Peeping Tom Techie (cont)

"Locked." Duo reached up and began rifling through the thick hair at the base of his braid.

"You brought your lock picks?" Trowa sounded impressed.

"Never leave home without 'em." Duo's voice was a near-whisper as he went to work.

From down the hall, the secretary's voice suddenly reached them.

"But...I swear, Mr. Toftenberg, you just called me in!"

"And I assure you, Jessica, I have not." That had to be the CEO. "Perhaps you'd like to take the rest of the afternoon off? You've been working very hard lately; it's only natural you might begin to imagine things after awhile..."

"I...I guess you're right." The secretary sounded confused and close to tears. "Maybe I will go home..."

"Poor girl," Duo snickered quietly, still working the lock.

"Send her flowers later if it makes you feel better--just get us out! " Wufei growled softly.

Duo sat back as the lock clicked. "Open sesame," he breathed, pushing the door ajar. "Let's blow this popsicle stand."

They slipped through the opening and let the door shut silently behind them. The short corridor they were now in was undecorated, uncarpeted and harshly lit--a stark contrast to what they'd just escaped from. The service elevator was on the opposite wall.

Wufei lunged for it, stabbing at the call button and waiting impatiently as his companions flanked him. They all felt uncomfortably exposed somehow; it was a relief when the elevator finally dinged and sighed open. The three of them crowded inside and Duo hit the button for the ground floor parking garage as the door slid shut. He sank to the floor with a sigh. "God, that was too close." He looked up at Wufei. "Next time we do this, let's pick somewhere a little less public, huh?"

"I am not the one who chose this location in the first place," Wufei returned; and Duo grinned a little sheepishly.

"Heh--right. But you didn't talk me out of it, either."

Wufei rolled his eyes before rounding on their companion and leveling a fierce glare at him.

"I cannot believe I did not realize who you were."

"I'm sure you had other things on your mind," Trowa offered, an almost imperceptible leer in his voice though his face remained perfectly straight.

"Still," Wufei huffed, folding his arms somewhat defensively and stretching the shoulder seams of Trowa's jacket even more. "I should have recognized you."

"That's why I used him--he can hide so easily right out in the open," Duo spoke up. "Thanks for your help, Tro. And sorry 'bout almost getting us caught..."

"It can't have been entirely your doing," Trowa said, directing a slight smile at Duo. "I'm sure that Wufei can be very...distracting."

Something about the tone of the taller boy's voice, a vague undercurrent of smugness, made Wufei frown ever-so-slightly. Surely Trowa had not been watching them...

Strangely, Wufei found that the thought made him more intrigued than enraged. What if the ex-pilot of Heavyarms had been watching...?

Wufei's frown deepened just a little as he registered the feel of something small and hard in the breast pocket of his borrowed jacket. He shifted his arms surreptitiously, eyes narrowing slightly at the distinct slide of two objects against one another. And they were just the right shape and size to be data disks...

It made Wufei wonder even more...

His gaze settled appraisingly on Trowa.

The green-eyed boy shifted uncomfortably under the sudden scrutiny. Why was Wufei staring at him like that? Surely he didn't suspect... Trowa swallowed nervously. There was no way Wufei could know that he had watched them...

Duo spoke up suddenly, ending the not-quite staring match going on unnoticed over his head.

"Y'know, if that guy's such a homophobe, why the hell is he working for Quatre?"


They reached the parking garage without further incident, parting ways as they stepped out of the elevator.

"See ya later, Tro! And thanks again!" Duo skipped off toward his car, Wufei and the duffel of clothing in tow. "Don't forget to let Quatre know we made it out!" he tossed back.

"Right," Trowa called after them, then turned and strode to his own vehicle. He'd had enough of role-playing and sneaking around and narrow escapes. He was ready to go home.

He smiled to himself as he opened the door and slid into the driver's seat.

Yes, home. There he could relax, and unwind, and maybe take a long uninterrupted look at those data disks he'd recorded...

His eyes widened and his stomach lurched as realization struck.

The data disks...

"Oh, shit," he groaned softly, thumping his forehead against the steering wheel. "Dammit, dammit, dammit..." Each repetition was punctuated by another thump. "How could I have forgotten?"

The disks were in his blazer's breast pocket.

And Wufei had his blazer.

"Surprise, surprise," Trowa muttered dejectedly, lifting his head and staring bleakly out the windshield. "I've been left empty-handed and alone again..."

A light tap on his side window startled him from his disappointment. He looked over to see Wufei standing outside, now clad in the sweats and a t-shirt, blazer in hand.

Suddenly limp with relief, Trowa rolled down the window.

Wufei arched an eyebrow. "Forget something?" His tone was oddly...suggestive, almost.

Trowa felt a slight warmth creeping into his face.

"Yes, actually." He snatched the garment from the other boy, trying not to be too eager about it. "Thank you."

"Quite welcome." Wufei folded his arms and rested his weight on the car door. "May I inquire as to why I just observed you banging your head against the steering wheel?"

"No reason," Trowa muttered, tossing the blazer into the empty passenger seat.

"Oh?" Wufei leaned forward, crossed arms bracing on the bottom of the window frame. "And you are blushing ever-so-slightly, I see--is this also for no particular reason?"

"Blushing?" Trowa hedged, trying not to fumble with the keys as he slid them into the ignition.

"Yes." Wufei leaned closer, an unsettling smile curving his lips. "It would not have anything to do with these, would it?"

Trowa glanced up involuntarily, and his heart plummeted.

