Peeping Tom Techie (cont)


Allowing a slight smirk to cross his face, Trowa settled back into his chair and checked his watch. An hour before they had to leave--good. Plenty of time to clean up and disappear. Quatre's CEO would never know what had taken place in his office. Trowa was about to use the intercom and remind Duo that they had to leave soon when a call came in over the vidphone. It was Quatre.

Smiling, Quatre's angelic face showed up on screen, a smirking Heero in the background. <<Hello Trowa, how did Wufei look?>>

"As if he were skipping his middle school History class. Excellent job on the hair, by the way. I'm sure Duo appreciated the extra effort."

<<He had better damn well appreciate it,>> growled Heero. <<I can just imagine the flack that Duo's going to give me now that he knows I can style hair.>>

Quatre reached over and snaked his arm around Heero's waist and pulled him close. <<Don't worry Koi! I'll protect you from the big, bad Duo. Besides, he'll be too busy teasing me about the lacy underwear.>>

Trowa's eyebrow raised in inquiry. "Is that where he got them? Quatre, have you been holding out on me? And here I thought I was your best friend!"

This time Quatre blushed and muttered something under his breath. Unfortunately, Heero had picked up on Trowa's slip of the tongue. <<I take it you saw them then?>> He arched an eyebrow. <<Why do I highly doubt that Wufei was willing to show off the more intimate details of his costume?>>

"Ah," Trowa trailed off and managed to look sheepish.

Quatre snickered and Heero just smiled. <<Can we get a copy?>>

Figuring that he had been caught red handed, Trowa decided to make the best of the situation. "How about a trade--a copy of ''Fei-chanís Lesson' for one of the Q & H home porno specials?"

Quatre's snicker turned into a sputter and Heero blushed again. <<We'll think about it. In the mean time, why don't you remind the love birds to pack it up? The CEO should be heading back into the office soon. Unless of course you want to get caught and have to explain to a 50 year old homophobe exactly what two men and a peeping tom techie are doing in his office.>>

"Uh, no I don't think so. I'll make sure we're all out of here before he gets back. See you later."

Shutting off the vidphone Trowa reached for the intercom again and switched it on. Immediately it picked up Duo and Wufei's voices.

<<Where were we?>>

<<You were undressing me.>>

Shit, Trowa thought, not again; they needed to leave--and besides, he had taken out the data disk too. Leaving the intercom on, Trowa shuffled through the desk drawers looking for a blank disk, just in case he told himself.

<<Whatíre you doing...we gotta leave, Baby.>>

<<You started it.>>

Yup, they were going to do it again. Trowa sighed and turned his monitor back on and put the new disk in and hit record. Again, what Wufei and Duo didn't know wouldnít get him killed.

Sinking back into his chair Trowa adjusted his dress slacks. Damn it but Wufei was hot, and he looked so fuckable. Duo must have thought so too, because he didn't put up much of a fight, instead choosing to go with the flow. Trowa couldn't blame him -- he would have fucked Wufei again, risk of getting caught or no. Trowa squirmed some more in his chair. Damn it, his erection would not go down. He was never going to make it out of the building in this condition; he doubted he could even stand. It didn't help that Duo and Wufei were eagerly making love right in front of his eyes.

Coming to a quick decision and with one eye on the elevator, one on the steamy sex on the monitor, Trowa unzipped his pants. Breathing a sigh of relief, he slouched further into his chair and slipped a hand into his boxers. His long, slim fingers stroked over his aching flesh in circular patterns, spreading the slippery pre-cum over the swollen head and down the taut sides. When Duo thrust into Wufei, Trowa wrapped his hand around his shaft, squeezing as tight as he could and matching the rhythm of his strokes with the movements of Duo's hips. For several long moments Trowa and Duo were in perfect sync, then Trowa's body tensed and tossing back his head he let out a hoarse shout as he came into his cupped palm.

Trowa sat gasping in his chair, his pants wide open, body trembling, sweat beading on his face and neck. After a moment spent gathering his senses, Trowa sat up and used a couple of tissues to clean up. He was just about to fix his clothing, avoiding looking at the couple still locked in passion on the monitor, when the vidphone went off again. Swearing under his breath, Trowa scrambled to pick up the phone, voice only. It was the nice, little old secretary in the front lobby. She was a sweet thing, calling to let him know that the CEO and his normal secretary had just walked into the building, back early from their meeting, and he'd be off duty soon... Trowa dropped the phone and jerked out of his seat, hastily re-fastening his pants. As he fumbled to yank the data disk out of the monitor he was glad to note that Wufei and Duo were done. At least he didnít have to interrupt, Trowa thought as he quickly unsnapped the lock and burst into the office.

