Author: Hemlock Inyx & TJ Dragonblade
Pairings: 2x5, 1x4, 3xhimself, 5+3 and a taste of things to come...
Rated: NC-17
Contains: Gratuitous unplanned lemonry, voyeurism, masturbation, humor & hijinks...
Disclaimer: Do we *have* to go into this part? Life is disappointing enough as it is...
Title Credit: It's part of a line from the song, 'The Future's so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades', by Timbuk3
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Dedicated to: K'Money, for starting this whole mess--we can't thank you enough!

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Duo: (folds arms defensively) I got tired of hearing Heero sing 'Minute Man' whenever I walked in the room...
TJ: (snicker) Yeah, I'll bet. He's got *no* musical talent whatsoever...
Heero: ... (continues typing away at his laptop)
TJ: What, no 'omae o korosu'?
Heero: (still focused on his screen) You expect me to say it. Where's the thrill in that?
TJ: (blinks)
Heero: (still typing) Besides which, it is true. My talents lie...elsewhere.
Quatre: (blushes slightly though he looks rather smug)
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TJ: You're too kind.
Duo: Are you done?
Inyx: (reading over Heero's shoulder) Holy Shit!! Does Quatre know about your little fetish, Heero?
Quatre: (innocent smile) Which one?
Inyx: ...Um...Did you say something Duo?
TJ: Calm down. We're getting to it.
Inyx: (shrug) On with the fict! Enjoy! ^_^

Peeping Tom Techie



"Hey, Wufei, Babe--you alive there?"

The individual in question stirred at last, emitting a soft groan as he rolled onto his back, stocking-clad legs dangling over the edge of the desk, arms flung limply out to either side.

"Yes, Duo, I am still alive." His eyes opened and his mouth curved into a smile. "Barely."

"Good." Duo straightened up from leaning over the other boy and sank back into his chair again. "Ya had me worried for a sec."

Wufei sat up slowly, just in time to see Duo tucking himself back into his slacks and zipping up carefully.

"Consider it a compliment to your sexual prowess," he offered, raising one hand and shakily pushing the soft fall of his hair away from his face. It fell back an instant later; he left it, both hands bracing on the front edge of the desk as he leaned slightly forward. "I very nearly passed out."

Duo's eyes widened. "That good, huh?" He smirked and shook his head. "And here I thought you'd be fighting me all the way on this."

"As did I," Wufei murmured.

Duo looked up, confusion creasing his brow. " seemed alright with it just now..."

Wufei flashed another smile. "It was seeing you that changed my opinion," he admitted. "I was quite unhappy with the entire arrangement. There were only two things on my mind while coming here: How I would exact my revenge, and why you had asked this of me in the first place." He paused and met Duo's gaze, inviting an answer.

The braided youth colored very slightly but held the eye contact as he said, "I wanted to see if you'd actually do it."

Wufei's expression turned slightly incredulous. "I beg your pardon?"

Duo winced. "Okay, yeah, I've got sort of a fetish, I guess--and I thought it'd be fun and you'd look sexy." He sighed and slipped off the glasses he'd donned for his part, tucking them into an inner breast pocket of his suit. "More than that, though...I like pushing boundaries, Wu. And...and I wanted to see how far you're willing to go for me..."

"I love you, Duo. Heart, mind, body, doubt my sincerity?"

"No, no no, 'Fei. But...the idea that somebody cares that much, about me? It's kinda foreign, still; and...I sorta feel like I gotta keep proving it to myself, y'know?" He glanced back up to his lover's face. "I'm sorry for putting you through that, Wufei, when I know you really didn't want to do it. But thank you."

Wufei smiled. "Yes, well, given that it turned out to be far more pleasurable than I had anticipated, I suppose I can forgive you." His expression grew serious again; when he spoke, his voice was soft. "I take it you realize, now, that I will do anything you ask?"

Duo nodded. "Yeah." He blew out a deep breath. "Yes, yes I do. And now...well, I wanna return the favor."


"I dragged you into my little fantasy and embarrassed the heck outta you; it's only fair that I agree to one of yours."

"Well now." Wufei's expression turned decidedly wicked. "Give me time to come up with something suitably retaliatory and we can arrange that."

