Title: (Getting) Physical (in) Geology 2/5
Author: Zillie
Warnings: shonen ai, language, written very late at night.
Pairings: 3+4, hints at future 1+2
Disclaimers: not mine. The sweet, cute ones never are. These boys belong to Sotsu-Bandai-Sunrise. This fic contains various cameos by random characters from other anime. Ran Fujimaya (Aya) belongs to Weiss Kreuz; Miaka Yuuki belongs to Fushigi Yuugi, Utena Tenjou belongs to Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Ginta and Miki belong to Marmalade Boy. The only original character is Midori, who isn't even all mine as she evolved from a letter game with a friend of mine, but I felt like putting her in here -- thank you, AJ.
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Dedications: To everyone else who simply cannot watch Judy Garland walk down the yellow brick road anymore without keeping an eye out for Gundams among the Munchkins. . . . .

(Getting) Physical (in) Geology + Part 2

"I just don't know what to do," Quatre confessed miserably to the three students from his business class that he'd been supposed to meet for their tutorial. The teacher had been unable to attend that day, but the four of them had planned to work anyway. The plan had been scrapped the moment that Midori, who he had known since he was three, had caught a glimpse of his face. The girl was a cousin of one of his half-sisters, and she knew him too well.

"What's wrong?" she asked without preamble. Hilde Sheibecker, the third member of the group, had seconded the question. The final member of the quartet, a tight-assed Chinese- American by the name of Chang Wufei -- and don't try switching the name order there, bub, unless you want a firsthand view of your bowels -- had merely snorted and sipped his latte. Which, if you knew Wufei, indicated great worry. So Quatre had spilled the story.

Hilde, who knew Duo the way that Midori knew Quatre, scowled. "Duo's an ass. Always has been, always will be. Just because he's my best friend in the world doesn't mean I don't know that. An ass, I tell you." A smile flirted across the edges of her mouth. "A fine ass, but an ass nonetheless."

"Trowa also has a fine, um, rear," Midori said. "I think you should go for it, Quatre."

"He said something about getting together after lab today," Quatre revealed miserably. "He's probably thinking that I'm either going to rape him or let him, you know. . . ."

"Rape you?" Hilde asked, waggling her eyebrows.

"No!" Quatre said, nearly shouting. He sighed and took hold of himself. "Trowa would never do that. You can see it in his eyes."

"Eye," Wufei corrected.

Quatre ignored him. "He's at heart a gentle person."

"He's also a very good acrobat," Midori said. "He grew up in an Eastern European circus, and was part of it until they got trapped in Bosnia at the wrong time."

"Poor Trowa," Quatre breathed.

Midori smiled, a bit smugly. "All that's his business; I'll let him tell you the rest. I will tell you this, though; I have seen the man scratch his ears with his toes."

"So he's got less than charming personal habits," Wufei said, blankly.

"And more than exotic sexual ones," Midori said, and smiled. Quatre and Wufei both scrambled for napkins to staunch their nosebleeds.

"So," Midori said. "You trust Trowa not to attack you, not to make any sorts of sexual demands, not to offer grades in return for fellatio."

"Did you just actually use the word fellatio?" Hilde asked curiously.

"Yes," Midori told her, "I did."

Hilde nodded and sat back. "Just checking."

"Basically, I think you should go this afternoon. If it works, it works. . . . if it doesn't, well, you've lost nothing."

"That's easy for you to say," Quatre grumbled.

Midori arched one perfect eyebrow; it, like the rest of her hair, was a shade so dark that only when she was standing in direct light did you realize it was a deep, dark green that she swore up and down was natural. "Let's put it this way: you're going. I double dog dare you. With a cherry on top." Her smile was smug; she knew she'd won.

"Someday someone's going to pop you. That or give you a virus, and we'll find out that you've been a computer construct all along," Quatre grumbled.

"I love you, too. . . ototo-san."

"How'd you know all that shit about Trowa anyway?" Hilde asked, curiously.

Midori smirked. "I have my sources. Now let's get to the good part."

Wufei shut the text he'd been dutifully reading. "Do you mean what I think you mean, `Dori?"