"Quick, the CEO is in the building!" shouted Trowa as he ran into the room, heading over to scoop up Wufeiís abandoned costume and stuff it into the duffel bag.

Wufei looked at Trowa though confused, passion dazed eyes, clearly not aware of the impending danger currently riding up in the elevator. Duo, all too aware of the situation, jumped off the desk and started hauling on his pants, all the while ranting at Trowa. "Man, what the hell! You were supposed to warn us!"

" were busy! Just get Wufei into some clothes!" Trowa snapped, tossing a pair of gray sweatpants at Duo.

"Duo! What the hell is going on? What does he mean the CEO is coming back?"

"Uh...well...Quatre let us borrow the office while one of his CEO's was at the annual meeting; I said we would be done way before the guy got back, cause...uh...see he has this problem with gays..." Duo trailed off and flushed at Wufei's hostile glare.

"Maxwell..." Wufei didn't get to launch into his lecture; Trowa had slung the duffel over his shoulder and was currently trying to get the sweatpants on Wufei.

"Not now!" growled Trowa, finally getting Wufei to take over and pull the sweatpants up over his hips. Getting off the desk, Wufei looked around for anything else to put on, but Trowa had packed up all the clothing in his haste. Muttering about murder and injustice under his breath Wufei began stuffing his feet back into the mary-janes and tugged on Trowa's suit blazer. "Give me that, I'll not run bare-chested."

"Aw, dammit--'Fei !" Duo had discovered the tear in his jacket. "This was expensive! "

"Wear cheaper clothes the next time you fuck me, then," Wufei shot back, just shy of a snarl as he hopped awkwardly on one foot while tugging on the other shoe.

"Later, guys," Trowa prodded, handing his jacket to Wufei and stuffing Duo's ruined blazer into the bag. "We've got to go now." He hurried to the door, Wufei grumbling after him, Duo following as he finished buttoning his shirt.

"All clear," Trowa announced; and they started quickly down the hall.

Faintly, from the end of the corridor, an unassuming ding sounded softly, announcing the arrival of the elevator and the CEO at the top floor.

"Shiiiiit!" Duo hissed as Trowa cast about frantically for a place to hide.

"Here!" he whispered, pushing open a door next to him marked 'Boardroom A'. They all three slipped inside, shutting the door silently and holding their breath as the CEO passed by a scant few seconds later.

"Now what?" Wufei groused, vainly trying to adjust Trowa's blazer to a comfortable fit. The sleeves were too long and no amount of pushing would make them stay up; at the same time, it was too small across his shoulders, seams stretching tightly.

"Now we slip out as soon as they're in the office," Trowa answered, listening at the door.

"Wonderful," Wufei quipped. "And just what do we do if the secretary is not going in to the office?"

"...Damn," Trowa muttered. He hadn't thought of that.

"So she's sitting guard out there and we're trapped," Duo summed up, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor. "Swell."

Wufei closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, letting it out slowly in what Duo recognized as his 'releasing the anger' routine. When the black eyes opened again, Wufei was calm.

"There has to be another option," he stated flatly. "We are ex-Gundam pilots, after all--we have gotten out of much worse than this."

"Yeah--usually with a handy arsenal of fully-loaded weapons at our disposal," Duo mumbled. "I'm sorry guys--this whole thing was my idea..."

"There is no need for blame, Duo," Wufei said, surprisingly gentle. "I do not think any of us regrets it..." He trailed off; and Trowa wasn't sure, but he thought the other's gaze lingered on him just a little longer than normal.

He cleared his throat self-consciously. "If all else fails, we can wait it out until they go home for the day."

"Yeah, then we can get caught by Q's alarm system and arrested for skulking after-hours," Duo returned.

Trowa frowned. "I'll call Quatre on my cell and he can come down and deactivate it--he's bound to know how; it's his building!"

