparked a fierce protective instinct in him. Anyone who hurt this boy in any way had better be prepared to face down the wrong end of Wufei's blade.

Duo seemed hesitant to answer. "It's just...I...oh please, Wufei, please don't leave me like this!" he finally burst out.

Wufei blinked, duly startled. Did the boy honestly think he would take his own pleasure and be done with no thought for Duo's satisfaction? But really, though, if that's what he'd always known, what else would he expect?

"Please," Duo begged again, his tone sounding just a little too hopeless.

"Never," Wufei swore vehemently, pulling Duo tighter against him. "I would never do that to you." He dropped another long kiss to the American's swollen mouth, lingering as he relaxed his grip on the boy. He leaned on one elbow, arm laid beneath Duo's head, the other hand beginning an unhurried appreciation of the slender body pressed alongside his own.

His fingertips traced lightly down Duo's arm, trailing shivers in their wake and twining with the braided boy's own as they continued kissing. After a moment he gently disengaged his hand to place it on Duo's thigh, caressing softly, moving up over his hip and along his side, brushing soft patterns against his narrow chest.

Wufei's light touches coaxed a low sigh and a whispered "Please" out of Duo; the Chinese boy smiled to himself and brushed his thumb over the pert nub of one nipple before pinching it gently, eliciting a tiny gasp from his lover. Little by little he swept his hand downward, playing over the tautness of Duo's flat stomach as he trailed his kisses down the American's slender white neck.

"Mmmmmm, Wufei," Duo purred, turning his head aside and tilting it away in a clear invitation for more. He shifted a little against the bed, trying unsuccessfully to bring Wufei's slow-roving hand closer to the focus of the burning ache that filled him. He breathed his lover's name again, a clear note of pleading in his voice.


Wufei shivered at the way Duo drew out that sound and gave in somewhat to the unspoken plea, his hand creeping lower as he nipped lightly at his fellow pilot's ear. His fingers glided over the ridge of Duo's hipbone, bypassing their intended target in favor of stroking down the lean, toned muscle of his thigh and caressing the warm skin of its inner surface--first one leg, then back up and around to the other. He strayed ever nearer to the proof of Duo's arousal, not quite touching, teasing mercilessly.

Deathscythe's pilot moaned impatiently, twisting his body, trying to force the contact that wasn't going to happen until Wufei decided he had suffered long enough. Desperate with need, he reached for that hard, throbbing ache himself, only to have his hand batted away gently but insistently. Frustrated, he growled low in his throat and turned to fix his torturer with a somewhat hazy violet glare.

"C'mon, Wu," he panted, voice rough and breathy with anticipation, trembling with raw lust. "You gonna touch me or what?"

Wufei let his lips curve into what he knew was an evil grin. "Patience is a virtue, Duo," he murmured, even as he relented, the tip of his middle finger tracing up the top surface of Duo's shaft, over the tip, and down the underside.

Duo's body jerked involuntarily at the long-awaited touch that was still not enough. "Not right now it's not!"(1) he gasped, his hand grabbing Wufei's wrist as the other boy continued tracing patterns along his arousal with that one light fingertip. "God, Wu, I need--please...god, please, 'Fei, stop teasing!"

Completely undone by his lover's helpless begging, Wufei silenced the braided boy by kissing him savagely and finally wrapped his hand around the stiff erection presented to him.

Duo practically sobbed against his mouth, hand clenching on his wrist, hips surging into his grip, thrusting mindlessly for the promise of relief. Wufei pressed his fingers firmly around the sensitive flesh, stroking his lover in a rhythm that pushed him steadily toward the ecstasy he sought. Duo's head lashed back, his body jerking against Wufei's, his breath coming in short gasping cries.

Wufei closed his eyes, drinking in the sound, the feel of his lover's pleasure. To think that he could have such an effect on this boy--it was almost too much to believe. He continued his ministrations for a moment then abruptly ceased, drawing a sharp protest out of the other pilot.

"No, nononono, Wufei, please, don't stop!" Duo burst out frantically even as the Chinese boy moved down to lay between his legs, hands resting lightly on the insides of his trembling thighs, gently pushing them farther apart, pressing soft kisses against the heated skin. Wufei raised his head enough to catch Duo's beseeching gaze and sent his tongue flickering across the wet tip of Duo's member reassuringly. The braided boy shuddered, giving voice to a tortured groan as Wufei continued, licking gently at the swollen head, letting his lips graze down the shaft, holding Duo's eyes with his own the whole time.

At last he paused to ask, "Do you care if the others know what we've done?" Duo shook his head mutely, eyes wide and glazed with need, hands clenched in a white-knuckled grip on the bed sheets beneath him. "Good." Wufei flashed him a wicked smile. "Because I want to hear you scream." And with that, he plunged his hungry mouth down over the violet-eyed pilot, swallowing him to the hilt.

True to form, Duo cried out shamelessly, arching off the bed only to be pressed back down and firmly pinned by his hips. He thrashed against that grip, unable to hold still, crazy with denied passion and too close to completion. Wufei spared him no mercy, caressing with his tongue as he drew away and returned, sucking rhythmically and purring softly in the back of his throat. Gods, but the boy tasted wonderful. And he was close, so close, his body writhing madly against the mattress, his breath jerking out in deep moans that quickly turned to unrestrained cries of mounting ecstasy, words choking frantically in between.