Her smile was positively wicked; slowly, everyone else's face began to resemble hers. "As a matter of fact, it is. Here comes the good part, boys and girls."

"Revenge," Quatre breathed.

"On Duo," Hilde whimpered.

"Hallelujah, Amen, and thank you, Buddha," Wufei finished.

Midori leaned in to outline the plan.


He never could remember what happened in lab that day. Whenever he tried to remember, he pulled up vague images of rocks and things like that. . . but all he could remember was the way his breath got shallow and his heart sped up every time he noticed how nice Trowa looked in that dark green sweater. . . . which basically meant that he spent the entire class on the verge of passing out. He was grateful that Duo was in another lab section; if his roommate had been there, the entire three hour session would have been full of suggestive remarks. He had a hard enough time dealing with the barely perceptible worry of his friend Ran Fujimaya from the fencing club. Between that and the always hyperactive behavior of the other member of their lab group, Miaka Yuuki, Quatre really wasn't sure how they managed to get through the lab.

But they did.

Miaka dashed off to meet her boyfriend, Ran to take his sister Aya (who lived nearby) to the doctor, and Quatre was alone. With Trowa.

He stood, feeling completely awkward, as Trowa wrapped things up with the stragglers and said goodbye to the other TA, Utena Tenjou. The pink haired girl laughed at something and dashed out the door.

Trowa turned to Quatre. "You ready?" he asked.

Quatre could barely hear him. "It wasn't me," he said. Trowa blinked. Well, Quatre qualified to himself, it could have been a wink, but. . . he shook his head. "It must have been a prank. I don't know who -- "

"I do," Trowa said. He grabbed his bag and the two began walking. "After the first one, which was something of a surprise, I started to watch people turn the questions every morning. Duo's very talented with sleight of hand."

Quatre bit down on the inside of his cheek. "I'm sure it was just some stranger," he began to insist.

"I'm not going to get him in trouble," Trowa said. "Though he did violate the honor code. I figure, you're the class officer, you're the one who got tampered with."

"He's my best friend," Quatre said.

"Some people told me it was more than that," Trowa said. There was even less expression in his voice than usual; his eye stared straight ahead at the path.

Quatre snorted. "Me and Duo? Uh, no. I mean, we did go out. Twice. The first time we forgot we were on a date and just had fun -- but in a totally nonromantic way. We decided to try it again, and realized it just wasn't going to work. We've been just about each other's best friend ever since."

"Oh," said Trowa.

They walked in silence for a minute or so.

Trowa stopped dead.

Quatre nearly tripped over him. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

The taller boy turned to face him. His eye fixed on Quatre's face; the blond had a sudden dizzy thought that he could feel the world moving beneath his feet, the universe revolving around his heart.


The name fell like cherry blossoms onto spring grass; everything inside him felt like it was about to burst into bloom.

"Trowa," he whispered, unable to look away.

"Uh, where are we going? Student center, coffee shop, what?"

Quatre rose on his toes and leaned forward. "Heaven," he whispered, and kissed the boy.

"But then Ginta showed up with that girl from another school!"

"You're kidding! What did Miki do?"

Quatre pulled back, shocked. What was he doing? Just leaning over and kissing Trowa in the middle of the road. . . where anyone could see them. . . and if those two gossipy girls just rounding the corner hadn't been so loud, anyone would have. "Uh," he said. "I -- "

"Don't apologize," Trowa said quickly. "I, uh. Don't mind."

Quatre nodded, faster and faster. "Yeah. I. Um. Have to go. . . . check my mail."

Trowa looked -- well, impassive, but he could have been bemused. "What about studying?"

"Um. Later," Quatre said. He backed away faster.


He froze.

"Would you like to go out for coffee tonight?"

Going out for coffee. Traditional prelude to dating at Gundam W, especially for the large homosexual population. Going out for coffee with Trowa. Just Trowa. In public. As good as declaring. . . . .

"You know," Quatre said, "I make really good coffee. Why don't I bring some over to your room tonight?"

Trowa hesitated, then nodded. "Uh, okay."

"I'll see you then," Quatre said, and fled.

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