"Or we could call him now," Duo suggested, light dawning on his features. "See if maybe he's got any ideas?"

Why hadn't he thought of that himself? Nodding, Trowa unhooked his phone from his belt and hit the speed-dial for Quatre, tapping one foot lightly as he waited for the call to go through. "Hello, Quatre? We've got a problem," he announced without preamble when the phone picked up.

<<You got caught, didn't you.>> Quatre managed to sound both amused and reproving at the same time.

"Not exactly," Trowa replied. "Your CEO's in his office, the secretary's at her desk out in the hall, and we've become trapped in the boardroom next door." In the background, he heard Heero burst into laughter.

<<Heero! It's not funny!>> Quatre sounded suspiciously close to mirth himself. <<They need help!>> There was the faint sound of a smothered giggle escaping.

"Go ahead--laugh." Trowa shook his head. "It's not like we don't deserve it."

<<Is there a vidphone in the room?>> Heero had himself back under control.

Trowa glanced quickly around their unlikely prison. "Yes."

<<Good. Can you hack into their intercom line?>>

"...I think so," Trowa answered, beginning to see where the Japanese youth was heading.

<<Heero, you're brilliant!>> came Quatre's voice, followed by the sound of an affectionate smooch on the cheek before the Arabian addressed the phone again. <<If you can connect to the intercom from his desk to hers, then you can pretend to be Toftenberg and call her into the office!>>

"Here." Trowa handed the cell phone to Duo and went over to the vidphone.

"It's me, Q. What's the plan?" Duo asked, climbing back to his feet.

Quatre filled him in while Wufei leaned in close to listen as well. <<Wufei should make the call, I think--his voice is the most authoritative,>> Quatre finished. <<And if it's just a quick request, she shouldn't notice that he doesn't sound exactly like Toftenberg.>>

"How should I address her?" Wufei didn't look convinced, but they really didn't have much in the way of options.

<<Jessica. He always calls her by first name.>> Quatre had gone into business mode. <<Give her about fifteen seconds to get into the office; then you guys make a run for it. There's a service elevator at the other end of the hall, around the corner--that should be closer than going back the way you came in. Plus it'll let you out in the parking garage.>>

"Great, Q-ball--thanks a heap. We owe you, if this works." Duo sounded as optimistic as ever.

<<Let me know when you've made it out, please?>> Quatre's 'mother-hen' instincts were starting to show.

"Will do. And thanks again!" Duo hung up.

Trowa, meanwhile, had slipped into the electronic system and was establishing a connection to the CEO's intercom, humming softly to himself as he worked. "I think I've got it," he announced, motioning the other two to join him. They came, watching over either shoulder as he finished up. He was feeling oddly hyper, the fact that they had a plan combining with adrenaline and his lingering afterglow to make him just a little buzzed.

"Trowa?" Duo sounded slightly worried.

"Yeah?" Trowa glanced up; Duo was frowning at him oddly.

"Was that you?"

Only then did Trowa realize he'd been humming the theme to 'Mission Impossible' under his breath. "Er...we're in," he said, shifting the topic back to the situation at hand. "Who's making the call?"

"I am." Wufei stepped forward.

"Okay--and...go," Trowa said softly, opening the line to the secretary's desk.

Wufei cleared his throat and spoke to the blank screen. "Jessica, could I see you in here for a moment, please?"

<<Certainly, Mr. Toftenberg,>> came the chirpy answer.

"Close the door behind you, please," Wufei added; and motioned Trowa to sever the connection.

"Alright." Duo started nervously toward the exit. "Shut that thing down and we're outta here." He cracked the door open and peered out as the others crowded up behind him, just in time to catch the sound of the CEO's office door clicking shut.

"Let's move out!" Trowa hissed; and the three of them sprinted for freedom.

Duo and Trowa reached the end of the hall in no time flat; Wufei came on mere seconds behind, shorter legs and awkward shoes slowing him just the slightest bit. He rounded the corner and ran smack into Trowa, spilling them both in an ungainly heap on the floor.

When Quatre had said 'around the corner', he had failed to mention just how short that corner was.

Wufei stared down for a split-second into startled emerald eyes, filing away for future reference the blush that crept into Trowa's face; and then they were both scrambling up with hurried apologies, turning and ducking into the alcove as Duo jiggled the handle of the service door.

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