Duo swallowed, his throat suddenly rather dry as Wufei's onyx eyes narrowed slightly. He wasn't sure he liked that evil glint in his lover's gaze...

"Still miffed, huh?"

Wufei's smirk grew wider. "You asked that I wear this --" he gestured at his costume "--in very public settings; there is a certain amount of humiliation inherent in complying. Yes, I still intend payback. Though I shall bear in mind that in the end, I found your fantasy quite...appealing." He smiled reassuringly.

Somehow Duo didn't feel a whole lot better.

Wufei sighed, looking down at himself; his brow creased into a slight frown as he noticed the stain on the front of his skirt. "I fear I have sullied Winner's sister's uniform." He shrugged. "Ah well. I was debating whether I ought to keep it, anyway."

Duo's eyes widened. "Really?"

Wufei smiled coyly. "Really."

Duo's mouth curved into a smirk. "I'm so glad to hear it." He swiveled his chair abruptly and pulled a duffel from behind the pot of a large silk Ficus tree. "Can I offer you a change of clothes for the trip home?"

"Gods, yes," Wufei exclaimed, making a grab for the bag; Duo dropped it at his feet instead.

"Aw, 'Fei, I thought you said you liked it!" he grinned, teasing.

"That does not mean I wish to wear it in public again," Wufei returned, propping one foot in Duo's lap. "If you would be so kind as to assist me in changing?"

Duo took full advantage of the view up Wufei's skirt offered him by the boy's raised leg even as he unbuckled the shiny patent-leather shoe that looked like it should have belonged to a little girl.

"Didn't know they made these things in adult sizes," he mused, removing first one and then the other as Wufei set it in his lap as well.

"Apparently Winner's sister had them specially made," Wufei explained, trying not to shiver too much as Duo's hands slid up one leg to his thigh and began peeling off the white stocking, caressing quite a bit more than necessary on the way back down.

"How lucky for us," Duo said, smiling, as he removed the second stocking in exactly the same manner. "They were the perfect touch." He dropped the stockings on the floor and gestured at the torn lace panties beside them. "Please tell me those weren't Q's sister's as well."

"No, not his sister's; those are actually Winner's."

"You're tellin' me Quatre has worn those things before you?" The idea was just slightly appalling.

Wufei shook his head. "They were newly purchased; he assured me that replacing them would be no trouble. But yes, he apparently makes at least occasional habit of wearing such things."

Duo shook his head. "Heero's gotta love that. I never realized those two were so damn kinky." He stood then, changing the subject, moving in close between Wufei's bare legs and gently running his fingers through the silken waves that framed the boy's face. "Who did your hair?" he asked.

Wufei snorted, his mouth quirking in amusement. "Yuy, if you can believe it."

Duo's jaw dropped. "Heero? "

"Yes. I was given to understand that Ms. Dorlian sees fit to teach him a great many things while he is in her employ."

"Uh huh." Duo looked skeptical. "Somehow the idea of Relena styling hair is even more frightening than Heero."

"She is a woman," Wufei pointed out.

"Yeah, but...nah, forget it. My poor little mind doesn't wanna deal with that thought right now. Where were we?"

"You were undressing me," Wufei prompted helpfully.

"Ah yes." Duo smiled and lifted Wufei's blouse, hands grazing over golden skin as he did and making the other boy shiver again. He pulled the garment off over his lover's head and dropped it carelessly with the rest, eyes drawn helplessly to where Wufei's nipples stood out sharply against smooth caramel pectorals, the dark cocoa nubs enticingly peaked and ripe for tasting... He dipped his head, a slave to temptation, and suckled gently at one little bud of flesh, right hand bracing lightly on Wufei's shoulder while the other rested at his hip.

Wufei leaned back a tiny bit in accommodation, arm coming up around Duo, fingers weaving under the base of the thick chestnut braid, breath hissing sharply as Duo's teeth came into play. He arched against that warm, wet mouth, body reawakening to his lover's touches, head falling back as Duo's hand moved in a light caress to his neck.

"Oooh," he breathed softly, pulse quickening as Duo's mouth slid smoothly up to his throat. His fingers flexed against his lover's scalp, urging the other boy upward; Duo nipped once more at his throat, then his chin, then settled onto his mouth with an eager little sigh.

