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wild x-mas plot bunnies

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reminder: if one of these strikes a chord with you, but a slightly different one than it struck with me, feel even more free to go where your own ideas take you. Heaven forfend I should stifle your creative juices. ^_~
-- Dacia ^_^

[ note: concerning song-based fics. these do not, repeat DO NOT, need to be song fics. it's enough for me, even better in fact, to not have the lyrics of the song in the fic. the lyrics are just to provide the mood. for examples of fics based on songs which are NOT song fics, see my The Boy From Ipanema and Blue's Falling Sideways (written for a comparatively tame plot bunny of mine based on the song 'Something to Talk About' by Bonnie Raitt) (and, no, I am not a country music addict...) (heh... ) Likewise, there is no need to title the fic after the song. I do it only cuz I'm lazy. ^_~ ]

>> The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot [ lyrics ]
*sniffle* Angst for xmas? Well, why the heck not? Heh...
main character: Duo -- omniscient narrative
type: angstful hope
pairings -- 2+4+2 (in that 'soon to be best friends' way), pre 2+/x1
AU-ness -- I'd like him to have his x-mas experience before he gets to know the other pilots well. At this point, he will have bumped into Quatre, who profoundly affects him with his warmth, but has only done that 'ships in the night' thing with Heero. Will someone somewhere kill me if I want them all not to have met in the canon way? Heh...
plot: plot, schmot... ^_~ The fic is set in the present (that sounds really silly -- what I mean to say is that it's set when he's already a pilot... ) You can go ahead and include flashbacks from his childhood if you must, but if you have him remembering standing outside a warm house and looking forlornly in, or some such nonsense, I'll thwap you...
general idea: Poor little Duo. He's never know an x-mas. Well, duh, says you. I spose that really is rather obvious, him being an orphan and all. Mind you, even though this bunny was inspired by an x-mas song, not to mention the fact that I'd like it written for x-mas, I really had no intention of this fic swinging off into Santa Claus, gift giving, snuggly happiness. You see that line? In the song? That for him x-mas is just another day? That's what I imagine the focus of this fic to be. Lyssira believes that there's no such thing as a kinder, gentler Duo. I have to say I'm rather inclined to agree with her. Sure, he laughs and smiles, but does that really mean he's 'happy'? Maybe he's just getting by, responding to what life has thrown at him the best way he can, and simply surviving. This is a Duo who takes what he can get, having learned to stop asking for more a long time ago. This is a Duo who has known enough pain to realize that complaining about it doesn't get him anywhere. And it's a Duo who is just beginning to realize that maybe, just maybe, if he asked for more this time, he might actually get it. ('it' being some hope of a better life, of having and keeping things he has never dared to want -- a home, friends, a Heero ^_~ ).
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>> I'd Like You For Christmas [ lyrics ]
A little fluff to make up for the angst, ne? *grin*
main character: Duo -- 3rd person
type: fluffy sapness
shounen ai
pairings -- 2+1, background 3x4 and 6x5 *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*
post EW
plot: boys meets boy, boy spends years wanting boy, other boy is oblivious, but in the end boy finally gets boy. sure, it's been done, but... what could be better?
general idea: cute, Preventer, holiday-ness with nary a drop of angst or drama...
bunny wranglers: Pond -- The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars [ dec 02
CalicOcat -- I'd Like You For Christmas [ dec 02