"God yes 'Fei! Oh GOD! You're gonna make me...oh god! ...oh god, WuFEI--!"

And then at last, with one final cry that was almost the scream his lover had asked for, Duo gave up, back arching off the bed, his entire body tensing rigidly as he came hard.

Wufei held his position, taking all that was offered, until Duo collapsed gasping beneath him, shuddering slightly in the wake of his orgasm. As the tremors faded, Wufei crawled up beside him, pulling Duo's limp, damp body close against his own. The violet eyes drifted open and turned toward him, full of rapturous gratitude, expressing all the American boy felt more eloquently than his infamous voice could ever do. He wasn't even going to try to put it all into words.

"Thank you," he breathed softly, a radiant smile on his lips. Wufei smiled in return and kissed him briefly.

"You had only to ask," he said gently. "I would do anything for you, Duo."

"Careful, 'Fei," Duo responded, a mischievous gleam coming to his eyes. "You're stuck with me now. There's no way I'm lettin' you go after that." He wiggled closer against Wufei, tucking his head down into the other's chest. "I've never been loved like that. Hell, I've never been loved at all." A faint note of insecurity crept into his voice. "You sure you're not just hot for my body?"

Wufei snorted. "Baka. Of course I'm hot for you. Shall I tell you why?"

"'Cause I'm so sexy?" Still that hint of insecurity in the teasing tone.

"No, because I love you."

"Mm. So I'm not sexy?"

"I never said that."

Duo slid an arm around the other boy's waist and closed his eyes. "I love you too, Wufei." The words seemed to carry more weight being spoken now, in the aftermath of the passionate act. "Didn't think that I ever would, but I do."

The Chinese pilot understood what the other was saying. It was wonderful to be able to say he loved someone when he'd always figured love was something that happened to other people. The fact that his love was reciprocated only made it better.

He reached behind him and pulled the blanket up from where it had gotten shoved, hanging off the edge of the bed. He draped it over himself and Duo, whose breathing was already evening out into the soft rhythm of sleep. Closing his arms around the braided pilot once more, he let his eyes slide shut and whispered one last time before he drifted off, "I love you."

Already lost to dreams, Duo smiled gently in response.


(1) "Patience is a virtue"/"Not right now it's not!": Line borrowed from The Mummy; I must also give credit to Amanda Marque, who used this line in this way before I ever thought of it in her wonderful fic 'Reality Ever After'

Beg: Spring 2001
End: Spring 2002

Duo: Well. (blinks) That was...
Wufei: Sappy? Clich? Disgustingly trite and sweet?
Duo: Yeah. Like you said, Teej--mediocre. But kinda nice, in its way...the sex, anyway...
TJ: Like I said--first lemon I wrote. Whaddya expect?
Duo: Mm. And what's up with that title?
TJ: It's mathematical...y'know, 'cause 5x2=10...
Duo: (shakes head) Lame.
Wufei: But educational, on a very basic level...
Duo: Still lame.
TJ: Can't help it--my title muse deserted me.
(previously introduced humor muse Alice pipes up)
Alice: You don't *have* a title muse.
TJ: Alright then--*you're* in charge of titles from now on.
Alice: Hey! I'm already covering more than anyone else!
TJ: (waves off his griping) Yeah, yeah.
Alice: You've got me in charge of humor, kink, weirdness, psychosis and dementia; I've done most of the inspiring on two fics already--
TJ: Ace helped you with that Hee-man drivel.
Alice: --yes, yes, and a right bang-up job he did of it, too, with his sap and his fluff. But I do most of your notes and half of your feedback and now yer gonna make me do *titles*? Erik only has to do angst--
Erik: (mumbles) ...and she hasn't even *posted* my best work yet...
Alice: --and 'Bastian only has to do citrus! And he hasn't been doing too much of *that* lately!
'Bastian: Hey--I gave her this piece o' crap *and* Dirty Dreams. *And* I helped *you* with Dungeons & Dragons. I *earned* my vacation, buddy. 'Sides, I'm working again now...
Alice: (mutters) ...finally getting off his pretty ass to do another lemon... (aloud) But back to the point--I'm overworked!
TJ: (still unimpressed) Live with it.
Alice: I'll go on strike!! I'll go AWOL!
Duo: Oh brother.
Wufei: (steps in) You are muses. You do not get to strike. You cannot go AWOL, having nowhere to go as you only exist in her head. You do not get vacations. You do not get leave time, sick pay, or any pay at all! Your job is to be available when she calls on you and simply do as she asks!
Duo: Yeah. So sit down, shut up, and inspire!
TJ: Thanks...dunno what got into Alice, there--they're all usually so unassuming and *quiet*.
Duo: PMS?
Wufei: They're all *men*.
Duo: Okay then, *male* PMS. It *does* exist, y'know...
TJ: And this inane indulgence of overactive imagination has rambled long enough.

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