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focus on: The Mannazone
[ in particular, Manna's original slash fiction ]

One of my favourite books is George Nader's Chrome (which you all should read. now). I will be the first to admit that it's not a masterpiece of the English language, though it's certainly well-written enough, and it is by no means possessed of a unique plot, though I've yet to read anything quite like it. What gets me, in the end, is the romance -- two gorgeous guys falling instantly in lust and only sometime later in love, being separated, going through hell, and ending up together despite overwhelming odds. *sigh* It makes me swoon just to think of it.


Sometimes you don't want or need romance. Sometimes it's enough to have the two gorgeous guys in lust. Sometimes all you need is a good...

... hard...

... fuck.

Which is just what Manna gives you, by way of Val Toreth and Keir Warrick. Toreth is the man you hate to love. He's cocky, arrogant, manipulative, and has no qualms whatsoever about the fact that he breaks people for a living in his job at I&I (Investigation and Interrogation). He's also a handsome, blue-eyed devil who's very good at whatever it is he sets his hand to and who can actually (if only eventually, and sometimes only to himself) admit when he's wrong. Warrick, then, is his perfect foil -- a brilliant scientist with a beautiful mouth who, even in the depths of his overtly physically sexual needs, gets what he wants, if not exactly when he wants it. Manna's world revolves around these two characters -- what brings them together, what keeps them together, and how a simple fuck could possibly, without a trace of romance, turn into something more...

In mankind's dark dystopia, "there are no bad guys. There are no good guys. There are only better guys, and worse guys."

The Mannazone

P.S. This is me, leaving a heck of a lot out. I mentioned up there that Toreth is an Investigator. He is. And he does. And it's fracking and insidiously suspenseful. Forget about sitting on the edge of your seat -- Manna has you falling off of it...

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