The American's fingers, meantime, were working free the clasp and zipper that kept the skirt fastened over Wufei's hip; once he had it undone, it took only a slight bit of lifting and wriggling, kiss unbroken all the while, before Wufei found himself sitting completely naked on the big cherry desk, erection fully renewed, Duo's hands roaming eagerly all over his back. He hooked one bare leg around Duo's and buried both hands beneath the braid, breaking the kiss after another moment and leaning back slightly with an invitational smile.

Duo's eyes when they opened were dark with desire, hungry, intense. He drew in a deep breath, only to let it out an instant later as he spoke.

"Damn, 'Fei," he muttered, eyes flicking over the nude form in his arms; and then he was attacking Wufei's mouth again.

As nice as that expensive suit felt against his skin, Duo's skin would feel even better, Wufei decided, fingers sliding around to his lover's throat, loosening the tie, popping buttons, pulling and shoving at folds of fabric until the silk shirt hung open beneath the navy blazer and his hands could run freely up and down Duo's chest. He pressed his body close against the American's, arousal in unmistakable evidence, and began to unbuckle the slim leather belt.

Duo was the one to break the kiss this time. "Jesus, 'Fei --" His voice sounded almost drugged with passion. "What're you doing...we gotta leave, Baby..."

Wufei's hands momentarily left Duo's pants to gently turn that braided head so he could nibble an earlobe. "You started it," he breathed, the tip of his tongue tracing through the fine hairs along Duo's neck as he returned to opening the navy slacks. Duo shivered, clutching at the back of Wufei's head roughly as the Chinese boy dipped a hand into Duo's pants and gently stroked the American's cock, by now just as hard as his own. Duo moaned, hips rocking involuntarily toward that touch as Wufei's other hand pushed the shirt collar further open and the tie out of his way. He nuzzled into the juncture of neck and shoulder, alternately biting and sucking, stroking Duo firmly all the while. His lover clung to him with a grip of steel, barely able to support his own weight as Wufei purposely drove him out of his mind, teasing, tempting, daring him to give in despite the risk of getting caught...

The Chinese boy finally let up, leaving one hell of a hickie as he moved to nip gently at Duo's throat before kissing his mouth again. He drew his hand out of the other's pants, leaning back and pulling Duo down by the loosened tie, still kissing, until Duo caught himself, hands bracing on the desk. Then Wufei wriggled lower, balance maintained by the leg he kept wrapped around Duo's thigh, hands and mouth running over Duo's chest, eagerly licking the sweat from his skin. He brought his hands to rest where Duo's ribs curved around to his back beneath the silk shirt, pulling himself close and latching onto a pale pink nipple.

Duo tossed his head, whimpering, hips grinding forward, one hand cupping the back of Wufei's skull and pressing him closer. Wufei just smiled, nibbling on his lover a little more before pulling back and looking up to drown in glazed violet eyes.

"Do me again, xin ai," he whispered, leaning up to run the tip of his tongue along Duo's throat as his hands slid down the boy's body, over slender hips, pushing the opened slacks further down. He unhooked his leg to let the pants fall unimpeded all the way to his lover's ankles and squirmed away from Duo, shifting position and laying himself out lengthwise on the desk. "Here, now...I want you, I want you inside me again..." He closed his eyes, hands running the length of his own body now, stroking over the sizeable erection that adorned his groin. He hissed in pleasure at his own touch, fingers curling around that length, eyes slitting open to half-mast and watching as Duo climbed onto the desk after him. He was panting shallowly, somewhat surprised at the uncontrollable need he felt to be taken again. He was used to being on top, to being in control; and his previous turns as bottom had left him wondering why on earth Duo liked it so much. But the fantasy he'd just fulfilled for his lover had been unlike anything he'd experienced before. It had left him nearly numb with pleasure and aching to know if it could be that good again.

Hells, if that was how it felt for Duo all the time, it was no wonder the boy was so insatiable.

He raised his knees, legs spread wide as Duo crawled between them, hands knotting in the open navy jacket and pulling his lover down to him, mouth lunging for Duo's, hips lifting eagerly to meet the American's, thrusting wantonly. He mewled desperately at the explosive pleasure of hard flesh meeting hard flesh and writhed into the delicious sensation, shamelessly begging for more.

