(Getting) Physical (in) Geology 5/5
Author: Zillie
pairings: 3+4 category: AU college
dedication--to Sandra, for being my fangirl :)

(Getting) Physical (in) Geology + Part 5

Most mornings Quatre had to drag Duo out of bed. After jumping on him, pouring large amounts of icy water over him, and screaming threats, he would literally grab the boy and pull. And after a great deal of swearing, a shower, and some coffee, Duo would usually thank him.

But when Quatre rolled over to hit off his alarm the next morning, Duo was already awake, and dressed, his hair slightly damp, his attention completely on the computer in front of him. Which was so absolutely ridiculous that Quatre decided it was a dream, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

He stumbled into a waking state a few minutes later when Duo began shaking him. "Yo, Q, what is this? Role reversal?"

Quatre squinted at him. "You're awake?"

Duo grinned smugly. "He can be taught, you see."

"You sick?"

"No -- I just had a project to do. Now come on. We've got geology before too long. Hurry up!"

Quatre groaned and pulled his blankets over his head. "Don't wanna go."

"Yes, you do," Duo said. "I've been up since six-thirty working on this for you. I deserve to see you do this in return. I can't remember the last time I saw six-thirty."

"Last Friday," Quatre moaned. "We watched the sunrise, remember? After the party?"

"It doesn't count when you catch it on that side," Duo said decisively. "No, no, this morning thing rocks. I might just become a morning person."

Quatre's eyes went wide and horrified. "Now I know you're sick."

Duo whacked him. "Q, haul your cute little ass out of bed and get ready! You might wanna do something about that morning breath before you go try and whisk Prince Charming off his white horse." He thought for a minute. "Or before you try to convince Prince Charming to make you his new white horse."

Quatre blinked, sitting up. "Huh?"

"Y'know. Ride you like a pony and all that."

Quatre groaned again. "And I'm trusting this to you?"

"Yep!" Duo laughed and walked back over to his laptop. "I thought it was crazy of you, but. . . too late now! So get ready!"


"I should have just stayed in bed."

"You'll be okay," Duo said, sounding more annoyed than reassuring. He had, however, been saying that for quite some time.

Quatre pouted as they entered the large room and found seats. "This is a stupid idea."

"Hey, it's my idea."

"I rest my case."

"Shut up," Duo said.

"Okay. Will shut up for the whole class."

"Nope," and now the other boy was grinning. "You won't. Or who knows what measures I'll be forced into taking."

Quatre eyed his roommate. "You're quite evil."


"Bastard," Quatre, murmured, and put his head down on the pitiful excuse for a desk that came attached to the chair. Trowa entered the room.

He felt it, felt the knowledge trickle down his spine, and went stiff. With tension. Against his cloth-covered arms, his eyes were open; "I can't do this," he said softly.

Duo was snickering. "Is this the part where I get to say cheesy things like, you can't not do this?"

"Fuck you," Quatre said, sitting up. He knew he looked like shit -- he felt like shit, tired and stretched out and utterly miserable.

Trowa looked the same way. He was talking with the professor, quietly; Quatre ran his eyes over the other boy, noting the apparent lack of sleep. The apparent distress he had caused the boy he, well, loved.

Duo was watching him with strange, wise eyes. "I envy you," he said, and leaned over to kiss his roommate on the cheek.

And Quatre felt like he'd just learned something important, but he had no idea what it is.

"So who wants to share their answer to the geology question with the class today?" the professor ask.

Trowa's eyes met Quatre's.

"That's your cue, boy," Duo said, and shoved Quatre's arm into the air.

When his name was called, he struggled to his feet. "The question was on strata," the professor reminded him. Quatre looked down at the paper in his hand -- a carefully crafted piece full of sexual innuendo, crafted by Duo. And then looked at Trowa again. "Actually, I have a question. For Trowa."

The prof looked at him curiously, then shrugged. "Okay. Shoot."

"Trowa, I. . . ." The words fell like stone in the quiet room. "Trowa, I want to ask you. . . ."

The green-eyed boy was inscrutable.

Quatre raised his head proudly and spoke. "I wanted to ask you to be my date to the dance tomorrow night," he said. "I wanted to ask you to be with me," he said. "I wanted to ask you if you loved me, too, and if you still thought we might have a chance."

The professor blinked.

Trowa turned and walked towards the door. Quatre felt his heart go weak, and his body go limp. He sat down. Hard.

At the door, Trowa turned and looked back at the wide-eyed room. "What?" he asked. "You didn't think I was going to say yes in front of all these people, did you?"

They watched him walk out.

The silence was broken by Duo's laughter as he shoved Quatre to his feet. "I think you should follow him," he urged, and hooted with laughter. "Wow! Dude, that kind of thing makes the eight- thirty-five classes worth it!"

Quatre grabbed his bag and walked to the door, still a little dazed. As he reached for the handle, he realized that he heard applause; he turned and looked. Sure, there were a few people who avoided his gaze, or looked sullenly back at him, but there were a lot more who were laughing and clapping, or hooting out approval. Like Duo. And, Quatre suddenly realized, even if Duo had been the only one, it wouldn't have mattered. Because that wasn't what it was about. He smiled at the room -- sullen faces and all -- and took a bow. And then he walked out to where Trowa waited for him.


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