Wufei had, through some mysterious sleight of hand, produced the elusive data disks and now held them out teasingly, caught between his index and middle fingers, his gaze boring straight into Trowa's.

The other ex-pilot's mouth went dry, a single thought echoing through his mind:

How had Wufei known?

The Asian boy's smirk grew triumphantly smug as the color drained from Trowa's face. "Your reaction would indicate that my suspicions regarding these disks are correct." He tossed the incriminating evidence in question onto the dash and leaned closer, head tilting. Trowa swallowed and tried not to shrink back. Wufei had to be furious; yet it almost looked like the boy was planning to kiss him...

That would explain why Trowa's heart had begun pounding so madly, at least. He couldn't help being attracted to his friend...or friends, rather, even if they were practically married. There was something irresistible about them both, though he realized Wufei was far more likely to kill than kiss him at the moment...

Wufei paused with his face mere inches from Trowa's, a strange light in his eyes. "I am not angry, Trowa," he purred softly. "I find myself...pleased...that you watched, that you liked what you saw well enough to record it..." He trailed off. "You did enjoy it, I presume?"

"I...I would never..." Trowa's mouth was stuttering vague denials before his mind could process Wufei's words and catch up with the conversation. The fact that he could smell Wufei, could smell the sex and the sweat and the lingering scent of Duo on him, wasn't helping the process along.

Neither was that complacent smirk on the Chinese boy's face.

"You would deny it?" Wufei's voice was pure seduction, slithering hotly over Trowa's senses. "Let me ask you again, then." Swift and smooth, his hand dropped into Trowa's lap, caressing, seeking out the contours of the erection that had grown there.

Trowa gasped--partly pleasure, mostly shock--and shivered, trying his best not to arch into Wufei's touch. It wasn't his place--Wufei's talents and delights were not his to partake of.

"Did you watch us?" that silky voice purred again.

"Yes," Trowa breathed, thought processes crumbling as the other boy's slender fingers teased over the hardened flesh within his slacks. Telling himself over and over that Wufei belonged to Duo did him no good whatsoever...he groaned softly as that searching hand closed firmly around him. What was the use in resisting? Wufei had grabbed him, after all...

"And did you enjoy watching us?"

"Yes," he repeated, though this time it came out as more of a moan.

"Good." Without warning, Wufei closed the distance between them, hand at the back of Trowa's neck, lips sliding warmly over the taller boy's, tasting, lingering, his kiss more than friendly and ripe with promise.

"Duo has offered to fulfill a fantasy for me in return for today," Wufei said softly, pulling back just far enough for a dazed Trowa to properly focus on him.

"Um," Trowa replied, looking distinctly shell-shocked.

Perhaps 'dazed' was not strong enough a word.

"I will need your help to carry it out," Wufei continued, nuzzling at the tip of Trowa's nose with his own. "Provided you are willing, of course..."

"What...what do you want me to do?" It was very difficult to think while Wufei's hand was still in his lap, with that silken ebony hair falling softly at the edge of his vision.

"I have only just begun to plan," Wufei purred, slowly caressing the tight shaft beneath his fingers. "I have yet to decide on the specifics of when and where and how; but I have wanted to see you and Duo together for quite some time now..." He trailed off expectantly, waiting.

Trowa swallowed, his mouth gone suddenly dry again. Just the thought of what Wufei was suggesting...

"Yes," he answered softly. "Of course I'll help."

"Good." Wufei's mouth curved into a satisfied smile; his hands moved to the knot of Trowa's tie, straightening it as he nipped another light kiss to Trowa's lips. "I will be in touch with details once I have planned this out further." He gave one last imperceptible tug to Trowa's tie and withdrew from the car, still smiling as he straightened up.

"See you later, then?" Trowa asked, unable to think of anything more intelligent to say.

"I assure you, I am looking forward to it," Wufei purred, his smile full of the same promise that had been in his kiss. With one last sultry glance, he turned and sauntered off, a slight swagger in his walk, back in the direction of Duo's car.

Trowa stared after him, body throbbing, mind stuttering in little circles.

Wufei had kissed him.

Wufei had more than kissed him.

Wufei wanted his help to get back at Duo for today.

Wufei had kissed him.

He could still feel Wufei's hand in his lap; could still feel the pressure of Wufei's mouth taking his, Wufei's tongue teasing his; could still taste the boy on his lips; could still hear that sultry voice, its tone promising all sorts of things beyond its words...he shivered.

Wufei wanted to watch him do...things with Duo.

Trowa smiled as the realization settled fully on him at last.

He turned the key in the ignition and roared out of the parking garage, wondering if Wufei realized that this fantasy of his would be fulfilling some of Trowa's at the same time...


In a sleek black car headed in the other direction, the young man in the driver's seat clutched the steering wheel and cleared his throat nervously, eyes flicking from the road to his passenger and back again.


"Yes, Duo."

"Why're you staring at me like that? You look positively evil, Babe."

"You do not like for me to look at you this way? With desire, with want, with ust in my eyes?"

", yeah, I do; but like I said--you've got somethin' evil goin' on in there. It's kind of unsettling. I was just wonderin' what he hell you're thinking behind that wicked smile..."

Wufei smirked and turned to stare out the window. "You will find out soon enough, xin ai. You will find out soon enough."


xin ai = (mandarin) beloved

Beg: 7/22/02
End: 11/4/02

TJ: Coming soon! (pauses; stares at muses, all of whom are draped over the furniture in various poses of exhaustion and snoring at various decibel levels) ...Er, make that coming sooner or later: Wufei's Revenge!
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