Delirious with arousal and running half on instinct, Duo crushed himself to the shorter boy beneath him, kissing viciously, hardly able to believe the situation. He was about to have sex in a public office--again, on top of some stranger's desk no less; Trowa could honestly walk in at any moment; and Wufei...Wufei wanted to be bottom.

That was a definite first. And while he wasn't about to complain, he did have one important question.

He pulled his mouth free of Wufei's and gulped in a much-needed breath. "Do you need more lube? More stretching?" he gasped. "I know I didn't exactly do it quite right just now--"

Wufei shook his head, eyes closed, the look on his face one of exquisite rapture as he writhed against Duo's erection again. "No," he moaned, still squirming in a most insistent manner. "You came inside me--it is still there...just take me, please--"

"God, 'Fei--" Duo rose up to comply, reaching down and positioning his cock; Wufei drew his knees back as far as he could, opening himself eagerly to Duo's touch and whimpering as Duo gently pushed into him in an amazing display of self-control.

"Duo," he gasped; then moaned as his lover withdrew and pressed back in again. "Nnnnnnnhhh-- Duo --" By the gods, it *was* that good again; impossibly, it was perhaps even a little better. The ache of entry was hardly noticeable this time; and the pleasure had washed over him almost immediately. He squirmed atop the desk, writhing into Duo's thrusts, hands scrabbling almost desperately against silk shirttails and damp ivory skin, seeking to pull his lover in closer.

Duo slipped partway down, leaning on one elbow, pumping just a bit harder into the willing beauty beneath him. Wufei's eyes were glazing over with passion, his head hanging back off the desk; Duo dipped his mouth and laid kiss after kiss to the boy's arched throat, lips hot against the caramel skin. Wufei moaned, trembling visibly, legs pressing even more tightly alongside Duo's hips as Duo began driving into him faster.

"Duo...oh, gods, Duo --" Wufei twisted helplessly, clutching at the back of Duo's jacket, barely able to draw breath. The length of Duo's cock moving firmly inside him felt unbelievably good, jolting shivers of pleasure radiating through him and intensifying with every thrust. Too much, it was too much; and yet it would never be enough--his body sought more even as he cried out at the overwhelming sensations pouring through him.

"Nnaahh, Duo! Duo--" The name poured from his throat on a sobbing moan, and his hands clawed frantically at Duo's disarrayed clothing. He had to have more. He wrapped short, muscular legs around the American's hips at a slant, calves pressing tightly to the rippling firmness of Duo's buttocks, inadvertently altering the angle of penetration ever-so-slightly, bringing about a most stunning result.

Molten pleasure erupted deep in the pit of his belly as Duo drove into him again; and Wufei screamed a tiny scream, arching uncontrollably as this new ecstasy seared him from the inside out. He had no chance to breathe before Duo's cock struck again; he cried out weakly on the end of his breath as that unbelievable sensation flared wildly, hands clenching in desperate fists on the navy blazer. His legs locked in place, convulsing, gripping Duo's hips as the boy pumped into him madly, that incredible sweetness increasing impossibly with each frantic stroke.

//Duo!// he cried, having found his voice again. //Gods--ancestors--Duo, more! Don't stop, please--show me your heaven--I want it, I want you--// Vaguely he was aware that he'd reverted to mandarin, that Duo couldn't understand a word he was saying; but that really didn't matter to either of them. Duo kept slamming home to that untouchable sweet spot again and again; Wufei kept babbling helplessly in Chinese until he lost even the coherency for words in any tongue and was reduced to sobbing his pleasure breathlessly as he soared blindly toward the promised heaven, the youth in his arms the only source of reality he knew.

And when heaven found him, his scream of completion was accompanied by the sound of rending cloth as Duo's suit jacket gave out beneath his tightened fists, tearing raggedly down the middle as he jerked it violently.

He barely noticed, trembling in the throes of orgasm, gasping, crying breathlessly as his cock pulsed between them, emptying what seed remained over his stomach.

And still Duo drove on, pumping ruthlessly into Wufei's limp and shuddering body until at last he cried out in his own orgasm a long moment later, collapsing finally on top of his lover, both of them sweaty, sticky, and utterly sated.